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[i]2013.02.26 19:57:56 Help <Acac Sunflyier> thanks
[i]2013.02.26 19:58:11 +15s Help <Acac Sunflyier> nope it's still dping it
[i]2013.02.26 19:58:34 +23s Help <Acac Sunflyier> ah
[i]2013.02.26 19:58:37 +3s Help <Acac Sunflyier> got it
[i]2013.02.26 19:58:42 +5s Help <Acac Sunflyier> thank yyou so much
[i]2013.03.03 06:21:30 +382968s Help <Acac Sunflyier> anybody have an all t2 passive tanked drake fit?
[i]2013.03.03 06:21:39 +9s Help <Acac Sunflyier> for missions
[i]2013.03.03 06:27:19 +340s Help <Acac Sunflyier> what do i put in the extra high slot?
[i]2013.03.03 06:28:13 +54s Help <Acac Sunflyier> no drones on a drake
[i]2013.03.03 06:29:56 +103s Help <Acac Sunflyier> omg it does!i never noticed
[i]2013.04.05 08:20:19 +2857823s Jita <Acac Sunflyier> kyp you'll be next
[i]2013.04.05 08:48:53 +1714s Jita <Acac Sunflyier> good fight
[i]2013.04.14 11:37:57 +787744s Jita <Acac Sunflyier> i like that those creen shots are days old
[i]2013.04.15 18:16:17 +110300s Help <Acac Sunflyier> If I have 50 research points with an agent andstop researching to upgrade the agent leel, do my points transferr?
[i]2013.04.15 18:16:28 +11s Help <Acac Sunflyier> nope
[i]2013.04.15 18:16:31 +3s Help <Acac Sunflyier> figured it out
[i]2013.04.15 18:16:33 +2s Help <Acac Sunflyier> thanks anyway
[i]2013.04.16 02:21:41 +29108s Help <Acac Sunflyier> I have a questionn about standing, If I have an alt join my fleet for missions and just leave it in the mission station, does it get standings for the agent, corp, and empire if i share the reward?
[i]2013.04.16 02:22:10 +29s Help <Acac Sunflyier> okay cool
[i]2013.04.20 18:04:59 +402169s Help <Acac Sunflyier> Does invention have to be done inside a pos? or can it be done in a station?
[i]2013.04.20 18:07:10 +131s Help <Acac Sunflyier> yes but can it be done in a highsec station? or do i need to do it inside a pos?
[i]2013.04.20 18:09:16 +126s Help <Acac Sunflyier> Are invention slows usually pretty backed up like ML research?
[i]2013.04.20 18:09:29 +13s Help <Acac Sunflyier> Okay perfect
[i]2013.04.20 18:09:42 +13s Help <Acac Sunflyier> thank you dawne
[i]2013.04.21 18:16:31 +86809s Jita <Acac Sunflyier> so this is what tidi is like
[i]2013.04.21 18:37:26 +1255s Jita <Acac Sunflyier> Lelu Dalas Multipass
[i]2013.04.22 05:47:03 +40177s Jita <Acac Sunflyier> burn jita over?
[i]2013.04.22 07:26:42 +5979s Jita <Acac Sunflyier> so then, burn jita is over?
[i]2013.04.26 16:57:01 +379819s Jita <Acac Sunflyier> eve keynote is about to happen, get on twitch yv
[i]2013.04.26 17:05:48 +527s Jita <Acac Sunflyier> FANFEST KEYNOTE IS STARTING NOW
[i]2013.04.27 10:50:48 +63900s Help <Acac Sunflyier> What blueprint uses graviton physics?
[i]2013.04.27 10:51:54 +66s Help <Acac Sunflyier> i know but what blueprints can i invent with it?
[i]2013.04.27 10:52:06 +12s Help <Acac Sunflyier> i'll look on evemon
[i]2013.04.27 10:52:08 +2s Help <Acac Sunflyier> ty
[i]2013.04.29 02:27:13 +142505s Jita <Acac Sunflyier> Safar Iyou you did not get any isk from me nor did i give you any
[i]2013.04.29 02:27:26 +13s Jita <Acac Sunflyier> or recieve any
[i]2013.05.01 17:47:16 +227990s Jita <Acac Sunflyier> Looking to sell a bridge for 10 billion. Get your very own and private method to traverse riverse and lakes. LTS 1 bridge 10b
[i]2013.05.01 23:03:10 +18954s Jita <Acac Sunflyier> holy god, i thinkm i did it
[i]2013.05.01 23:03:29 +19s Jita <Acac Sunflyier> i think i've muted all the scammers
[i]2013.05.01 23:03:35 +6s Jita <Acac Sunflyier> nope spoke too soon
[i]2013.05.26 10:10:33 +2113618s Jita <Acac Sunflyier> con?
[i]2013.05.26 10:10:33 +0s Jita <Acac Sunflyier> ha
[i]2013.05.26 10:10:44 +11s Jita <Acac Sunflyier> you are askin in the right channel for that
[i]2013.06.14 15:57:10 +1662386s Help <Acac Sunflyier> I recently got my remap but if I don't use it for another year do I get a second one on the two year anniversary of the remap? Like I got one on May 5th, and I don't use mine until after next year's may 5th. Do I get two?
[i]2013.06.14 15:57:18 +8s Help <Acac Sunflyier> Or is it based on when you use them
[i]2013.06.14 15:57:22 +4s Help <Acac Sunflyier> and I won't get a second one
[i]2013.06.14 15:57:58 +36s Help <Acac Sunflyier> so if i don't use this remap for 3 years, i won't get 3 new remaps?
[i]2013.06.14 15:58:06 +8s Help <Acac Sunflyier> i'ma just havve one avaialbe for 3 years
[i]2013.06.14 15:58:13 +7s Help <Acac Sunflyier> wow lame
[i]2013.06.14 15:59:01 +48s Help <Acac Sunflyier> bonus remapscome from?

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