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[i]2012.10.24 08:16:39 Help <joe phorum> no
[i]2012.10.28 06:12:11 +338132s Help <joe phorum> ^^ grid mechanics are kind of messed up
[i]2012.10.28 06:13:48 +97s Help <joe phorum> @tank - whatever yo train for, but ships are generally bonsed for hybrid turrets and drones
[i]2012.10.28 06:17:22 +214s Help <joe phorum> static ded sites will always be there, and will almost always be empty due to high activity
[i]2012.10.28 06:25:20 +478s Help <joe phorum> @azeriah - no elves, dragons, or other fairy tales - this is eve
[i]2012.10.28 06:30:30 +310s Help <joe phorum> @commander - well, ok, bt make sre to have a safe word )
[i]2012.10.28 06:41:40 +670s Help <joe phorum> @tank - the key shold be dropped by something you kill, bt if you're running a static ded site, someone prolly got there first
[i]2012.10.28 06:43:28 +108s Help <joe phorum> @tank - there are usually people waiting in line to do the static ded sites, maybe try right after dt and yo'll have better luck
[i]2012.10.28 06:46:34 +186s Help <joe phorum> gotta love it when yo're at a client site, mistype a url, and get a full page of ass to mouth porn (
[i]2012.10.28 06:51:42 +308s Help <joe phorum> easy james - we must have tolerance for people and their superstitions )
[i]2012.10.31 04:38:15 +251193s Help <joe phorum> Keith Eaton - so good to see you back in the help channel )
[i]2012.10.31 04:43:51 +336s Help <joe phorum> @scalywag - not sure what you mean by investing in bps - maybe you mean invention?
[i]2012.10.31 04:45:16 +85s Help <joe phorum> @scalywag - here's the evelopedia invention guide: http://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Invention
[i]2012.10.31 04:59:05 +829s Help <joe phorum> i'd say fastest way to make isk is to pull out a credit card, buy 100 plexes and sell on the market. is that the answer yo wanted?
[i]2012.10.31 05:08:37 +572s Help <joe phorum> must be haloween humor
[i]2012.10.31 05:11:59 +202s Help <joe phorum> Derridda - fwiw there's a cople of good wh training corps recruiting on the recruitment forums @ https:///forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=topics&f=265
[i]2012.10.31 05:13:39 +100s Help <joe phorum> know some of the management - can't spec corps here, but if you read the posts it's pretty obvios
[i]2012.10.31 05:13:54 +15s Help <joe phorum> *obvioius
[i]2012.10.31 05:14:03 +9s Help <joe phorum> see ya keith
[i]2012.10.31 05:15:53 +110s Help <joe phorum> @true - extraxtor head stuff changed completely, decommision and set p with new stuff
[i]2012.10.31 05:19:04 +191s Help <joe phorum> @maddy - minmatar are most vulnerable to exp and em, but it depends on the ship's resistances
[i]2012.10.31 05:19:52 +48s Help <joe phorum> @maxims - from the accont management page (not from in game)
[i]2012.10.31 05:42:47 +1375s Help <joe phorum> Ageron Lee - use dotlan's route planner @ http://evemaps.dotlan.net/route
[i]2012.11.01 07:41:28 +93521s Help <joe phorum> @azlorn - pls stfu. we all knowabout the zor for cash scam you're just making yorself look like a tool.
[i]2012.11.01 07:42:58 +90s Help <joe phorum> tooltooltool
[i]2012.11.01 08:16:10 +1992s Help <joe phorum> ccp really needs to pay moderators for chat channels rather than rely on volnteers... this is bullshit
[i]2012.11.10 06:23:10 +770820s Help <joe phorum> Boliviani diGriz - tengu was most versatile with good dps till now - with upcoming major hml nerf, things will change
[i]2012.11.10 06:30:57 +467s Help <joe phorum> Apache1990 - with the buff to hybrid turrets maybe viable, but certainly not optimal. rokh is still really a fleet ship
[i]2012.11.10 07:14:27 +2610s Help <joe phorum> chuck?? inedible unless braised, then very good
[i]2012.11.10 07:15:46 +79s Help <joe phorum> chuck is togh with mch connective tisse not sitable for broiling. try a nice aged strip instead )
[i]2012.11.10 07:16:14 +28s Help <joe phorum> toronto = smoked meat )
[i]2012.11.10 07:46:43 +1829s Help <joe phorum> actually only 1 command center per planet. up to six planets max
[i]2012.11.10 07:47:48 +65s Help <joe phorum> no need for mltiple ccs on a planet
[i]2012.11.10 07:55:34 +466s Help <joe phorum> ccp likes major credit cards... not cheap to keep hilmar's pool in reykyavik heated to spec
[i]2012.11.24 05:41:34 +1201560s Help <joe phorum> TalonKarrde84 - only until retribution (dec. 4) - after that orcas can be scanned
[i]2012.11.24 05:42:30 +56s Help <joe phorum> could be - haven't seen that but hope it's true )
[i]2012.12.04 08:15:07 +873157s Help <joe phorum> Kevin Vogel - no standings drop for declining a mission once every four hours (same agent)
[i]2012.12.16 05:37:17 +1027330s Help <joe phorum> cald - you could also try a quick undock - redock sometimes helps
[i]2012.12.16 05:44:52 +455s Help <joe phorum> cald - you could try the repair tool but it's painfully slow and probably won't fix it....
[i]2012.12.16 05:49:57 +305s Help <joe phorum> Guang Azaph - did you try it in a channel you created? can't be used in help, local, etc
[i]2012.12.16 05:56:33 +396s Help <joe phorum> Magnus en Marland - keep doing l2s for the same corp - doesn't matter which agent - until you can do l3 for that corp
[i]2012.12.16 06:07:35 +662s Help <joe phorum> Baldmus Gallentic - there are also skill changes coming that make it very much to your advantage to train bc6, all racial cruisers to 3
[i]2012.12.16 06:07:52 +17s Help <joe phorum> bc5*
[i]2012.12.16 06:08:22 +30s Help <joe phorum> imho yes
[i]2012.12.16 06:08:50 +28s Help <joe phorum> ^^
[i]2012.12.16 06:34:05 +1515s Help <joe phorum> Croc d'Aroch - run missions for an amarr l1 corp until yo get a storyline mission or two
[i]2012.12.16 08:01:48 +5263s Help <joe phorum> Chlovis Tran - tornado won't work for l4, nowhere near enough tank
[i]2012.12.16 08:03:41 +113s Help <joe phorum> De'Korii - you are correct, i should have said "generally speaking" ;)
[i]2012.12.16 08:07:59 +258s Help <joe phorum> using smartbombs in hisec is (generally ;) a very bad idea
[i]2012.12.16 08:11:31 +212s Help <joe phorum> no - buddy invites are just for new accounts

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