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[i]2013.09.29 22:12:41 scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> Notice the word "commercial", so that means, if government sponsors one, even one run by a private company, then the rules are different
[i]2013.09.29 22:28:14 +933s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> in order to possibly win, you must enter into an agrement with a private organization picked by ccp. That's CCP picking winners and loosers in the eve lottery industry. That's cronyism - or eve facisim. enjoy
[i]2013.09.29 22:29:22 +68s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> exactly
[i]2013.10.02 02:26:47 +187045s Amarr <Adunh Slavy> Are you the police? No Ma'am, we're musicians
[i]2013.10.02 02:35:27 +520s Jita <Adunh Slavy> are you the police? No ma'am, we're musicians
[i]2013.11.15 23:43:58 +3877711s Amarr <Adunh Slavy> lawyers suck
[i]2013.11.19 21:47:20 +338602s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> I think there is a 5% NPC tax even on player owned
[i]2013.11.19 21:47:51 +31s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> and then player tax is added
[i]2013.11.19 21:48:56 +65s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> also they want to keep low sec "better"
[i]2013.11.19 21:52:44 +228s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> more demand (mobile structures) and constrained supply ... not too hard to figure out
[i]2013.11.19 21:53:36 +52s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> yep, that too
[i]2013.11.19 21:54:45 +69s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> jita-ammar trip is quicker now
[i]2013.11.19 21:55:23 +38s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> i pay someone else for that stuff most of the time
[i]2013.11.19 21:57:10 +107s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> zydrine in all the new mobiles, wonder if this price rise will continue for long
[i]2013.11.21 00:32:20 +95710s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> nutella should be on the market, an oversight, just like the absence of beer
[i]2013.11.21 00:33:28 +68s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> is her name nutella?
[i]2013.11.21 00:33:42 +14s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> heh
[i]2013.11.21 00:34:32 +50s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> looks like a bubble to me
[i]2013.11.21 00:35:35 +63s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> hopefully there is always a greater fool
[i]2013.11.21 00:38:35 +180s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> bunch of them now, bit, alt, lite, butterfly, a few others
[i]2013.11.21 00:39:03 +28s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> a new kind of monetary inflation IMO
[i]2013.11.21 00:40:05 +62s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> it'll be evewn more apparent when someone comes along and designs some kind of wallet aggregator, so that users don't care which system they are using
[i]2013.11.21 00:40:54 +49s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> lol
[i]2013.11.21 00:41:26 +32s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> should start a "I'll double your bit coins" thread
[i]2013.11.21 00:42:56 +90s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> I don't have any sorry.
[i]2013.11.21 00:43:16 +20s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> he paid 10K for one? or bought 10k worth a year ago?
[i]2013.11.21 00:43:25 +9s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> k
[i]2013.11.21 00:43:57 +32s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> if he sells now and buys again after the crash, then he's gold. iif he holds and goes under, then he gets to be an idiot
[i]2013.11.21 00:45:49 +112s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> he'll double it
[i]2013.11.21 00:47:28 +99s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> gee i wonder why :)
[i]2013.11.21 00:47:37 +9s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> buy low, sell high
[i]2013.11.21 00:48:53 +76s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> farm land, gold, silver, sugar, oil
[i]2013.11.21 00:50:27 +94s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> thing about it too is, it generates icome with very little depreciation, as opposed to a house or office building.
[i]2013.11.21 01:02:19 +712s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> Wild fluctuations in value make for a bad money. Sticky prices fail - this hurts people's ability to properl;y value their products, labor time and effort, and it calls into question any adherence to the regression theorm, which has always been a weak s
[i]2013.11.21 01:02:36 +17s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> *weak spot for bitcoins
[i]2013.11.21 01:07:05 +269s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> must be a brokerage in austria
[i]2013.11.21 01:08:09 +64s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> what does the law say about the timeing? Like under six months is speculation, more than six months ios not?
[i]2013.11.21 01:08:35 +26s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> ok, so look for year long trends
[i]2013.11.21 01:09:56 +81s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> government wants its cut
[i]2013.11.21 01:18:46 +530s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> nn
[i]2013.11.22 05:14:04 +100518s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> 500 mil isk. send it to me. I am a goon expiditer
[i]2013.11.22 05:14:44 +40s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> sure, just contract it to me for a -500 million ISK and I'll take care of it
[i]2013.11.22 05:15:35 +51s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> I also have some nice bridges, florida swamp land and some tulips if you're interested.
[i]2013.11.22 05:20:04 +269s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> not used to the fast warping, usualy have time to check the tv
[i]2013.11.22 05:25:53 +349s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> lol, enough mobiles parked around jita?
[i]2013.11.22 05:26:10 +17s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> think they just show up like anoms, Jan
[i]2013.11.23 23:27:36 +151286s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> mobile depots kick ass
[i]2013.12.16 14:27:35 +1954799s Amarr <Adunh Slavy> Amarr VIII (Oris) - Emperor Family Academy
[i]2014.01.29 00:37:56 +3751821s Amarr <Adunh Slavy> people still trying that market fail crap?
[i]2014.02.04 22:09:29 +595893s Jita <Adunh Slavy> ah what the fck, patch ate all my settings

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