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[i]2013.09.10 17:30:11 Help <5EAN> then they swung the nerf bat so hard caldari was obliterated
[i]2013.09.10 17:30:12 +1s Help <5EAN> ed
[i]2013.09.10 17:30:42 +30s Help <5EAN> it is why JITA is JITA :P
[i]2013.09.10 17:31:06 +24s Help <5EAN> lawl
[i]2013.09.10 17:31:45 +39s Help <5EAN> haha xD
[i]2013.09.10 17:32:11 +26s Help <5EAN> lmao
[i]2013.09.10 17:32:37 +26s Help <5EAN> itsss thhhaaaap
[i]2013.09.10 17:33:09 +32s Help <5EAN> Hanzo Synergy you right click the dmg mod in space and click repair with the paste in your cargo hold
[i]2013.09.10 17:33:53 +44s Help <5EAN> ohhhhh... buttthh buttthh i like your oily field mmmmmh ohhhh yeeeaaa
[i]2013.09.10 17:34:43 +50s Help <5EAN> maybe your oil field can meet my oil field sometime... and make baby oil fields ohhHHH yeaahhhhhh. . . .
[i]2013.09.10 17:35:08 +25s Help <5EAN> i know... i know... that was terrable
[i]2013.09.10 17:35:42 +34s Help <5EAN> i need a bloody alliance and i am bord shitless...
[i]2013.09.10 17:37:17 +95s Help <5EAN> Fiona Korvin YES!! i tried linus the other day for the first time... i was on it for 30 minutes.. and then i said FUCK THIS!
[i]2013.09.10 17:37:19 +2s Help <5EAN> lol
[i]2013.09.10 17:37:34 +15s Help <5EAN> offs i cannot spell for shiiet or type i mean
[i]2013.09.10 17:39:07 +93s Help <5EAN> an Island: a high sec to lowsec to hi sec
[i]2013.09.10 17:40:08 +61s Help <5EAN> free food ;D
[i]2013.09.10 17:40:44 +36s Help <5EAN> i would personally go with a mega
[i]2013.09.10 17:40:52 +8s Help <5EAN> and work towards the EPIC VINdicator
[i]2013.09.10 17:41:14 +22s Help <5EAN> or the mega navy issue for incurs
[i]2013.09.10 17:42:41 +87s Help <5EAN> yeah its decent
[i]2013.09.10 17:44:21 +100s Help <5EAN> go with hammer heads?
[i]2013.09.10 17:44:37 +16s Help <5EAN> @ Cathiee GoodGirl
[i]2013.09.10 17:45:22 +45s Help <5EAN> well
[i]2013.09.10 17:46:16 +54s Help <5EAN> get your Drone Navigation up and Drone Durability and launch your drones when you got mostly everything targeting you :)
[i]2013.09.10 17:46:43 +27s Help <5EAN> Jaled Houssa its all in your head
[i]2013.09.10 17:46:50 +7s Help <5EAN> Fiona Korvin ofc
[i]2013.09.10 17:47:32 +42s Help <5EAN> LiBraga are you certain that you have redeemed the PLEX?
[i]2013.09.10 17:48:41 +69s Help <5EAN> Fiona Korvin go to address bar copy it (right click or cntrl key + c) and paste it here (ctrl + v) or right click paste
[i]2013.09.10 17:49:58 +77s Help <5EAN> Jaled Houssa what skills do you think are gone (they have renewed the skill trees with the new patch mate)
[i]2013.09.10 17:50:26 +28s Help <5EAN> 17hr is nothing :) get used it :P
[i]2013.09.10 17:50:52 +26s Help <5EAN> its takes 20+ years to train all 450mil SP just an fyi if you did not know that hehe
[i]2013.09.10 17:51:17 +25s Help <5EAN> are you sure you trained it on THIS character and not another?
[i]2013.09.10 17:51:41 +24s Help <5EAN> well that is against the EULA i would not recommend it :P
[i]2013.09.10 17:53:36 +115s Help <5EAN> well.. i am sure they do... nothing is unhackable these days.. i heard of a chinese toilet getting hacked just the other day
[i]2013.09.10 17:53:41 +5s Help <5EAN> true story bro
[i]2013.09.10 17:54:56 +75s Help <5EAN> well.. Asian people clean their butts with water instead of paper
[i]2013.09.10 17:55:34 +38s Help <5EAN> can you imagine sitting there on your electric warm toilet bowl seat.. reading the newspaper.. and then.. ALL OF A SUDDEN.. getting squirted the fuck out of it!?
[i]2013.09.10 17:55:37 +3s Help <5EAN> baaahahahaahaha
[i]2013.09.10 17:56:44 +67s Help <5EAN> afai remember.. Kable Coolman you make the fleet a hierarchy or something/// and then you can drag and drop the name after you configure it... i am not 100% certain tbh i forget its been that long since i actually undocked lawl
[i]2013.09.10 17:57:33 +49s Help <5EAN> Gorilla Red i would agree... but the guy did ask about hacking which is reletive none the less :P
[i]2013.09.10 17:57:51 +18s Help <5EAN> you should laugh at that though.. come on .. it was unny
[i]2013.09.10 17:57:55 +4s Help <5EAN> ><
[i]2013.09.10 17:58:39 +44s Help <5EAN> Tycoun yes and yes.. they are your TRAVEl fit
[i]2013.09.10 17:59:07 +28s Help <5EAN> inertia for warp time nanofibers for allign time (makes ur ship smaller)
[i]2013.09.10 17:59:59 +52s Help <5EAN> Korsun MinMatar no.. it does not have an expiration date... they will reamin there for ever
[i]2013.11.17 00:21:34 +5811695s Warp To Me Incursions <5EAN> Vindi LFSF HQ
[i]2013.11.20 21:23:33 +334919s Amarr <5EAN> peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssss
[i]2013.11.20 21:23:51 +18s Amarr <5EAN> penis?
[i]2013.11.20 21:24:06 +15s Amarr <5EAN> penis

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