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[i]2012.03.18 17:34:00 Help <General Fuego> i mind most of the minerals required comor
[i]2012.03.18 17:34:15 +15s Help <General Fuego> the ones i couldnt get i bought on the marker
[i]2012.03.18 17:34:44 +29s Help <General Fuego> yeah
[i]2012.03.20 12:31:21 +154597s Help <General Fuego> is it just me or are other people experiencing the same issue with their chars docked it hes/she is pretty much missing his entire upper and lower torso so it looks like my char has just 2 floating arms a floating head and a pair of legs
[i]2012.03.20 12:32:20 +59s Help <General Fuego> lol
[i]2012.03.20 12:33:18 +58s Help <General Fuego> funny part is if you look inside his head you get to see well tongue teeth eyes but no brain
[i]2012.03.30 18:59:22 +887164s Help <General Fuego> if a hardwiring implant states it has a -4% bonus to explosion radius for missiles does that mean that the concentrated damage increases?
[i]2012.03.30 19:00:02 +40s Help <General Fuego> ahh sweet thanks ^_^
[i]2012.04.04 19:12:36 +432754s Help <General Fuego> where can i buy a raven cheaply
[i]2012.04.04 19:14:38 +122s Help <General Fuego> does anyone know where i can get a raven for cheap
[i]2012.04.06 18:10:44 +168966s Help <General Fuego> using cruise missiles on my raven and ive just noticed the base damage is 300 kinetic yet mine are only doing 8 damage each
[i]2012.04.06 18:11:13 +29s Help <General Fuego> yes frigates
[i]2012.04.06 18:15:13 +240s Help <General Fuego> looking at my stats my explosive radius should be 240m max velocity being 7350m/s witha kinetic damage of 372.60
[i]2012.04.06 18:15:28 +15s Help <General Fuego> explosion velocity being 96.6 m/s
[i]2012.04.06 18:16:18 +50s Help <General Fuego> so the slower ths ship the bigger the damge
[i]2012.04.06 18:17:07 +49s Help <General Fuego> right i think i understand
[i]2012.04.06 18:17:44 +37s Help <General Fuego> also whats better cruise missiles or torpedoes
[i]2012.04.06 18:18:17 +33s Help <General Fuego> what do you mean?
[i]2012.04.06 18:19:00 +43s Help <General Fuego> so there balanced
[i]2012.04.09 15:57:40 +250720s Help <General Fuego> this is gonna sound stupid but what does it mean when a security status on a solar system is -0.6 i thought the lowest was 0.0
[i]2012.04.09 15:58:16 +36s Help <General Fuego> really?
[i]2012.04.19 17:48:35 +870619s Help <General Fuego> is it possible to put more than one command centre on a planet that already has one of yours and interlink them?
[i]2012.04.19 17:49:07 +32s Help <General Fuego> that sucks lol
[i]2012.04.19 17:49:46 +39s Help <General Fuego> its pretty much fully upgraded and i got no more power to start doing processes
[i]2012.04.19 17:51:21 +95s Help <General Fuego> so will need to cut down extractors to free up space
[i]2012.04.20 12:45:51 +68070s Help <General Fuego> is hulkaggedon still happening?
[i]2012.04.20 12:46:21 +30s Help <General Fuego> i thought it was going on this week
[i]2012.04.20 20:21:49 +27328s Help <General Fuego> when does hulkaggedon start and end
[i]2012.04.20 20:22:46 +57s Help <General Fuego> thankyou red rydah
[i]2012.04.25 17:24:11 +421285s Help <General Fuego> is it safe to start mining in high sec yet
[i]2012.04.25 17:24:36 +25s Help <General Fuego> im on about hulkaggedon
[i]2012.05.15 16:53:02 +1726106s Help <General Fuego> what are beacons in high (what are there purpose)
[i]2012.05.15 16:53:38 +36s Help <General Fuego> are right thanyou
[i]2012.12.04 19:51:02 +17549844s Help <General Fuego> how does alliance bounty work?
[i]2012.12.04 19:51:42 +40s Help <General Fuego> cause im looking at a frigate with an alliance bounty of 325 mill
[i]2012.12.05 19:58:46 +86824s Help <General Fuego> trying to loot someones goods and i cant why :'(
[i]2012.12.05 19:59:02 +16s Help <General Fuego> ahhh
[i]2012.12.05 19:59:06 +4s Help <General Fuego> thats what its for lol
[i]2012.12.05 19:59:30 +24s Help <General Fuego> ahhhh lol thankyou _^^
[i]2012.12.05 19:59:32 +2s Help <General Fuego> ^_^
[i]2012.12.11 18:14:32 +512100s Help <General Fuego> i cant find the game jukebox :(
[i]2012.12.11 18:14:54 +22s Help <General Fuego> really? why?
[i]2012.12.11 18:15:28 +34s Help <General Fuego> fair does
[i]2012.12.11 18:15:32 +4s Help <General Fuego> cheers
[i]2012.12.11 22:34:37 +15545s Help <General Fuego> im curious do people class it cheating if you use out of game sources to find good trade areas?
[i]2012.12.11 22:34:56 +19s Help <General Fuego> thats ok
[i]2012.12.11 22:34:58 +2s Help <General Fuego> thanks
[i]2012.12.11 22:36:54 +116s Help <General Fuego> its dangerous to mine anywhere what id suggest is to do research on the area you want to go into if there has been any ships or pods destroyer within 1 hour and people are there dont go in
[i]2012.12.11 22:37:30 +36s Help <General Fuego> correct red rydag
[i]2013.06.05 18:48:41 +15192671s Help <General Fuego> loving the new jump feature and the star mapping on the gaame background

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