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[i]2014.04.17 18:14:46 EVE-Radio * Deadalius Shadelian puts on paedobear suit and pelvic thrusts out the room
[i]2014.04.17 18:14:47 +1s EVE-Radio <Seras Krim> and no one would be moving products to actually get blown up
[i]2014.04.17 18:14:53 +6s EVE-Radio <Seras Krim> it would be a big fail!
[i]2014.04.17 18:15:04 +11s EVE-Radio <Liafcipe9000> ^
[i]2014.04.17 18:15:05 +1s EVE-Radio <Liafcipe9000> aye
[i]2014.04.17 18:15:15 +10s EVE-Radio <Seras Krim> :)
[i]2014.04.17 18:15:41 +26s EVE-Radio <Seras Krim> you NEED each other. so lets all just appreciate that we all exist :O
[i]2014.04.17 18:15:47 +6s EVE-Radio <Wuxtrum> fail fail fail!!! http://forgifs.com/gallery/d/214940-1/Kitten-attacks-own-tail-falls.gif
[i]2014.04.17 18:15:52 +5s EVE-Radio <Seras Krim> and aren't playing WoW
[i]2014.04.17 18:15:57 +5s EVE-Radio * Seras Krim hugs EVE
[i]2014.04.17 18:16:22 +25s EVE-Radio <Wuxtrum> WoW is a lie, i don't believe in WoW
[i]2014.04.17 18:16:54 +32s EVE-Radio <Deadalius Shadelian> i believe in He Man
[i]2014.04.17 18:17:07 +13s EVE-Radio <Deadalius Shadelian> Skeletor is the Devil!
[i]2014.04.17 18:17:32 +25s EVE-Radio <Holy Shizznit> noone cares about wow anymore, its soo 10 years ago
[i]2014.04.17 18:17:37 +5s EVE-Radio <EleventyFive> lol
[i]2014.04.17 18:17:38 +1s EVE-Radio <EleventyFive> i miss it sometimes
[i]2014.04.17 18:17:39 +1s EVE-Radio <Deadalius Shadelian> ^^
[i]2014.04.17 18:17:42 +3s EVE-Radio <EleventyFive> SOMETIMES and thats not much
[i]2014.04.17 18:17:50 +8s EVE-Radio <Deadalius Shadelian> i hack n slash 2 wkends out of the year
[i]2014.04.17 18:17:59 +9s EVE-Radio <firefly4> none of u spend time on ts then
[i]2014.04.17 18:18:13 +14s EVE-Radio <Deadalius Shadelian> i'm on TeamSpeak right meow
[i]2014.04.17 18:18:13 +0s EVE-Radio <Wuxtrum> i miss playing SuperFamily sometimes
[i]2014.04.17 18:18:15 +2s EVE-Radio <Deadalius Shadelian> :p
[i]2014.04.17 18:18:15 +0s EVE-Radio <Palu Whoda> nope
[i]2014.04.17 18:18:24 +9s EVE-Radio <Holy Shizznit> ts? :P
[i]2014.04.17 18:19:02 +38s EVE-Radio <firefly4> eve radio teamspeak
[i]2014.04.17 18:19:15 +13s EVE-Radio <Wuxtrum> ?? how?
[i]2014.04.17 18:19:16 +1s EVE-Radio <Deadalius Shadelian> i miss MY family sometimes....i mean they're right upstairs,,, but i'm too lazy to climb
[i]2014.04.17 18:19:24 +8s EVE-Radio <Wuxtrum> lol
[i]2014.04.17 18:19:35 +11s EVE-Radio <Palu Whoda> tune
[i]2014.04.17 18:19:46 +11s EVE-Radio <Liafcipe9000> lol Deadalius Shadelian
[i]2014.04.17 18:19:49 +3s EVE-Radio <firefly4> it in the motd
[i]2014.04.17 18:20:00 +11s EVE-Radio <ms Caroliina> \o/
[i]2014.04.17 18:20:11 +11s EVE-Radio <Jens Claudia Horst> Jens ist der endgegner
[i]2014.04.17 18:22:29 +138s EVE-Radio <Jens Claudia Horst> Nein
[i]2014.04.17 18:22:58 +29s EVE-Radio <Liafcipe9000> nope
[i]2014.04.17 18:23:13 +15s EVE-Radio <Seras Krim> apparently because i dont know who the cohen brothers are I live under a giant rock...
[i]2014.04.17 18:23:36 +23s EVE-Radio <Jens Claudia Horst> rock rock rock utz utz utz baratsch
[i]2014.04.17 18:23:42 +6s EVE-Radio <Jens Claudia Horst> komm hör mir uff
[i]2014.04.17 18:23:48 +6s EVE-Radio <Jens Claudia Horst> mit de trieten
[i]2014.04.17 18:23:52 +4s EVE-Radio <EleventyFive> Seras Krim they were kind of important
[i]2014.04.17 18:23:58 +6s EVE-Radio <Liafcipe9000> bitch be high, y0
[i]2014.04.17 18:24:00 +2s EVE-Radio <EleventyFive> but idk if your american
[i]2014.04.17 18:24:07 +7s EVE-Radio <Seras Krim> canadian
[i]2014.04.17 18:24:21 +14s EVE-Radio <Seras Krim> and its other canadians that are surprised i dont know
[i]2014.04.17 18:24:26 +5s EVE-Radio <Liafcipe9000> dem canadas
[i]2014.04.17 18:24:35 +9s EVE-Radio <Seras Krim> i dont watch much movies~
[i]2014.04.17 18:24:41 +6s EVE-Radio <Halan Devan> cluse enough, we can adopt you - as long as you aren't a frenchie
[i]2014.04.17 18:24:47 +6s EVE-Radio <Seras Krim> hell no :)
[i]2014.04.17 18:24:52 +5s EVE-Radio <Seras Krim> i mean, no.
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