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[i]2012.04.11 16:42:58 HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> hulks are over 10 mil, trit is over 6, really painfull for the inventors/maufacturers among us
[i]2012.04.11 16:42:58 +0s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> 6 isk not mil ;p
[i]2012.04.11 16:44:59 +121s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> to me ;)
[i]2012.04.11 16:48:13 +194s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> here's a great site for detrermining that, details sell to buy orders, put up on sell orders, refine, or trash/contracts, done by station, even shows containers, done by api http://www.eve-market-guide.com/lootrefine.php
[i]2012.04.11 16:48:32 +19s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> no more sifting through meta klevel unless you really want to
[i]2012.04.11 16:49:45 +73s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> you can filter by meta level, what would be better?
[i]2012.04.11 16:51:18 +93s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> now that you can determine which access api gives, no need to worry, it only checks asset list, and if you make a corp key or even an account key it will come back with an error, you can only make a key for a specific toon to get it to work
[i]2012.04.11 16:52:14 +56s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> great site all around though, try some of the other tabs if you prefer not to use api
[i]2012.04.11 16:59:06 +412s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> just remember everything is based off jita price
[i]2012.04.11 16:59:47 +41s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> may find mats cheaper elsewhere, may sell item for more elsewhere, just a giude, but it's served me very well so far ;)
[i]2012.04.11 17:00:47 +60s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> and as for losing money on the top six t1 rigs, did you change the me level from 0?
[i]2012.04.11 17:01:37 +50s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> unresearched bp's usually bring a loss
[i]2012.04.11 17:02:56 +79s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> a lot of t1 rigs bring a loss for some reason, it's why i only make t2's
[i]2012.04.11 17:06:19 +203s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> meat, it is correct, you will use a decryptorr with that invention which will provide a -1 me bpc
[i]2012.04.11 17:06:34 +15s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> look at the top where it lists what you need to incvent it
[i]2012.04.11 17:06:55 +21s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> i determines the correct decryptor for the most profit automatically
[i]2012.04.11 17:09:45 +170s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> some things you never will, like weps, most things will, you will never get a profitable bpc from any ship bigger than a frig without decryptors, same with rigs
[i]2012.04.11 17:09:45 +0s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> yup
[i]2012.04.11 17:09:48 +3s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> http://www.eve-market-guide.com/t2item.php?id=31057 very cheap rig, still uses a decryptor, you also need to change you 3 level to match you skills on the left under invention header
[i]2012.04.11 17:24:55 +907s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> i use this in conjunction with eve survival, gives more info like resists and stuff, though everyone tells me it's old and useless, i like it ;p http://eveinfo.com/missions/
[i]2012.04.11 17:25:12 +17s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> select mission level at top
[i]2012.04.11 18:09:35 +2663s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> 11,000,000,000,000 isk removed by gphx card scheme
[i]2012.04.15 15:09:01 +334766s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> Combat: Your Eve Account perfectly strikes your marriage, wrecking it for 1/2 of everything you own.
[i]2012.04.15 18:17:27 +11306s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> anyone can build a vindi ;p
[i]2012.04.15 18:17:38 +11s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> well, except a trial
[i]2012.04.15 18:18:05 +27s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> well, i can, but i see your point now ;p
[i]2012.04.17 21:05:08 +182823s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> in a fleet, they would be considered the fleets wrecks iirc
[i]2012.04.17 21:05:28 +20s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> all members get a white wreck no matter who kills it
[i]2012.04.19 07:50:48 +125120s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> i was making 27 a day with 2 toons and 12 planets in a 0.5
[i]2012.04.19 07:51:15 +27s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> not passive enough, i got lazy lol
[i]2012.04.19 07:52:06 +51s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> p4 is the way to go, won't make that selling pos fuel ;p
[i]2012.04.19 07:53:16 +70s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> stay out of wh's ;p
[i]2012.04.19 07:58:36 +320s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> nasty mission for just a drake
[i]2012.04.19 07:59:38 +62s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> first time i've seen a mission recomend logistics support ;p
[i]2012.04.19 08:00:09 +31s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> http://eve-survival.org/wikka.php?wakka=RecordCleaning4
[i]2012.04.27 02:07:56 +670067s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> i mentioned that in here a week ago and got thrashed for it, glad someone likes teamviewer
[i]2012.04.27 03:00:43 +3167s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> 14% time dilation in jita lol
[i]2012.04.28 19:29:00 +145697s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> http://www.quickmeme.com/meme/3p0iwh/
[i]2012.08.18 20:51:02 +9681722s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> ctrl f9
[i]2012.08.18 20:51:19 +17s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> sry wrong chan
[i]2012.08.20 21:39:26 +175687s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> 27J ;(
[i]2012.08.21 01:51:36 +15130s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> who remembers mechwarrior? sign up for the closed beta http://www.playhawken.com/index.php?ref=7F6035D5
[i]2012.08.21 01:52:19 +43s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> ;p
[i]2012.08.21 02:07:26 +907s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> Skin Miner resistances on the enemy maybe
[i]2012.12.20 22:56:21 +10529335s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> ouch 29j
[i]2012.12.20 23:29:31 +1990s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> Charles Rothchild glad this channel worked out for you, good help here
[i]2012.12.20 23:30:53 +82s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> there's always helpmymission ;p
[i]2012.12.20 23:31:11 +18s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> anyway have fun, get to know everyone, i'm out for the night
[i]2012.12.26 05:03:40 +451949s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> Ice Nomad channel settings icon guys ;p
[i]2012.12.26 05:06:05 +145s HelpMyMission <Sarannaria> me too, i change the motd on my channel everyday and i still have to search for open channel settings option lol

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