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[i]2013.07.02 21:52:26 Help <Hitori Gallente> ty
[i]2013.07.02 21:52:54 +28s Help <Hitori Gallente> Kaultyrr Feirynn thought they only did free clones
[i]2013.07.02 22:00:36 +462s Help <Hitori Gallente> so to anchor in a .7 i need a 7.0 or 8.0 faction ?
[i]2013.07.09 03:06:52 +536776s Help <Hitori Gallente> do people generally put rockets on a ares ? and blasters or railguns ?
[i]2013.07.09 03:13:10 +378s Help <Hitori Gallente> Electric, Ion, or Neutron blaster for a ares pvp
[i]2013.07.09 07:33:50 +15640s Help <Hitori Gallente> is there anyway to escape a bubble besides never getting into one ?
[i]2013.07.11 07:47:56 +173646s Help <Hitori Gallente> blaster or missels on a ares ? or both
[i]2013.07.12 05:41:00 +78784s Help <Hitori Gallente> ╬ GFC - 234 ╬ you guys think this could handle l2's solo ? +45 res across the board
[i]2013.07.12 05:42:10 +70s Help <Hitori Gallente> Chicken Burger whjy its cap stable ? sig rad ?
[i]2013.07.12 06:12:44 +1834s Help <Hitori Gallente> i'm -3.0 for gallete, so i need a 1.0 or 2.0 to run level 2's ?
[i]2013.07.12 09:30:21 +11857s Help <Hitori Gallente> plating or damage control ?
[i]2013.07.12 09:30:57 +36s Help <Hitori Gallente> comet
[i]2013.07.12 09:31:26 +29s Help <Hitori Gallente> yes
[i]2013.07.12 09:31:37 +11s Help <Hitori Gallente> guess i could take off the harderns
[i]2013.07.12 09:32:04 +27s Help <Hitori Gallente> i'll try that
[i]2013.07.12 09:33:35 +91s Help <Hitori Gallente> Zmaster BloodLust rolled tungsten or steel ?
[i]2013.07.13 09:46:12 +87157s Help <Hitori Gallente> is there a way to remap my skills ? lol
[i]2013.07.13 10:02:08 +956s Help <Hitori Gallente> bad day for eve , lost 3 damn ships today
[i]2013.07.13 10:02:36 +28s Help <Hitori Gallente> brutix, ares and a cmet
[i]2013.07.13 10:02:53 +17s Help <Hitori Gallente> lol
[i]2013.07.13 10:03:05 +12s Help <Hitori Gallente> yea
[i]2013.07.13 10:03:35 +30s Help <Hitori Gallente> agreed
[i]2013.07.13 10:04:08 +33s Help <Hitori Gallente> comet is only a navy ship
[i]2013.07.13 10:05:12 +64s Help <Hitori Gallente> now i have to sell my nemisis to make up for the loss
[i]2013.07.13 10:15:39 +627s Help <Hitori Gallente> pulse or beams for amarr missiions ?
[i]2013.07.13 19:10:48 +32109s Help <Hitori Gallente> hmnm maller or omen for PVE
[i]2013.08.22 07:09:51 +3412743s Help <Hitori Gallente> should i guy a navy brutix for pve ?
[i]2013.08.22 07:12:15 +144s Help <Hitori Gallente> staic dont move
[i]2013.08.26 04:11:15 +334740s Help <Hitori Gallente> Chicken or beef ?
[i]2013.08.26 04:12:00 +45s Help <Hitori Gallente> you would lose those skill points
[i]2013.08.26 04:15:18 +198s Help <Hitori Gallente> Chicken or beef ?
[i]2013.08.26 04:17:34 +136s Help <Hitori Gallente> yes
[i]2013.08.26 04:19:28 +114s Help <Hitori Gallente> were all clones
[i]2013.08.26 04:20:07 +39s Help <Hitori Gallente> mail. settings
[i]2013.09.12 15:15:43 +1508136s Help <Hitori Gallente> how do you lnk your channel name so people can click join?
[i]2013.09.12 15:15:47 +4s Help <Hitori Gallente> link*
[i]2013.09.12 15:17:07 +80s Help <Hitori Gallente> it doesnt let you just click and drag a channel
[i]2013.09.12 15:17:32 +25s Help <Hitori Gallente> im trying to make my channel clickable in a diff chaty channel
[i]2013.09.12 15:17:43 +11s Help <Hitori Gallente> sothey cnajust clikc join
[i]2013.09.12 15:20:07 +144s Help <Hitori Gallente> anyone know how to make your pub channel clicklabletojoin?
[i]2013.09.12 15:23:34 +207s Help <Hitori Gallente> DOES ANYBODY KNOW?
[i]2013.09.12 15:23:58 +24s Help <Hitori Gallente> im trying to make it so i can post in someones channel and they can click my post and it breings them to our pub channel
[i]2013.09.12 15:24:22 +24s Help <Hitori Gallente> yea
[i]2013.09.12 15:24:52 +30s Help <Hitori Gallente> stfu with this pc rtalk
[i]2013.09.16 04:02:25 +304653s Help <Hitori Gallente> how do i reenable ship spinning in dock ?
[i]2013.09.17 10:33:55 +109890s Help <Hitori Gallente> whats the easiest way to up sec status
[i]2013.09.17 10:34:43 +48s Help <Hitori Gallente> why just one ?
[i]2013.09.17 10:36:15 +92s Help <Hitori Gallente> TheSmokingHertog just some adivice if your going to sell them. make sure you redeem the item in the station your going to sell it at
[i]2013.09.18 04:37:34 +64879s Help <Hitori Gallente> whats the quickest way to gain sec status ? can i buy sec status lol
[i]2013.09.18 11:39:19 +25305s Help <Hitori Gallente> what kind of dog tags do i need to raise sec status ?

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