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[i]2014.01.11 06:15:18 Help <Jericho D'Angel> yeah wasnt hot and fans were running normal
[i]2014.01.11 06:15:34 +16s Help <Jericho D'Angel> yeah 67
[i]2014.01.11 06:15:48 +14s Help <Jericho D'Angel> NV 760's
[i]2014.01.11 06:16:27 +39s Help <Jericho D'Angel> yeah norm at about 80 i start paying attention
[i]2014.01.11 06:17:18 +51s Help <Jericho D'Angel> not my credit card thats for sure
[i]2014.01.11 21:48:35 +55877s Help <Jericho D'Angel> weekend traffic, bah
[i]2014.01.11 23:34:09 +6334s Help <Jericho D'Angel> vodka = vodka in russian
[i]2014.01.11 23:36:01 +112s Help <Jericho D'Angel> Hans Karl Myer if you fit it it will
[i]2014.01.11 23:38:34 +153s Help <Jericho D'Angel> Hans Karl Myer ahhh, right, small haulers are specialized now, need to get a diff one than Hoarder as its specialized for ammo
[i]2014.01.11 23:39:36 +62s Help <Jericho D'Angel> Hans Karl Myer get a mammoth instead for reg cargo runs
[i]2014.01.11 23:39:59 +23s Help <Jericho D'Angel> Hans Karl Myer then with mods in , it'll do what you want
[i]2014.01.11 23:41:49 +110s Help <Jericho D'Angel> I take it that also means that Contract Courier-ing also only works for reg Cargo holds and you can't utilize specialized holds even though thats what you're hauling in Contract
[i]2014.01.11 23:43:40 +111s Help <Jericho D'Angel> ys 10
[i]2014.01.11 23:45:07 +87s Help <Jericho D'Angel> beside your wallet tab
[i]2014.01.11 23:47:36 +149s Help <Jericho D'Angel> shouldnever have to pay for repairs to armor
[i]2014.01.11 23:48:48 +72s Help <Jericho D'Angel> clcik chat
[i]2014.01.11 23:48:50 +2s Help <Jericho D'Angel> then select
[i]2014.01.11 23:49:58 +68s Help <Jericho D'Angel> jullll have to be in station, wth room in hold
[i]2014.01.11 23:50:33 +35s Help <Jericho D'Angel> jullll click on Inventory at bottom of Neocom to access cargo and transfer
[i]2014.01.11 23:52:00 +87s Help <Jericho D'Angel> jullll have u been reading responses?
[i]2014.01.11 23:53:29 +89s Help <Jericho D'Angel> jullll is just trolling, nevermind her
[i]2014.01.11 23:53:49 +20s Help <Jericho D'Angel> shes been around long enough to know more than most
[i]2014.01.11 23:54:33 +44s Help <Jericho D'Angel> wayyyyyy long time ago
[i]2014.01.12 09:15:33 +33660s Help <Jericho D'Angel> actually i think Monopoly was
[i]2014.01.12 09:16:45 +72s Help <Jericho D'Angel> wiki was disc?
[i]2014.01.12 09:17:53 +68s Help <Jericho D'Angel> Dagoth Minmatar cp lets you find ships and drones
[i]2014.01.12 09:19:15 +82s Help <Jericho D'Angel> cause they cant kill you
[i]2014.01.12 09:19:28 +13s Help <Jericho D'Angel> suspect
[i]2014.01.12 09:20:02 +34s Help <Jericho D'Angel> Jaak Gryphon they just need to fly near you
[i]2014.01.12 09:20:22 +20s Help <Jericho D'Angel> 2000 m
[i]2014.01.12 09:21:12 +50s Help <Jericho D'Angel> OR would be great here if everything wasnt bubbled
[i]2014.01.14 06:23:03 +162111s Help <Jericho D'Angel> Samantha Deatherage yeah as said
[i]2014.01.14 06:25:44 +161s Help <Jericho D'Angel> you gotta marry them
[i]2014.01.14 06:40:44 +900s Help <Jericho D'Angel> is it morning yet?
[i]2014.01.14 06:43:41 +177s Help <Jericho D'Angel> lol, practical, it would take every planet in a system just to make a ring
[i]2014.01.14 06:43:52 +11s Help <Jericho D'Angel> prob more even
[i]2014.01.27 19:50:06 +1170374s Help <Jericho D'Angel> phidz waazoo read about it and find out
[i]2014.01.27 19:50:31 +25s Help <Jericho D'Angel> has to do with new mobile ESS
[i]2014.01.27 19:51:26 +55s Help <Jericho D'Angel> look it up
[i]2014.01.27 19:51:56 +30s Help <Jericho D'Angel> patch notes aren't written to satisfy writers need for sore fingers and worn keyboards
[i]2014.01.27 19:53:24 +88s Help <Jericho D'Angel> any can, if fit and used right
[i]2014.01.27 19:53:48 +24s Help <Jericho D'Angel> they love you
[i]2014.01.29 18:32:00 +167892s Help <Jericho D'Angel> ahhhh, to remember my uni days......
[i]2014.01.29 18:34:18 +138s Help <Jericho D'Angel> hehe, older still
[i]2014.01.29 18:35:52 +94s Help <Jericho D'Angel> lol
[i]2014.01.31 04:25:45 +121793s Help <Jericho D'Angel> you mean to shoot yourself?
[i]2014.02.03 21:52:58 +322033s Help <Jericho D'Angel> tgl3 uhh, no, many combat sites are anomalies which dont needs scanning
[i]2014.02.03 21:53:27 +29s Help <Jericho D'Angel> and you hit the diff, signatures.....
[i]2014.02.03 21:53:42 +15s Help <Jericho D'Angel> Bellatrix Lastrange whqat i said stands
[i]2014.02.03 21:54:32 +50s Help <Jericho D'Angel> start another character thats Amarr

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