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[i]2012.05.06 03:05:39 EVE-Radio <Chelok> mca
[i]2012.05.06 04:18:20 +4361s EVE-Radio <Chelok> lionel ritchie
[i]2012.05.06 04:18:49 +29s EVE-Radio <Chelok> nah cherry pie
[i]2012.05.06 04:19:37 +48s EVE-Radio <Chelok> or some motley crue
[i]2012.05.06 04:20:21 +44s EVE-Radio <Chelok> Def Leppard had a one arm drummer
[i]2012.05.06 04:23:50 +209s EVE-Radio <Chelok> and the best band- Big Country!
[i]2012.05.06 05:04:32 +2442s EVE-Radio <Chelok> private well you just have to pay for the electricity for your pump
[i]2012.05.06 05:07:32 +180s EVE-Radio <Chelok> d scan for probes
[i]2012.05.06 05:44:23 +2211s EVE-Radio <Chelok> dont have any idea what either of those are
[i]2012.05.06 05:48:30 +247s EVE-Radio <Chelok> nsync i think
[i]2012.05.06 05:52:24 +234s EVE-Radio <Chelok> no RIck Rolll!!!!!!!!
[i]2012.05.06 06:11:25 +1141s EVE-Radio <Chelok> whats americanism
[i]2012.05.06 06:11:34 +9s EVE-Radio <Chelok> so?
[i]2012.05.06 06:13:08 +94s EVE-Radio <Chelok> so, americans are hated because they finish wars that others started?
[i]2012.05.06 06:13:39 +31s EVE-Radio <Chelok> then they would be wrong
[i]2012.05.06 06:14:18 +39s EVE-Radio <Chelok> as well as the french or the briutish before them
[i]2012.05.06 06:15:02 +44s EVE-Radio <Chelok> thats true, but no one else seems to care about genocide and nuclear prliferation
[i]2012.05.06 06:18:04 +182s EVE-Radio <Chelok> Dr who is somethin to do with the US?
[i]2012.05.06 06:20:30 +146s EVE-Radio <Chelok> its the only way to get your point across
[i]2012.05.06 06:22:28 +118s EVE-Radio <Chelok> you didnt mention full sentences, you just mentioned grammer
[i]2012.05.06 06:22:55 +27s EVE-Radio <Chelok> again you were vague with ur typing, not getting your point across
[i]2012.09.11 08:47:36 +11067881s EVE-Radio <Chelok> dead
[i]2012.09.28 15:27:50 +1492814s EVE-Radio <Chelok> 20 plex minimum to bid for a spot
[i]2012.09.28 15:31:17 +207s EVE-Radio <Chelok> minimum is 20 plex, bidding will go much higher I bet
[i]2012.09.28 15:35:17 +240s EVE-Radio <Chelok> nope need 8 ppl minimum
[i]2012.09.29 17:28:06 +93169s EVE-Radio <Chelok> stand ur ground then
[i]2012.09.29 17:28:46 +40s EVE-Radio <Chelok> so no pets huh?
[i]2012.09.29 17:28:58 +12s EVE-Radio <Chelok> maybe snakes
[i]2012.09.29 19:24:55 +6957s EVE-Radio <Chelok> peaches!
[i]2012.09.29 19:35:09 +614s EVE-Radio <Chelok> sort of
[i]2012.09.29 19:37:12 +123s EVE-Radio <Chelok> like what? its rainin men?
[i]2012.09.29 20:14:40 +2248s EVE-Radio <Chelok> hooooooo
[i]2012.09.29 20:19:03 +263s EVE-Radio <Chelok> breakthe bank there
[i]2012.09.29 20:23:58 +295s EVE-Radio <Chelok> so uve played both?
[i]2012.10.02 22:38:25 +267267s EVE-Radio <Chelok> indepth, intricate, intense
[i]2012.10.03 22:41:54 +86609s EVE-Radio <Chelok> wasnt someone going for a complete set of DJ corpses?
[i]2012.10.03 22:51:12 +558s EVE-Radio <Chelok> like institutional buildings then
[i]2012.10.03 22:52:23 +71s EVE-Radio <Chelok> not much land
[i]2012.10.03 22:53:04 +41s EVE-Radio <Chelok> pretty sure dictators dont take votes
[i]2012.10.03 22:54:19 +75s EVE-Radio <Chelok> thats what they said about an archduke of Austria
[i]2012.10.03 23:22:23 +1684s EVE-Radio <Chelok> need more versions
[i]2012.10.04 01:11:13 +6530s EVE-Radio <Chelok> lol noticed that too
[i]2012.10.04 01:12:00 +47s EVE-Radio <Chelok> lol I wish
[i]2012.10.04 01:13:50 +110s EVE-Radio <Chelok> im glad ur not too
[i]2012.10.04 01:14:36 +46s EVE-Radio <Chelok> I dont have that much bboze
[i]2012.10.04 01:15:09 +33s EVE-Radio <Chelok> on our way to Skynet then?
[i]2012.10.06 16:15:53 +226844s EVE-Radio <Chelok> swirl?
[i]2012.10.06 16:29:45 +832s EVE-Radio <Chelok> if you are going by scientific method, there is never a fact
[i]2012.10.06 16:53:30 +1425s EVE-Radio <Chelok> if the market prices rose enough,they would mine
[i]2012.10.06 16:54:13 +43s EVE-Radio <Chelok> too many scabs'

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