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[i]2013.02.17 09:54:01 E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> Cant wait to work with ya x3
[i]2013.02.17 09:58:12 +251s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> still number two lol
[i]2013.02.17 10:02:27 +255s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> ?
[i]2013.02.17 10:04:38 +131s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> If it is tax pain, we cannot help. Sorry
[i]2013.02.17 10:04:53 +15s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> wait...tes we cam
[i]2013.02.17 10:05:01 +8s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> can*
[i]2013.02.17 10:13:59 +538s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> Damn, given Le Boot
[i]2013.02.17 10:13:59 +0s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> :P
[i]2013.02.17 10:27:30 +811s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> Well first you might wanna get rid of that CSPA tax on you :/
[i]2013.04.01 03:02:09 +3688479s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> HEYO
[i]2013.04.01 03:05:18 +189s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> its been awhile since I was on again lol
[i]2013.04.01 05:13:39 +7701s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> Morning peeps
[i]2013.04.01 05:13:55 +16s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> hows everyone tonight
[i]2013.04.01 05:14:53 +58s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> Eh, apps take forever lol
[i]2013.04.01 05:15:21 +28s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> how much was it before?
[i]2013.04.01 05:16:05 +44s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> eh
[i]2013.04.01 05:16:49 +44s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> almost 30 mill
[i]2013.04.01 05:17:29 +40s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> yup think positivly :PD
[i]2013.04.01 05:33:32 +963s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> ooo Collection? Collection of what if I may ask
[i]2013.04.01 05:34:04 +32s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> ah lol
[i]2013.04.01 06:20:29 +2785s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> lol
[i]2013.04.14 05:37:30 +1120621s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> Gooood Morning
[i]2013.04.14 06:11:52 +2062s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> Hey Sara :3
[i]2013.04.14 06:12:18 +26s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> And isnt it done for the tears?
[i]2013.04.14 06:12:26 +8s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> Been better, Working irl lol
[i]2013.04.14 06:13:00 +34s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> Relaxing now and enjoying the game with my new graphics card
[i]2013.04.14 06:13:35 +35s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> mhm. See there are new elections for CSM?
[i]2013.04.14 06:17:37 +242s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> Hmm, most of them is from test and goonswarm...
[i]2013.04.14 06:18:45 +68s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> Hey, what are the requirements for running for CSM?
[i]2013.11.02 20:50:51 +17505126s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> Finally...im home
[i]2013.11.02 20:51:15 +24s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> Hey there mates and members of E-Uni
[i]2013.11.02 20:51:39 +24s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> Its been a long time since I have been online lol
[i]2013.11.02 20:53:23 +104s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> Out of all the updates they still havent brought walking in station?
[i]2013.11.03 01:17:11 +15828s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> Hmm
[i]2014.02.07 06:56:32 +8314761s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> Im baaaack~
[i]2014.02.07 06:56:51 +19s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> I keep trying to get away...and it keeps pulling me back! lol
[i]2014.02.07 06:58:11 +80s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> Question. What is this new ISIS icon...
[i]2014.02.07 06:58:50 +39s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> Hmm..quite interesting
[i]2014.02.07 07:07:51 +541s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> Hey Sara, nice to see you are still around :)
[i]2014.02.12 05:14:46 +425215s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> G'day
[i]2014.02.12 08:17:33 +10967s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> Quick question
[i]2014.02.12 08:17:40 +7s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> if its yellow, dont touch it?
[i]2014.02.12 08:18:17 +37s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> If its yellow, dont touch..correct?
[i]2014.02.12 08:32:33 +856s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> Nice to see Kelon still with the unit
[i]2014.02.12 08:42:19 +586s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> Diamond, I believe we will be taking your booze away.
[i]2014.02.12 08:43:51 +92s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> I remember when we took a suicide fleet out to 0.0
[i]2014.02.12 08:43:55 +4s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> that was so much fun lol
[i]2014.02.12 08:44:13 +18s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> get a cheap ship and just go for the hell of it
[i]2014.02.12 08:46:02 +109s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> "were"?
[i]2014.02.13 05:31:48 +74746s E-UNI <Matthew Tenshi> lol

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