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[i]2014.02.02 05:48:33 DUST514 <Ferria> there is no cross trading isk
[i]2014.02.02 05:49:27 +54s DUST514 <Ferria> beta there was a way to do it, and it broke the market
[i]2014.02.02 05:50:21 +54s DUST514 <Ferria> in dust?
[i]2014.02.02 05:50:55 +34s DUST514 <Ferria> the game for which this channel is dedicated
[i]2014.02.02 05:52:24 +89s DUST514 <Ferria> you can't in eve
[i]2014.02.02 05:53:10 +46s DUST514 <Ferria> what on the internet, hahahahahaha
[i]2014.02.02 05:53:36 +26s DUST514 <Ferria> no what?
[i]2014.02.02 05:54:23 +47s DUST514 <Ferria> yeah, no
[i]2014.02.02 05:55:20 +57s DUST514 <Ferria> you can't
[i]2014.02.02 05:58:13 +173s DUST514 <Ferria> lies
[i]2014.02.02 05:58:35 +22s DUST514 <Ferria> clearly is becuase that isn't a feature of this game
[i]2014.02.02 05:59:04 +29s DUST514 <Ferria> you want to walk on the ground try Dust514 on a ps3
[i]2014.02.02 06:01:17 +133s DUST514 <Ferria> a rather large black heater some people hook up to a tv
[i]2014.02.02 06:01:42 +25s DUST514 <Ferria> it's like a ps4 only older
[i]2014.02.02 06:01:57 +15s DUST514 <Ferria> no
[i]2014.02.02 06:02:04 +7s DUST514 <Ferria> a computer is what you are on now
[i]2014.02.02 06:02:56 +52s DUST514 <Ferria> what a computer?
[i]2014.02.02 06:04:03 +67s DUST514 <Ferria> :P
[i]2014.02.02 06:04:32 +29s DUST514 <Ferria> are you sure?
[i]2014.02.02 06:05:19 +47s DUST514 <Ferria> not sure if you are
[i]2014.02.02 06:05:53 +34s DUST514 <Ferria> a laptop
[i]2014.02.02 06:06:52 +59s DUST514 <Ferria> although I wonder why you're in this channel
[i]2014.02.02 06:07:46 +54s DUST514 <Ferria> what what?
[i]2014.02.03 08:40:09 +95543s DUST514 <Ferria> never
[i]2014.02.03 08:42:11 +122s DUST514 <Ferria> interact with?
[i]2014.02.03 08:43:05 +54s DUST514 <Ferria> gotta be in faction warfare for that faction in eve
[i]2014.02.03 08:46:40 +215s DUST514 <Ferria> now your best bet is talk to other milita members, and find out where the battles are going down. they should have the info
[i]2014.02.03 08:47:15 +35s DUST514 <Ferria> they tend not share info outside the militia much so general population don't know
[i]2014.02.03 08:54:31 +436s DUST514 <Ferria> bunnies
[i]2014.02.03 08:55:21 +50s DUST514 <Ferria> a duster is used to clean a house a bunny is evil and has sharp pointy teeth
[i]2014.02.03 08:56:22 +61s DUST514 <Ferria> ha
[i]2014.02.03 08:56:34 +12s DUST514 <Ferria> I'm both a bunny and an egger
[i]2014.02.03 08:57:03 +29s DUST514 <Ferria> Heinz doofneshertz
[i]2014.02.03 08:57:45 +42s DUST514 <Ferria> I also run www.dust514stats.com
[i]2014.02.03 08:58:28 +43s DUST514 <Ferria> thank you
[i]2014.02.03 13:59:24 +18056s DUST514 <Ferria> no
[i]2014.02.13 16:55:42 +874578s DUST514 <Ferria> 2
[i]2014.02.13 17:03:53 +491s DUST514 <Ferria> no patch notes have been released as of yet
[i]2014.02.13 17:04:41 +48s DUST514 <Ferria> fragmented and mostly rumors
[i]2014.02.13 17:05:36 +55s DUST514 <Ferria> a bit
[i]2014.02.13 17:05:52 +16s DUST514 <Ferria> best place to check is the blue tags on the dust forums
[i]2014.02.14 05:20:26 +44074s DUST514 <Ferria> on occasion
[i]2014.02.16 16:48:36 +214090s DUST514 <Ferria> ask the faction warfare fighters
[i]2014.02.16 16:49:10 +34s DUST514 <Ferria> sure
[i]2014.02.16 16:49:33 +23s DUST514 <Ferria> sorry
[i]2014.02.16 16:50:18 +45s DUST514 <Ferria> nope
[i]2014.02.16 16:50:35 +17s DUST514 <Ferria> but it's eve side battles that dictate where dust battles happen
[i]2014.02.16 16:50:47 +12s DUST514 <Ferria> it's for eve pilots to talk about dust
[i]2014.02.16 16:52:20 +93s DUST514 <Ferria> well most faction warfare corps tend not to talk about fight locations wih outside parties to lower the risk of massive hostile fleets
[i]2014.02.16 16:54:07 +107s DUST514 <Ferria> I told you, talk to people in the faction, they won't tell anyone outside

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