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[i]2012.11.23 10:20:21 Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> what the? if your character is old enough, and never left the starter corp, your corp history is blank?
[i]2012.11.23 10:28:19 +478s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> Debt Collector
[i]2012.11.23 10:28:40 +21s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> tell me he has -any- corp history
[i]2012.11.23 10:34:50 +370s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> 9 1/2 years no less, and probably an alt or something
[i]2012.11.23 10:35:56 +66s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> "I am proof that you can have fun soloing" "Search resultsNo results. "
[i]2012.11.23 10:36:04 +8s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> 0 kills ever on eve-kill.net
[i]2012.11.23 10:38:40 +156s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> I don't lol. I checked out the game a couple more years before I started, decided I didnt want to play
[i]2012.11.23 10:39:08 +28s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> it wasn't that terribly long ago that they were mails you recieved, what, 4 1/2, 5 years?
[i]2012.11.23 10:39:22 +14s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> if that long..
[i]2012.11.23 10:39:52 +30s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> yea, 4 I guess. I remember getting them, and I'm late 07'
[i]2012.11.23 10:45:51 +359s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> the new celestis (tech 1) is a better ewar cruiser than the new falcon =/
[i]2012.11.23 10:46:39 +48s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> Caldari used to have some pretty sweet missile boats and (mostly) shit railgun boats. Now we have blaster/rail boats that are okay, and shit missile boats.
[i]2012.11.23 10:47:22 +43s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> The curox or whatever isn't bad, for a long range sniper dessie
[i]2012.11.23 10:47:45 +23s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> The caldari one is decent for long range
[i]2012.11.23 10:48:03 +18s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> I was doing 170dps at 85km, missile travel time was 7.5seconds
[i]2012.11.23 10:48:15 +12s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> 85km
[i]2012.11.23 10:48:42 +27s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> link?
[i]2012.11.23 10:49:29 +47s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> the nighthawk is already shit. They're crapping on it even harder
[i]2012.11.23 10:49:36 +7s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> piranha, was there a new dev blog?
[i]2012.11.23 10:50:06 +30s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> I meant what you are saying about missiles not getting any damage nerf
[i]2012.11.23 10:51:31 +85s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> for starters, it uses light missiles, not heavies
[i]2012.11.23 19:43:13 +31902s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> keep them safe with minty?
[i]2012.11.23 21:51:58 +7725s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> good lord theres like 50 people with GCC in Niarja right now lol
[i]2012.11.23 21:57:54 +356s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> Wont concord just show up and rape everyone?
[i]2012.11.23 22:01:45 +231s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> probably a couple freighter ganks or something
[i]2012.11.23 22:03:40 +115s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> .com
[i]2012.11.23 22:03:48 +8s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> http://eve-kill.net/
[i]2012.11.23 22:07:12 +204s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> yes, roles for the pos are tied to the corp
[i]2012.11.23 22:10:13 +181s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> Why? POS = Player Owned Structure, IE, owned by players
[i]2012.11.23 22:10:13 +0s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> not 'personal' owned structure.
[i]2012.11.23 22:14:27 +254s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> You will be when you get drunk, so do, forget, and change corps!
[i]2012.11.23 22:16:20 +113s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> Bear Grylls does that as part of ahealthy balanced diet.
[i]2012.11.24 00:02:01 +6341s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> Loed Kane I totally just noticed your name is an anagram of Ankle Dick
[i]2012.11.24 00:02:31 +30s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> I'm laughing way too hard.
[i]2012.11.24 04:22:07 +15576s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> sweet, which corp?
[i]2012.11.24 04:23:04 +57s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> Right on. Lemme grab my white cape and pointy hat and I'll be right over
[i]2012.11.24 04:41:16 +1092s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> once 72 hours is up. It will stay if you leave
[i]2012.11.24 04:41:47 +31s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> 3 days, yes.
[i]2012.11.24 04:42:01 +14s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> yes
[i]2012.11.24 08:33:08 +13867s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> bloody faction shadow serpentis spawn on a stargate as I'm passing through in three cov ops frigs >.>
[i]2012.11.26 21:46:37 +220409s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> Anyone tried to use eveeye.com today for blueprint profit O.o
[i]2012.11.28 06:01:49 +116112s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> Anyone here do invention?
[i]2012.12.03 22:24:37 +490968s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> Kiss me I'm Herpes.
[i]2012.12.04 07:15:14 +31837s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> my ship keeps getting stopped for carrying contraband at every gate...
[i]2012.12.04 07:17:11 +117s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> Improved Blue Pill Booster =P
[i]2012.12.04 07:17:34 +23s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> but why are they stopping me on every single gate? I've hauled drop boosters lots
[i]2012.12.04 07:17:37 +3s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> and enever been stopped once..
[i]2012.12.04 07:38:31 +1254s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> higher chance in higher security or something?
[i]2012.12.04 07:38:53 +22s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> I flew my drops out of jita to lowsec multiple times without getting caught once. flew a blue pill to tama, got caught ~5 times
[i]2012.12.05 09:00:26 +91293s Mintchip's Channel <Arronicus> faggot buttsex

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