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[i]2012.04.15 17:29:50 EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> well look the part for the job interview then
[i]2012.04.15 17:30:04 +14s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> better spiritual than convict
[i]2012.04.15 17:30:57 +53s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> well with a bald head i look like a prisoner
[i]2012.04.15 17:31:06 +9s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> so i never go bald
[i]2012.04.15 17:31:31 +25s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> and if i do go bald when i get older im effed
[i]2012.04.15 17:31:39 +8s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> cause i cant grow a cool mustache for shit
[i]2012.04.15 17:31:54 +15s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> my stache always looks like pedostach
[i]2012.04.15 17:32:54 +60s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> uh most interviewers know better than that
[i]2012.04.15 17:33:02 +8s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> unless your interviewing at taco bell
[i]2012.04.15 17:34:05 +63s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> yeah i woulda left too
[i]2012.04.15 17:34:35 +30s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> cant stand an employer that will lie directly to your face
[i]2012.04.15 17:35:14 +39s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> its like, if your gonna reduce my hours, be a man about it and say it
[i]2012.04.15 17:35:51 +37s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> rofl
[i]2012.04.15 17:39:25 +214s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> im pretty sure alternatives to 911 have existed for a while
[i]2012.04.15 17:39:26 +1s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> but they always require paid memberships
[i]2012.04.15 17:39:26 +0s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> or some sort of membership
[i]2012.04.15 17:39:29 +3s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> i know theres a church setup where i live for a whole buncha churches in the area
[i]2012.04.15 17:39:36 +7s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> blackberries still exist?
[i]2012.04.15 17:39:59 +23s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> i thought those died out with palm pilots and dial up internet in 1990
[i]2012.04.15 17:40:28 +29s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> ahaha
[i]2012.04.15 17:41:48 +80s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> crack sprinkled over crunchberry cereal?!
[i]2012.04.15 17:41:51 +3s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> yes plz
[i]2012.04.15 17:42:50 +59s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> i find most puffed cereal to be bad
[i]2012.04.15 17:44:49 +119s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> all that shit i ate when i was kid was super overdosed on sugar
[i]2012.04.15 18:46:50 +3721s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> titans are instapwn mobiles and it needs nerfed
[i]2012.04.15 18:46:59 +9s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> ./discussion
[i]2012.04.15 18:48:32 +93s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> effort/time/price is not a balancing factor
[i]2012.04.15 18:48:45 +13s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> and balancing based on those three things is a bad idea
[i]2012.04.15 18:50:44 +119s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> ccp thought titans would be something even massive powerblocs would only have 3 or 4 of
[i]2012.04.15 18:50:55 +11s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> thats what happens when you balance on cost
[i]2012.04.15 18:51:53 +58s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> they need a new role, or a something that neuters a titan blob
[i]2012.04.15 18:52:40 +47s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> increasing cost of anything titan related wont mean shit
[i]2012.04.15 18:54:00 +80s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> mike, you act as if large coalitions wont just bring extra DD fuel to the fight
[i]2012.04.15 18:54:38 +38s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> not any more than the supposed 'massive costs' of titans did in the first place
[i]2012.04.15 18:55:00 +22s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> ATM, titans are scissors and there is no rock or paper
[i]2012.04.15 18:56:04 +64s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> supercarriers should be given a mod like the siege module that does crazy dmg to titans and other super carriers only
[i]2012.04.15 18:56:51 +47s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> makes the supercaps slug it out while supporting subcaps/caps engage each other and then engage the supers
[i]2012.04.15 18:57:45 +54s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> xaphod is right, ccp cant limit the number of titans
[i]2012.04.15 18:58:08 +23s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> so the only other solution is to limit how they fight
[i]2012.04.15 18:58:23 +15s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> instead of being the insta blap mobiles they are
[i]2012.04.15 18:59:52 +89s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> ccp fucked up when they introduced something that kills the smallest fighting ships without even a chance for survival
[i]2012.04.15 19:00:19 +27s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> because being insta killed without a hope for survival is dumb and not fun
[i]2012.04.15 19:01:12 +53s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> it is a good idea, but remote reps kinda negate it a bit
[i]2012.04.15 19:01:28 +16s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> i guess if the damage was significant enough to make the titan user hesitate
[i]2012.04.15 19:01:59 +31s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> amber theres an idea
[i]2012.04.15 19:02:15 +16s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> instead of doomsday, it just sends the pilot to a random wspace pocket?
[i]2012.04.15 19:02:49 +34s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> yeah maybe wspace is a bit much
[i]2012.04.15 19:03:24 +35s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> increasing price does nothing lex
[i]2012.04.15 19:03:31 +7s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> we've already been through this
[i]2012.04.15 19:04:55 +84s EVE-Radio <Aiden Andraste> btw, if anyone here wants to buy a char with perfect PI skills, eve mail me plox

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