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[i]2014.02.14 01:00:29 Help <Random Freak> Sarra Somers mkay.. how come?
[i]2014.02.14 01:08:58 +509s Help <Random Freak> Tojo Khan Bisu micro is smaller
[i]2014.02.14 01:59:01 +3003s Help <Random Freak> a "real" savespot, or as save as it gets when undocked, would be about 2000 AU from the star
[i]2014.02.14 02:00:00 +59s Help <Random Freak> Donovan Cobrikhan even flying at over 30km/s, which is not possible today, you'd need to fly for over 40 years to get outside of the 14 au dscan range
[i]2014.02.14 02:01:37 +97s Help <Random Freak> Helmke just open people and places and hit "Submit" at the spot you want your save at
[i]2014.02.14 02:01:49 +12s Help <Random Freak> Muchitz Bog Afterburner and tracking computers
[i]2014.03.27 03:29:31 +3547662s Help <Random Freak> they start in 0.8 iirc
[i]2014.03.27 03:33:58 +267s Help <Random Freak> Evemon lets you plan skills for certain ships or modules, but for a full fitting tool, use EFT, Pfya, EVEHQ ect
[i]2014.03.27 03:59:06 +1508s Help <Random Freak> Botting is bannable, multiboxing is not
[i]2014.03.27 04:11:49 +763s Help <Random Freak> Chroniccandy 420 There is no ONE BEST.
[i]2014.03.27 04:11:55 +6s Help <Random Freak> They all have their ups and downs
[i]2014.03.27 04:12:40 +45s Help <Random Freak> Phoenix venom easily. 77 mil is way below a normal gank target
[i]2014.03.27 04:13:13 +33s Help <Random Freak> T Vog what now?
[i]2014.03.27 04:13:55 +42s Help <Random Freak> Blasters have the highest flat dps out there
[i]2014.03.27 04:14:48 +53s Help <Random Freak> Never said blasters have a great range tho :P
[i]2014.03.27 04:20:07 +319s Help <Random Freak> "If you are the smartest person int he room, you are in the wrong room"
[i]2014.03.27 04:33:59 +832s Help <Random Freak> it doesnt ^^
[i]2014.03.27 04:34:28 +29s Help <Random Freak> its the hitpoints of the module iotself
[i]2014.03.27 04:34:40 +12s Help <Random Freak> since it cant be overheated, the HP of it dont matter
[i]2014.03.27 04:35:19 +39s Help <Random Freak> Rubicon
[i]2014.03.27 04:35:37 +18s Help <Random Freak> avatar rayne Yep. cant deactivate it before then
[i]2014.03.27 04:35:47 +10s Help <Random Freak> Like triage, like siege, like cynos
[i]2014.03.27 04:36:18 +31s Help <Random Freak> Its a 60 second cycle time, so if you turn it off just as you activate it, it wont repeat, but if you leave it alone, yes it will cycle again
[i]2014.03.27 04:36:23 +5s Help <Random Freak> No delay at all
[i]2014.03.27 04:36:32 +9s Help <Random Freak> Its like any other module, just keeps cycling
[i]2014.03.27 04:36:55 +23s Help <Random Freak> You dont get to move what so ever. Its a fair tradeoff ^^
[i]2014.03.27 04:37:36 +41s Help <Random Freak> People who have an enemy gang landing on them ^^
[i]2014.03.27 04:37:55 +19s Help <Random Freak> Marauders can tank a lot, but they cant tank 10 catalysts with overheated blasters
[i]2014.03.27 04:38:42 +47s Help <Random Freak> I said catalysts because they are a prime ship to be used in hhighsec ganks
[i]2014.03.27 04:39:08 +26s Help <Random Freak> one of those with nearly maxed skills can output around 700 dps
[i]2014.03.27 04:39:19 +11s Help <Random Freak> nope. t2 only
[i]2014.03.27 04:39:22 +3s Help <Random Freak> no implants, nothing
[i]2014.03.27 04:41:09 +107s Help <Random Freak> You get usually ganked for deadspace or officer stuff, as well as storyline. But not t2 and faction, as that is a bit on the lower end of profit margins
[i]2014.03.27 04:41:41 +32s Help <Random Freak> avatar rayne that was in respone to your answer, saying that youd need to faction fit stuff
[i]2014.03.27 04:43:49 +128s Help <Random Freak> Well, its only 2 modules. But its still very high value ones
[i]2014.03.27 04:48:13 +264s Help <Random Freak> since those Blueprints essentially create a new item, Rigs on the ship would be destroyed?
[i]2014.03.27 04:48:39 +26s Help <Random Freak> thanks
[i]2014.03.27 04:49:08 +29s Help <Random Freak> Nope. Hyperion in the only gallente one
[i]2014.03.27 04:49:20 +12s Help <Random Freak> Nope
[i]2014.03.27 04:49:30 +10s Help <Random Freak> Only 1 BS and 1 frigate one for each race thus far
[i]2014.03.27 04:49:54 +24s Help <Random Freak> Hyperion and Incursus iirc
[i]2014.03.27 04:50:20 +26s Help <Random Freak> So, essentially the tier 3 battleships and frigates
[i]2014.03.27 04:51:16 +56s Help <Random Freak> Hyperion Aliastra Edition BlueprintBLUEPRINT COPY - Runs: 10 - Material Level: 0 - Productivity Level: 0 and Incursus Aliastra Edition BlueprintBLUEPRINT COPY - Runs: 1 - Material Level: 0 - Productivity Level: 0
[i]2014.03.27 04:51:38 +22s Help <Random Freak> Check NEX store, they are at the top there. I feel already bad for that walll of text ^^
[i]2014.03.27 04:52:30 +52s Help <Random Freak> The frigates are 45 AUR, the Battleships are 450
[i]2014.03.27 04:53:22 +52s Help <Random Freak> the 45 and 350 aur are for the 10 run copies mind you
[i]2014.03.27 04:53:29 +7s Help <Random Freak> er.. 1 run
[i]2014.03.27 04:53:47 +18s Help <Random Freak> Nope. cant exchange LP for aur
[i]2014.03.27 04:53:54 +7s Help <Random Freak> Need to buy a plex and convert it into AUR
[i]2014.03.27 04:55:22 +88s Help <Random Freak> 1 Plex = 3500 AUR

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