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[i]2012.12.23 22:32:03 HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> was pretty crazy
[i]2012.12.24 21:33:58 +82915s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> hey
[i]2012.12.24 21:34:12 +14s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> you know what's weird, bioshock still holds up
[i]2012.12.24 21:34:17 +5s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> just started playing it on the pc
[i]2012.12.25 04:35:56 +25299s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nigRT2KmCE
[i]2012.12.25 04:43:01 +425s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> psy the biggest one hit wonder yet xD
[i]2012.12.25 04:56:53 +832s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> basically you have to drag it from the people and places window into your item hangar
[i]2012.12.25 04:57:05 +12s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> and then trade it or contract it
[i]2012.12.25 04:58:34 +89s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> yup
[i]2012.12.25 04:58:55 +21s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> corporations can have corp bookmarks that everyone in corp gets to use
[i]2012.12.25 04:59:12 +17s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> but other than that you do have to trade them
[i]2012.12.25 08:16:20 +11828s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> this is the day your lord was born PRAISE HIM EXALT HIS NOODLY APPENDAGES
[i]2012.12.25 08:16:20 +0s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> eat of his tomatoe based sauce
[i]2012.12.25 08:16:20 +0s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> DO NOT BISMIRCH HIS FLOPPY STARCH TUBES
[i]2012.12.25 08:16:22 +2s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> BEWARE THE ONE WHO WALKS AWAY FROM THE PATH OF THE MEATBALL ADORNED
[i]2012.12.25 08:16:33 +11s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> no
[i]2012.12.30 06:24:47 +425294s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> i love not worrying about mods and just being cap stable
[i]2012.12.30 06:24:52 +5s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> i know it's lazy as hell but
[i]2012.12.30 06:24:56 +4s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> >.>
[i]2012.12.30 06:27:58 +182s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> i wish i could run a nightmare out in null but I am a little afraid of ganks >.<
[i]2012.12.30 06:28:20 +22s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> so im just going to the passive capacitor apoc
[i]2012.12.30 06:28:24 +4s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> with dual reps :)
[i]2012.12.30 06:30:50 +146s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> these are our traditions
[i]2012.12.30 06:30:52 +2s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> and without tradition
[i]2012.12.30 06:30:52 +0s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> well
[i]2012.12.30 06:31:10 +18s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> https:///www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRdfX7ut8gw
[i]2012.12.30 06:34:47 +217s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> is it weird that it doesn't seem like that long at all to me
[i]2012.12.30 06:34:55 +8s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> of course I have been doing the same thing for all this time
[i]2012.12.30 06:34:56 +1s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> so
[i]2012.12.30 06:41:44 +408s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> \o
[i]2012.12.30 06:42:00 +16s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> o7
[i]2013.01.03 18:44:03 +388923s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> o7
[i]2013.01.20 00:46:08 +1404125s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> that sounds weird to me
[i]2013.01.20 00:46:08 +0s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> i haven't tried salvage drones
[i]2013.01.20 09:58:31 +33143s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> shweaty balls
[i]2013.01.20 10:04:43 +372s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> yeah i heard that
[i]2013.01.20 10:04:50 +7s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> it's easy to kill a pod with a cheap fit
[i]2013.01.20 10:04:53 +3s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> so it makes sense
[i]2013.01.20 10:05:06 +13s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> big sec status hit though
[i]2013.01.21 00:04:45 +50379s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> dust bunnies
[i]2013.01.21 03:49:04 +13459s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> damnit whenever i get any isk
[i]2013.01.21 03:49:08 +4s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> i just spend it all
[i]2013.01.21 03:49:16 +8s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> i swear i had like 2 bill a second ago
[i]2013.01.21 03:49:20 +4s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> now i have 200 mill
[i]2013.01.27 20:47:20 +579480s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> wolololol
[i]2013.01.27 20:48:52 +92s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=16071218
[i]2013.01.27 22:18:01 +5349s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> Kill: Viktoras (Mammoth)
[i]2013.01.28 05:27:33 +25772s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> ccp is bad
[i]2013.01.28 05:27:36 +3s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> so prolly that
[i]2013.01.28 06:34:25 +4009s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> dust is always laggy

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