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[i]2013.09.14 04:01:10 Jita <D'angela> Things like rigs were hard to find though. had to carrier jump those in.
[i]2013.09.14 04:01:40 +30s Jita <D'angela> You can technically play the market in nullsec without docking.
[i]2013.09.14 04:01:51 +11s Jita <D'angela> if you've got the skills to put up remote buy/sell orders.
[i]2013.09.14 04:01:59 +8s Jita <D'angela> You just won't be able to move things.
[i]2013.09.14 04:02:07 +8s Jita <D'angela> unless you put up a courier contract =)
[i]2013.09.14 04:02:29 +22s Jita <D'angela> you can put sell orders up remotely
[i]2013.09.14 04:02:44 +15s Jita <D'angela> as long as you're in the same region, and within range of your remote sell order skill. I forgot what it's called.
[i]2013.09.14 04:03:11 +27s Jita <D'angela> right, but you could have it because you previously put up a buy order in that same station
[i]2013.09.14 04:03:19 +8s Jita <D'angela> or covering that station, like a 10 jump range buy order.
[i]2013.09.14 04:03:52 +33s Jita <D'angela> and if any shit's about to go down
[i]2013.09.14 04:04:26 +34s Jita <D'angela> Well in theory you could just live out there in a covops, cloaked, playing mister shadow market man. never hauling a thing.
[i]2013.09.14 04:06:08 +102s Jita <D'angela> You could, in theory, screw with someone's markets in their trade hubs as a prelude to invasion. buy up all their ammo. all their probes.
[i]2013.09.14 04:07:34 +86s Jita <D'angela> I assume that people keep stockpiles of important stuff in hangars spread around.
[i]2013.09.14 04:09:26 +112s Jita <D'angela> potato
[i]2013.09.14 04:09:57 +31s Jita <D'angela> hmm. -6 is also correct though.
[i]2013.09.14 04:10:28 +31s Jita <D'angela> grosseph?
[i]2013.09.14 04:11:31 +63s Jita <D'angela> LOL is brocolli some type of e-coli with neon shades and no shirt?
[i]2013.09.14 04:12:20 +49s Jita <D'angela> like what these guys are about to get by wading in sewage-laced floodwater. http://mediacenter.smugmug.com/photos/i-zbd35VN/0/L/i-zbd35VN-L.jpg
[i]2013.09.14 04:13:28 +68s Jita <D'angela> bromine?
[i]2013.09.14 04:14:49 +81s Jita <D'angela> You know, I was pretty sure social security was going to be bankrupt anyway in 30 years when I'm old enough to retire, but with these guys running the country it's 100% certain.
[i]2013.09.14 04:15:03 +14s Jita <D'angela> brocial security?
[i]2013.09.14 04:15:20 +17s Jita <D'angela> right. I'm leaving.
[i]2013.09.22 09:42:37 +710837s Jita <D'angela> Hmm. If I send you two onions will you return 6 onions?
[i]2013.09.22 09:43:25 +48s Jita <D'angela> I have too many onions! I want to share them with you! or something.
[i]2013.09.22 09:44:18 +53s Jita <D'angela> Onions are good for scaring vampires and werewolves and damned kids on your lawn. Just wear them on your belt.
[i]2013.09.22 09:46:14 +116s Jita <D'angela> but... what about the onions?
[i]2013.09.22 09:48:09 +115s Jita <D'angela> I'm sure that was an accident.
[i]2013.09.22 09:48:21 +12s Jita <D'angela> =p
[i]2013.09.22 09:54:00 +339s Jita <D'angela> So I don't like scam. and I don't want scam and eggs and scam and scam and scam and beans.
[i]2013.09.22 09:55:41 +101s Jita <D'angela> <shrill screaming> Do it in contracts! Without any scam! </Shrill screaming>
[i]2013.10.16 07:30:18 +2064877s Jita <D'angela> really? there are scammers and shills in Jita? Go on, pull the other one.
[i]2013.10.16 07:34:11 +233s Jita <D'angela> post post postscript: popcorn is great until you get a bit of the hull stuck in the back of your throat.
[i]2013.10.16 07:34:54 +43s Jita <D'angela> and yes, ps is shorthand for postscript.
[i]2013.10.16 07:35:43 +49s Jita <D'angela> Right you forgot, or you didn't remember, because you didn't ask, because you're a retard.
[i]2013.10.31 02:06:20 +1276237s Jita <D'angela> heh, well if you're gonna ask, might as well aim high.
[i]2013.10.31 02:06:55 +35s Jita <D'angela> I'd like a private caribbean island please.
[i]2013.10.31 02:07:00 +5s Jita <D'angela> with a pleasure palace.
[i]2013.11.22 07:08:50 +1918910s Jita <D'angela> Apparently Mexico is fatter than the USA now. We're not even #1 at being fat any more. =(
[i]2013.11.30 20:31:12 +739342s Jita <D'angela> I need 2 tacos fast! I'll pay 1 bean each.
[i]2013.12.21 08:57:38 +1772786s Jita <D'angela> really? plex are going for 800mil now?
[i]2013.12.21 08:59:18 +100s Jita <D'angela> yeah, more like 620mil. I was about to rant about inflation but 620m isn't so bad.
[i]2013.12.21 09:02:36 +198s Jita <D'angela> well you can read arabic numbers
[i]2013.12.21 09:04:27 +111s Jita <D'angela> How's this for a "turrist" name. Al-gebra. Al-gorithm.
[i]2013.12.21 09:08:45 +258s Jita <D'angela> I've got the brains, you've got the looks. let's make lots of money.
[i]2013.12.21 09:09:41 +56s Jita <D'angela> You've got the brawns, I've got the brains. Let's make lots of money!
[i]2014.01.05 21:10:51 +1339270s Jita <D'angela> that's an expensive dress.
[i]2014.01.05 21:11:40 +49s Jita <D'angela> I need 2m - 1m 999.5k for coke, and 500 isk for a dress.
[i]2014.01.05 21:12:57 +77s Jita <D'angela> depends on the whore actually
[i]2014.01.05 21:13:05 +8s Jita <D'angela> I'm sure there are some you'd pay to get dressed.
[i]2014.01.05 21:14:47 +102s Jita <D'angela> it's not just crystal, it's tiffany

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