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[i]2014.04.06 22:15:09 EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> Kill: Ex0n (Brutix) Kill: Ex0n (Capsule)
[i]2014.04.06 22:15:16 +7s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> Abschuss: Monado (Tengu) Kill: Monado (Capsule)
[i]2014.04.06 22:16:01 +45s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> that brutix..... lols
[i]2014.04.06 22:16:34 +33s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> lols a destroyer with T2 rigs
[i]2014.04.06 22:17:15 +41s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> corm with no tank lols
[i]2014.04.06 22:18:28 +73s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> kurian reminds of some of the ones we've killed
[i]2014.04.06 22:18:52 +24s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> Kill: Dave X (Moros)
[i]2014.04.06 22:19:01 +9s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> that moros i just linked is epic
[i]2014.04.06 22:19:55 +54s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> lol
[i]2014.04.06 22:20:26 +31s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> Kill: seniorbino (Nidhoggur)
[i]2014.04.06 22:21:04 +38s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> ROFL nice drake
[i]2014.04.06 22:22:24 +80s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> 2 tengus killed by 2 ceptors Kill: Flyr Kim (Tengu)
[i]2014.04.06 22:22:27 +3s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> Kill: Furionne (Tengu)
[i]2014.04.06 22:22:30 +3s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> lols
[i]2014.04.06 22:23:07 +37s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> WTF?!?!?!?!? small blasters on a maller
[i]2014.04.06 22:23:10 +3s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> lol
[i]2014.04.06 22:23:29 +19s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> lol
[i]2014.04.06 22:23:43 +14s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> REV can i post a battle report and video of a fight?
[i]2014.04.06 22:24:16 +33s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> battle report.... they jumped in and aggressed us http://kb.theunthinkables.org/?a=kill_related&kll_id=86225
[i]2014.04.06 22:24:33 +17s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> video of the fight with comms http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQtrSrKUMEQ&
[i]2014.04.06 22:24:47 +14s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> kurian take a look at those battle ships
[i]2014.04.06 22:24:56 +9s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> kurian yeah he's still with us
[i]2014.04.06 22:25:51 +55s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> yeah he's funny
[i]2014.04.06 22:26:48 +57s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> kurian take a look at those tempests on that battle report
[i]2014.04.06 22:27:02 +14s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> we only lost 1 worm because he forgot to broadcast lol
[i]2014.04.06 22:27:05 +3s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> o/ grim
[i]2014.04.06 22:27:47 +42s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> kurian cool
[i]2014.04.06 22:28:18 +31s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> o/ thead
[i]2014.04.06 22:29:08 +50s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> REV can i link another battle vid? killing of a TEST dread that we baited with a carrier lols
[i]2014.04.06 22:30:02 +54s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> kurian i have these saved to my EVE note pad
[i]2014.04.06 22:30:52 +50s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> just as i have REV's corpse saved in my collection too
[i]2014.04.06 22:31:10 +18s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> i found it near Geminate during a deployment there
[i]2014.04.06 22:31:49 +39s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> Kaiser Dothraki as long as you ask the DJ
[i]2014.04.06 22:32:58 +69s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> one in my corp found a wicked contract, the seller screwed up, what was supposed to be 3 bil worth of stuff, my corp mate got for 30 mil
[i]2014.04.06 22:48:40 +942s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> Karl L press C
[i]2014.04.06 22:49:45 +65s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> karl i love that when i'm flying my interceptor... that's how i get most of my decloaks on coverts
[i]2014.04.10 01:21:30 +268305s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> TONIKOM!!!!!!!!
[i]2014.04.12 18:11:08 +233378s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> o/ good day eh
[i]2014.04.12 18:11:12 +4s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> o/ HELIX
[i]2014.04.12 18:15:19 +247s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> Thead Enco o/
[i]2014.04.12 18:17:06 +107s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> Ellana Githrael o/
[i]2014.04.12 18:17:54 +48s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> not bad
[i]2014.04.12 18:18:16 +22s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> hit over 3k PVP kills
[i]2014.04.12 18:19:57 +101s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> lol
[i]2014.04.12 18:20:59 +62s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> ellana, you're still no where as bad as IMP-L....... lets warp in a titan to DD a dread shootng a station then panic in local because said titan can't move..... oh shit... fleet warped to titan....... titan dead
[i]2014.04.12 18:21:26 +27s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> and oh yes..... lets get 4 drakes and 6 bombers to try and save said tackled titan
[i]2014.04.12 18:21:31 +5s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> ROFLMAO
[i]2014.04.12 18:21:50 +19s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> Naburi NasNaburi o/
[i]2014.04.12 18:29:52 +482s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> venison burgers
[i]2014.04.12 18:43:46 +834s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> SPACE!!!!!

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