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[i]2012.06.14 08:41:21 Help <Lyeania> ok thanks
[i]2012.06.14 10:33:55 +6754s Help <Lyeania> is there a way to tell if one of my contacts is online before trying to start a convo?
[i]2012.06.14 10:35:15 +80s Help <Lyeania> awesome thanks guys
[i]2012.06.15 07:01:47 +73592s Help <Lyeania> is there a way for a fleet memeber to broadvast thier exact location
[i]2012.06.15 07:02:56 +69s Help <Lyeania> ok ill try it thanks
[i]2012.06.15 07:23:49 +1253s Help <Lyeania> hey does anyone have the list of damage types in thier profile that i can look at real quick
[i]2012.06.15 07:24:08 +19s Help <Lyeania> cool thanks
[i]2012.06.15 08:22:50 +3522s Help <Lyeania> the capacitor depleet time, does it mean when all modules are active?
[i]2012.06.15 08:23:27 +37s Help <Lyeania> ok thanks
[i]2012.06.16 07:25:08 +82901s Help <Lyeania> I got a mission that says to approach a battleship but not attack, i did that but nothing is happening. any ideas?
[i]2012.06.16 07:25:42 +34s Help <Lyeania> DO A BARREL ROLL
[i]2012.06.16 07:26:03 +21s Help <Lyeania> im about to
[i]2012.06.16 07:26:35 +32s Help <Lyeania> WINRAR^
[i]2012.06.16 07:26:38 +3s Help <Lyeania> thanks
[i]2012.06.16 07:27:50 +72s Help <Lyeania> i would but my little fleet buddy might not appreciate
[i]2012.06.16 07:27:54 +4s Help <Lyeania> thanks tho
[i]2012.06.16 07:28:33 +39s Help <Lyeania> lol
[i]2012.06.16 07:29:52 +79s Help <Lyeania> i wouldnt do a mission without it
[i]2012.06.18 06:12:59 +168187s Help <Lyeania> is there an option to show incursion zones on the starmap?
[i]2012.06.18 06:13:34 +35s Help <Lyeania> ok thanks
[i]2012.06.18 06:54:15 +2441s Help <Lyeania> whats that little ship called that they gave out for free a while ago that looks like its being pulled by sails?
[i]2012.06.18 06:54:33 +18s Help <Lyeania> thanks
[i]2012.06.18 08:45:25 +6652s Help <Lyeania> can you warp when your capacitor is empty?
[i]2012.06.18 08:46:03 +38s Help <Lyeania> can you warp when your capacitor is empty?
[i]2012.06.18 08:46:13 +10s Help <Lyeania> ok
[i]2012.06.18 08:46:47 +34s Help <Lyeania> thanks
[i]2012.06.19 23:49:16 +140549s Help <Lyeania> why do some fittings say to use two of the same module when there is a penalty for using more than one?
[i]2012.06.19 23:49:42 +26s Help <Lyeania> ooooh
[i]2012.06.19 23:49:47 +5s Help <Lyeania> ok thanks
[i]2012.06.19 23:50:36 +49s Help <Lyeania> excellent
[i]2012.06.20 00:15:47 +1511s Help <Lyeania> is there something i can use to prevent jamming?
[i]2012.06.20 00:16:16 +29s Help <Lyeania> ok thanks
[i]2012.06.20 00:16:37 +21s Help <Lyeania> ok kool
[i]2012.06.20 00:24:09 +452s Help <Lyeania> hello again, how do i know what type of eccm to use with my ship? (drake)
[i]2012.06.20 00:25:02 +53s Help <Lyeania> thanks kuehnelt
[i]2012.06.20 00:26:56 +114s Help <Lyeania> one last question, how long until a mission usually resets?
[i]2012.06.20 00:27:12 +16s Help <Lyeania> awesome thanks
[i]2012.06.20 05:05:47 +16715s Help <Lyeania> which is the best tier 1 heavy missile launcher?
[i]2012.06.20 05:06:53 +66s Help <Lyeania> ok thanks
[i]2012.06.20 05:07:29 +36s Help <Lyeania> ill go with arbalest for now
[i]2012.06.20 05:07:32 +3s Help <Lyeania> thanks
[i]2012.06.20 05:30:16 +1364s Help <Lyeania> do heavy missiles have an optimal range?
[i]2012.06.20 05:30:56 +40s Help <Lyeania> ok kool thanks
[i]2012.06.20 07:19:16 +6500s Help <Lyeania> Ok, how do i sell my item to the highest buyer within range? its giving me a buyer paying a lower price, but another buyer is offering more with a range of 10 jumps, im only 5 jumps away.
[i]2012.06.20 07:21:19 +123s Help <Lyeania> how do i sell to the buyer within range that is giving the highest price? when I click sell it is giving me a buyer giving a lower price.
[i]2012.06.20 07:22:59 +100s Help <Lyeania> oh i didnt realize
[i]2012.06.20 07:23:00 +1s Help <Lyeania> ok thanks
[i]2013.10.02 20:18:03 +40568103s Help <Lyeania> Is there a way to make other ships appear as a different color on the overview?
[i]2013.10.02 20:21:20 +197s Help <Lyeania> Is there a way to make other ships appear as a differnt color on the overview?
[i]2013.10.18 21:15:55 +1385675s Help <Lyeania> sure are self congratulatory

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