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[i]2012.07.17 16:41:06 E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> you must anchor them in a sector .7 sec or lower too
[i]2012.07.17 16:49:57 +531s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> i have almost 120.000 m3 of veldspar to sell...=D
[i]2012.07.17 16:51:26 +89s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> near Ina have ice too
[i]2012.07.17 17:13:25 +1319s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> Syrah Hariel ...,<3 Drakes
[i]2012.07.17 17:14:53 +88s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> Nitrooooooooolllll....\o
[i]2012.07.17 17:16:17 +84s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> Har, har har...If Nytoxias dont trolls you...you arent in eve
[i]2012.07.17 17:34:19 +1082s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> was it wonderfull if dont invited salvagers turns red too
[i]2012.07.18 15:47:45 +80006s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> Yo Seraph!!! o7 How is it going?
[i]2012.07.18 15:51:44 +239s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> if have clouds in sky..means heavy rain
[i]2012.07.18 15:51:54 +10s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> cats warn the owners aƧlways
[i]2012.07.18 15:56:16 +262s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> Syrah Hariel need you missile support Sara?
[i]2012.07.18 16:01:52 +336s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> Progress....Oh Dear, what is progress...
[i]2012.07.18 16:09:08 +436s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> Anyone interested in sell a Rokh who isnt in use?
[i]2012.07.18 16:09:19 +11s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> i need a new mining ship
[i]2012.07.18 16:28:00 +1121s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> for long 15 minutes...yes
[i]2012.07.18 16:28:45 +45s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> usualy they arent stupid enought to keep at sector flashing for 300 or more people
[i]2012.07.18 16:30:26 +101s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> can flippers...the scum of the universe
[i]2012.07.18 16:31:30 +64s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> Hi there...scum!!! =D
[i]2012.07.18 16:31:57 +27s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> Fumika Karusaka kidding too..
[i]2012.07.18 16:37:10 +313s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> i wish i could shot down illegal salvagers
[i]2012.07.18 16:39:03 +113s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> just find a quiet place where dont have much flippers
[i]2012.07.18 16:39:26 +23s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> usualy they are cowards, who cant handle PvP Vs good players
[i]2012.07.18 16:39:46 +20s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> so they try destroy newcomers and low level people
[i]2012.07.18 16:41:14 +88s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> life could be a drem...lets make the life of our enemies...a beatyfull....nightmare...
[i]2012.07.18 16:50:40 +566s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> Diplomatic crisis?
[i]2012.07.18 16:52:15 +95s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> log into the mumble
[i]2012.07.18 16:53:40 +85s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> Slinny Azizora what needs you sir? mabe i could help..
[i]2012.07.18 16:55:09 +89s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> Slinny Azizora ???
[i]2012.07.18 16:58:49 +220s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> http://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Applying_to_EVE_University
[i]2012.07.18 16:59:24 +35s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> Always welcome Angel
[i]2012.07.18 17:40:28 +2464s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> Hummm how do i calculate how much worth one character to sell in EvE?
[i]2012.07.18 17:40:33 +5s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> Nytoxias' Female Alt Thank you!
[i]2012.07.19 16:44:02 +83009s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> use defender on rocket launchers
[i]2012.07.19 16:58:03 +841s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> 6 signatures at same sustem
[i]2012.07.19 17:21:29 +1406s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> wormhole detected
[i]2012.07.24 22:23:54 +450145s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> anti mater is better
[i]2012.07.24 22:24:20 +26s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> use chemical weapons so
[i]2012.07.24 22:24:29 +9s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> very slow and painfull death
[i]2012.07.24 22:25:46 +77s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> of course...you can always use zombies...
[i]2012.08.07 15:11:43 +1183557s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> Is it Nytoxias on line plz?
[i]2012.08.07 15:12:33 +50s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> Ahhh ok...Thank you!!!
[i]2012.08.07 15:18:42 +369s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> Ok...Thank you every one for the support on EvE, i hope everyone enjoy the game!!
[i]2012.08.07 15:19:12 +30s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> Sara Seraph Seraph, want or need you something from this account?
[i]2012.08.07 15:20:28 +76s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> Malisient Gravi your pardon sir?
[i]2012.08.07 15:21:06 +38s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> Oh thank you sir...im leaving the game
[i]2012.08.07 15:21:56 +50s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> yes... i dont think i will back so soon..
[i]2012.08.07 15:22:05 +9s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> or...dont will back at all
[i]2012.08.07 15:22:52 +47s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> Rgr Sara...Thank you for all support!!!
[i]2012.08.07 15:23:13 +21s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> Same to you, and your husband!
[i]2012.08.07 15:23:45 +32s E-UNI <Sirion Vokan> Ok people....Good luck every 1....Sirion out!!!

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