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[i]2012.04.20 14:05:48 Recruitment * Romm Ambramotte uses his paper weight to move across the floor
[i]2012.04.20 14:08:19 +151s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> i was an indy once...
[i]2012.04.20 14:08:57 +38s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> yep
[i]2012.04.20 14:09:09 +12s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> and it hurt
[i]2012.04.20 14:09:51 +42s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> so now i'm rebuilding! looking for members!
[i]2012.04.20 14:11:13 +82s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> Amarr 900k to 1.2 mil
[i]2012.04.20 14:12:32 +79s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> 3rd person? is that like have 3 people in my corp? me, myself, and I?
[i]2012.04.20 14:13:13 +41s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> if so, get in my corp and lets talk 4th person
[i]2012.04.20 14:15:31 +138s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> tired of recruitment chat? join SysCom Universal LLC and let me do the recruiting for you!
[i]2012.04.20 14:16:20 +49s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> are you a scammer, Abel?
[i]2012.04.20 14:17:19 +59s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> good try at the english, Hiyate
[i]2012.04.20 14:17:52 +33s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> that's why i dont promise anything, Tezza
[i]2012.04.20 14:18:06 +14s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> cant promise it till i got it!
[i]2012.04.20 14:18:23 +17s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> now get in my corp!
[i]2012.04.20 14:18:45 +22s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> unless yur a scammer
[i]2012.04.20 14:18:49 +4s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> then stay away
[i]2012.04.20 14:19:47 +58s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> yeah, Rei gets offended
[i]2012.04.20 14:20:09 +22s Recruitment * Romm Ambramotte pats the nice scammer and tells him he's sorry
[i]2012.04.20 14:22:21 +132s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> OR, Eve's smallest corp! be important!
[i]2012.04.20 14:25:42 +201s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> scammer, called it, had him blocked already
[i]2012.04.20 14:27:47 +125s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> i wish i was Dutch! i'd have a new member!
[i]2012.04.20 14:28:39 +52s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> lol
[i]2012.04.20 14:29:23 +44s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> SysCom Universal LLC , no promises. Highsec indy corp!
[i]2012.04.20 14:30:10 +47s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> word
[i]2012.04.20 14:31:02 +52s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> lol
[i]2012.04.20 14:31:29 +27s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> is that a curse word?
[i]2012.04.20 14:32:25 +56s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> i cant tell on this game
[i]2012.04.20 14:32:47 +22s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> someone join my corp before i log, darn it!
[i]2012.04.20 14:33:48 +61s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> that had to be directed at someone else
[i]2012.04.20 14:37:24 +216s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> SysCom Universal LLC is recruiting. very small. be part of the managmeent!
[i]2012.04.20 14:39:44 +140s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> as long as you pay in plex
[i]2012.04.20 14:40:15 +31s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> doh! first you were semi-experienced
[i]2012.04.20 14:41:08 +53s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> Rei, buy him a hulk THEN blow him up
[i]2012.04.20 14:43:41 +153s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> SysCom Universal LLC is recruiting. highsec mining, industry, fun and stuff
[i]2012.04.20 14:50:18 +397s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> SysCom Universal LLC highsec mining. good CEO. Just need peeps!
[i]2012.04.20 14:50:46 +28s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> the yellow ones
[i]2012.04.20 14:50:52 +6s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> not the chocolate ones
[i]2012.04.20 14:52:04 +72s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> he has you blocked, Rei, it happens
[i]2012.04.20 14:52:32 +28s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> lol
[i]2012.04.20 14:54:15 +103s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> but....the metal...
[i]2012.04.20 14:55:16 +61s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> the metal, it looks, um, violent
[i]2012.04.20 14:55:48 +32s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> portrait of the day
[i]2012.04.20 14:56:35 +47s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> what a nice guy!
[i]2012.04.20 15:20:42 +1447s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> SysCom Universal LLC is recruiting non-scammers
[i]2012.04.20 15:22:07 +85s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> doh! did i use that word again, sorry Rai
[i]2012.04.20 15:27:54 +347s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> scams will make you millions... they took all of mine!
[i]2012.04.20 15:29:06 +72s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> oh yeah? all of my members are on daily
[i]2012.04.20 22:42:55 +26029s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> yep
[i]2012.04.20 22:44:36 +101s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> ..
[i]2012.04.20 22:45:20 +44s Recruitment <Romm Ambramotte> shhh

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