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[i]2014.03.31 00:49:23 Mintchip's Channel <Theragor> porn
[i]2014.03.31 00:49:27 +4s Mintchip's Channel <Zilya Ronuken> whats the channel for
[i]2014.03.31 00:49:32 +5s Mintchip's Channel <Theragor> porn
[i]2014.03.31 00:49:40 +8s Mintchip's Channel <jazz zen> hey
[i]2014.03.31 00:49:41 +1s Mintchip's Channel <dinamixx> o/
[i]2014.03.31 00:49:44 +3s Mintchip's Channel <Tritan Deninard> lol
[i]2014.03.31 00:49:54 +10s Mintchip's Channel <Rilawi> ?
[i]2014.03.31 00:49:54 +0s Mintchip's Channel <dinamixx> what's up guys
[i]2014.03.31 00:50:00 +6s Mintchip's Channel <Wanna Killyou> So what goes on in here?
[i]2014.03.31 00:50:23 +23s Mintchip's Channel <Sir Maximus Khamsi> whats this channel for?
[i]2014.03.31 00:50:27 +4s Mintchip's Channel <Theragor> Porn how many times do i have to say this
[i]2014.03.31 00:51:10 +43s Mintchip's Channel <MacGardner> -.-
[i]2014.03.31 00:51:18 +8s Mintchip's Channel <Wanna Killyou> am I supposed to post pics of myself in here?
[i]2014.03.31 00:51:59 +41s Mintchip's Channel <Theragor> This is the channel for sending ugly porn to the minmitar
[i]2014.03.31 00:54:07 +128s Mintchip's Channel <jazz zen> that made us 4 plexes in a row here i know of should be getting close
[i]2014.03.31 00:58:08 +241s Mintchip's Channel <Watarigarasu Kawamura> o7
[i]2014.03.31 00:58:16 +8s Mintchip's Channel <Watarigarasu Kawamura> Hey :)
[i]2014.03.31 00:58:26 +10s Mintchip's Channel <Watarigarasu Kawamura> Do you guys want to laugh? :D
[i]2014.03.31 00:58:36 +10s Mintchip's Channel <Watarigarasu Kawamura> So, i got tackled as my fleet warped off from a gate...
[i]2014.03.31 00:58:43 +7s Mintchip's Channel <Watarigarasu Kawamura> [00:38:04] D0INK > we won in numbers, shiep tier, and fun[00:37:46] sfxZeta > but we won the isk efficiency too
[i]2014.03.31 00:58:50 +7s Mintchip's Channel <Watarigarasu Kawamura> Kill: Watarigarasu Kawamura (Drake) They kiulled a troll drake XD
[i]2014.03.31 01:09:09 +619s Mintchip's Channel <Tandrael> ???
[i]2014.03.31 01:09:25 +16s Mintchip's Channel <Tandrael> why was i invited to chat?
[i]2014.03.31 01:10:28 +63s Mintchip's Channel <Juicescro> because people like you
[i]2014.03.31 01:23:49 +801s Mintchip's Channel <Thor'a Blaze> ?
[i]2014.03.31 04:04:57 +9668s Mintchip's Channel <Berluth Luthian> Who wouldve known the secret to getting into the mintchip channel would be afking for 8 hours!
[i]2014.03.31 04:08:34 +217s Mintchip's Channel <Berluth Luthian> i'm guessing this is a fanclub channel?
[i]2014.04.02 09:29:33 +192059s Mintchip's Channel <Erin Serenity> yo
[i]2014.04.05 07:18:07 +251314s Mintchip's Channel <Jungun> woot frontier deposit
[i]2014.04.05 21:18:54 +50447s Mintchip's Channel <skitz blitz> bla
[i]2014.04.05 21:20:09 +75s Mintchip's Channel <Watarigarasu Kawamura> :o
[i]2014.04.06 07:06:20 +35171s Mintchip's Channel <skitz blitz> yawn
[i]2014.04.06 07:18:35 +735s Mintchip's Channel <skitz blitz> ba
[i]2014.04.06 08:01:39 +2584s Mintchip's Channel <skitz blitz> slowwwwwwww
[i]2014.04.06 09:01:47 +3608s Mintchip's Channel <skitz blitz> i was promised atleast some form of comunication in this channel lol
[i]2014.04.08 07:50:50 +168543s Mintchip's Channel <skitz blitz> bah
[i]2014.04.08 07:51:13 +23s Mintchip's Channel <skitz blitz> so where are the promised random american women to talk to lol
[i]2014.04.12 16:34:10 +376977s Mintchip's Channel <skitz blitz> yawn
[i]2014.04.12 16:34:28 +18s Mintchip's Channel <Watarigarasu Kawamura> :o
[i]2014.04.12 16:36:29 +121s Mintchip's Channel <skitz blitz> its some pretty deep conversations in here ;P
[i]2014.04.12 16:44:45 +496s Mintchip's Channel <Watarigarasu Kawamura> indeed!
[i]2014.04.13 18:10:33 +91548s Mintchip's Channel <lukcas simms> 0 //
[i]2014.04.15 22:51:44 +189671s Mintchip's Channel <Xachenc Ormand> hello?
[i]2014.04.16 01:47:31 +10547s Mintchip's Channel <Xachenc Ormand> hello?
[i]2014.04.16 22:28:59 +74488s Mintchip's Channel <Ayatollah of Rocknrollah> o7
[i]2014.04.17 17:50:02 +69663s Mintchip's Channel <Xachenc Ormand> hello?
[i]2014.04.18 03:34:29 +35067s Mintchip's Channel <skitz blitz> and no conversation
[i]2014.04.18 03:34:46 +17s Mintchip's Channel <Jungun> never is
[i]2014.04.18 03:35:20 +34s Mintchip's Channel <skitz blitz> that should be rule 4
[i]2014.04.18 03:36:04 +44s Mintchip's Channel <Jungun> there should always be convo
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