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[i]2012.03.19 16:31:13 Help <Lian Ronso> and fast
[i]2012.03.19 16:31:47 +34s Help <Lian Ronso> what does ninja salvaging even mean?
[i]2012.03.19 18:48:40 +8213s Help <Lian Ronso> how long is an AU?
[i]2012.03.19 18:51:39 +179s Help <Lian Ronso> whats the escape velocity on the earth?
[i]2012.03.19 18:51:52 +13s Help <Lian Ronso> is it 12 something rioght?
[i]2012.03.20 18:07:15 +83723s Help <Lian Ronso> what is a good Battleship?
[i]2012.03.20 18:07:16 +1s Help <Lian Ronso> pve
[i]2012.03.23 18:28:05 +260449s Help <Lian Ronso> how do I change name of a fleet?
[i]2012.03.23 21:53:19 +12314s Help <Lian Ronso> is it possible to import pictures into your bio?
[i]2012.03.23 21:53:45 +26s Help <Lian Ronso> :(
[i]2012.03.23 21:53:57 +12s Help <Lian Ronso> ok thanks
[i]2012.03.23 21:54:06 +9s Help <Lian Ronso> any word if they are gonna change that?
[i]2012.03.25 16:38:54 +153888s Help <Lian Ronso> what have the biggest cargo space of all the standard industrial ships ecept from the ORE??
[i]2012.03.25 16:39:09 +15s Help <Lian Ronso> ok thanks
[i]2012.03.25 16:39:20 +11s Help <Lian Ronso> fast and easy answer like that :)
[i]2012.03.25 16:44:03 +283s Help <Lian Ronso> what is the most versitile industrial ship except for the ORE ships?
[i]2012.03.25 16:44:26 +23s Help <Lian Ronso> ok thanks
[i]2012.03.25 16:44:52 +26s Help <Lian Ronso> but is the Iteron 5 a good bet? for fast and safe transport?
[i]2012.03.25 16:45:14 +22s Help <Lian Ronso> ok thanjs
[i]2012.03.25 16:46:19 +65s Help <Lian Ronso> hehe I like the Nomad looks like the big tank thingy the sand people in starwars had but now its flying in space :D
[i]2012.03.25 16:47:22 +63s Help <Lian Ronso> Gunbusted what was the final pricetag on that ship?
[i]2012.03.25 16:48:11 +49s Help <Lian Ronso> haha well he get concorded :D
[i]2012.03.25 16:48:58 +47s Help <Lian Ronso> should I start to manufacture ammo when I am just starting out with manufacturing? and if so what ammo?
[i]2012.03.25 16:50:23 +85s Help <Lian Ronso> ok thanks venice'
[i]2012.03.25 17:52:11 +3708s Help <Lian Ronso> is it someway to get your stuff back if you accidentely sold it?
[i]2012.03.25 17:52:25 +14s Help <Lian Ronso> awwwwww
[i]2012.12.16 14:25:32 +22969987s Help <Lian Ronso> What is the name of the Gallente starting area?
[i]2012.12.16 14:26:23 +51s Help <Lian Ronso> ok
[i]2012.12.16 14:26:25 +2s Help <Lian Ronso> ty
[i]2012.12.16 14:29:36 +191s Help <Lian Ronso> it said that someone have placed a bounty on my head, how do I see who did it?
[i]2012.12.16 14:32:39 +183s Help <Lian Ronso> a person named Jalus have put a bounty on my head and I dont know why. I havent done anything do get that bounty on me, is it anyway I can make it go away?
[i]2012.12.16 14:35:00 +141s Help <Lian Ronso> no but it got that ugly Wanted posetr on me
[i]2012.12.16 14:35:43 +43s Help <Lian Ronso> I am not trolling
[i]2012.12.21 08:06:36 +408653s Help <Lian Ronso> happy end of the world day
[i]2012.12.21 08:07:28 +52s Help <Lian Ronso> hehe 09:04 am here 21st december nothing out of the usual :)
[i]2012.12.21 08:09:03 +95s Help <Lian Ronso> true
[i]2012.12.21 08:09:03 +0s Help <Lian Ronso> but that isnt end of the world stuff :D
[i]2012.12.21 08:09:14 +11s Help <Lian Ronso> maybe end of the job but not the world
[i]2012.12.21 08:09:35 +21s Help <Lian Ronso> dont think so
[i]2012.12.21 08:15:21 +346s Help <Lian Ronso> its a good day to die *mr Gutsy voice*
[i]2012.12.21 08:23:14 +473s Help <Lian Ronso> my criminal will bring all the concord to the yard and their like...........
[i]2012.12.21 08:27:25 +251s Help <Lian Ronso> is it possible to pay off yor bounty??
[i]2012.12.21 08:27:41 +16s Help <Lian Ronso> :(
[i]2012.12.21 08:28:43 +62s Help <Lian Ronso> So I need to get podded for my bounty to go away it dosnt do with just my ship getting blown?
[i]2012.12.21 08:32:04 +201s Help <Lian Ronso> Do Expanded Cargohold II expand my Ore hold too?
[i]2012.12.21 08:32:36 +32s Help <Lian Ronso> is it able to expand my ore hold??
[i]2012.12.21 08:32:56 +20s Help <Lian Ronso> ;(
[i]2012.12.21 08:54:55 +1319s Help <Lian Ronso> Whats the best Battle cruiser for PVE?? (if there is a "best")
[i]2012.12.21 08:55:17 +22s Help <Lian Ronso> ok
[i]2012.12.21 08:57:03 +106s Help <Lian Ronso> is the Corax worth the money?.

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