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[i]2013.06.02 09:40:19 Help <Spork Witch> selena: it's actually AWESOME if done right, see FFXI
[i]2013.06.02 09:40:51 +32s Help <Spork Witch> or perhaps people that think people that can type are retarded, are in fact themselves retarded?
[i]2013.06.02 09:41:20 +29s Help <Spork Witch> marty: that's what it's looking like. it'll take some getting used to, but it looks like a good move forward for the UI
[i]2013.06.02 09:41:52 +32s Help <Spork Witch> brent: not a complex, i simply am superior :)
[i]2013.06.02 09:42:48 +56s Help <Spork Witch> syfa: i'm gonna laugh the first few times warp orders are given when something else was meant, while people learn the new radial lol
[i]2013.06.02 09:42:51 +3s Help <Spork Witch> (you KNOW it's gonna happen)
[i]2013.06.02 09:43:21 +30s Help <Spork Witch> suddenly the whole fleet warps instead of just the scout :P
[i]2013.06.02 09:43:47 +26s Help <Spork Witch> syfa: didn't see anything about tagging, what are they doing with it?
[i]2013.06.02 09:44:02 +15s Help <Spork Witch> syfa: sweet
[i]2013.06.02 09:45:01 +59s Help <Spork Witch> syfa: though honestly, i think it'd be nice if it just automatically assigned sequential tags to things as they come on-grid. by all means, allow manually changing them, but allow an option for the FC to automatically label, take out that step when it
[i]2013.06.02 09:45:06 +5s Help <Spork Witch> comes to target designation
[i]2013.06.02 09:45:54 +48s Help <Spork Witch> syfa: i can see some situations where it'd be annoying, but as an option, like auto lock back, it could be nice for a fleet engagement
[i]2013.06.02 09:46:36 +42s Help <Spork Witch> syfa: i said make it an OPTION like auto lock back, i was NOT saying auto lock back was, itself, good lol
[i]2013.06.02 09:46:53 +17s Help <Spork Witch> syfa: i know all about that crap, i've primarily flown logi for the last several years, hence the crappy kill stats lol
[i]2013.06.02 09:47:53 +60s Help <Spork Witch> james: as a vet i agree; from the newby's perspective, though, it helps tell him he's being targeted while learning one of the most complex UIs in non-simulation video gaming
[i]2013.06.02 09:48:51 +58s Help <Spork Witch> syfa: not even counter-intuitive, there's just not a whole lot to intuit until you get a handle on the basics
[i]2013.06.02 09:49:52 +61s Help <Spork Witch> most of eve functions on standard OS UI conventions, but people launching a game aren't expecting that
[i]2013.06.02 09:50:42 +50s Help <Spork Witch> itsa: if you're CEO or director i don't believe stasis applies. otherwise, you'll be told you have to remove roles first, then there's 24 hours corp stasis
[i]2013.06.02 09:50:58 +16s Help <Spork Witch> and yeah, definitely doesn't apply to CEO
[i]2013.06.02 09:51:37 +39s Help <Spork Witch> syfa: that would require a bug, since corp stasis requires that you disable it in order to be given new roles
[i]2013.06.02 09:51:58 +21s Help <Spork Witch> syfa: that is to say, if they were able to give you roles again, it's because you manually turned off your stasis
[i]2013.06.02 09:52:18 +20s Help <Spork Witch> syfa: must have been a LONG time ago, because i can't even remember how many years ago this change was made
[i]2013.06.02 09:52:34 +16s Help <Spork Witch> drac: yes
[i]2013.06.02 09:52:44 +10s Help <Spork Witch> syfa: i think that kick issues still applies, though they're working on it...
[i]2013.06.02 09:53:16 +32s Help <Spork Witch> i've been fortunate in never having had to kick someone, but my paranoia and screening practices are.... shall we say "thorough?" lol
[i]2013.06.02 09:53:27 +11s Help <Spork Witch> (the american TSA's got nothin' on me :P)
[i]2013.06.02 09:54:29 +62s Help <Spork Witch> that's just standard practice
[i]2013.06.02 09:54:40 +11s Help <Spork Witch> if a corp didn't ask me for mine i'd rescind my application lol
[i]2013.06.02 09:54:55 +15s Help <Spork Witch> memefail
[i]2013.06.02 09:55:56 +61s Help <Spork Witch> well to be fair, the defenders have a massive advantage in wspace, if they're established. the ability to build a capital fleet is rather potent defense against an enemy that can only bring battleships, at most
[i]2013.06.02 09:56:33 +37s Help <Spork Witch> syfa: that's my point, you can still BUILD them in there
[i]2013.06.02 09:56:54 +21s Help <Spork Witch> e.g. you get a LEGAL equivalent of high-sec capitals lol
[i]2013.06.02 09:57:04 +10s Help <Spork Witch> syfa: fair enough, though my point stands
[i]2013.06.02 09:57:36 +32s Help <Spork Witch> stephen: you have to relog
[i]2013.06.02 09:57:48 +12s Help <Spork Witch> derp, sorry, you did that, wait 1 hour THEN relog
[i]2013.06.02 09:58:14 +26s Help <Spork Witch> lol syfa
[i]2013.06.02 09:58:23 +9s Help <Spork Witch> at least you showed those snail-eaters who's boss
[i]2013.06.02 09:58:53 +30s Help <Spork Witch> itsa: look on the forums, but yes, there are RP corps
[i]2013.06.02 09:59:32 +39s Help <Spork Witch> itsa: Ushra Khan is about the only one i know of off the top of my head
[i]2013.06.02 10:00:11 +39s Help <Spork Witch> itsa: do a google search on the topic, then, there are sites that mirror content from the eve forums, and you might still find something that helps you
[i]2013.06.02 10:00:28 +17s Help <Spork Witch> avalon: it's a red invasion :P
[i]2013.06.02 10:02:28 +120s Help <Spork Witch> astroia: probably faster with the transport on those, but once you can use a ret or a mack, you're better off just adding more rets/macks until you hit 20 or so and have an orca buffing and hauling
[i]2013.06.02 10:02:44 +16s Help <Spork Witch> lucretia: not anymore, you also get bounty for ship kills now
[i]2013.06.02 10:03:25 +41s Help <Spork Witch> http://www.eveonline.com/retribution/bounty-hunting/ details on the new system
[i]2013.06.08 12:10:32 +526027s Help <Spork Witch> please tell me there's a hidden setting somewhere to put the undock button back where it belongs lol
[i]2013.06.08 12:10:47 +15s Help <Spork Witch> >_< lol
[i]2013.06.08 12:10:54 +7s Help <Spork Witch> that's gonna drive me insane until i get used to it lol
[i]2013.06.08 12:11:18 +24s Help <Spork Witch> skeeve: i actually use the neocom more than the station window
[i]2013.06.08 12:11:34 +16s Help <Spork Witch> skeeve: mots of my interface stuff is on the left, with only fleet / watchlist / overview on the right
[i]2013.06.08 12:12:07 +33s Help <Spork Witch> like i said, i'm sure i'll get used to it, it's just frustrating for NOW lol

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