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[i]2012.06.01 11:58:14 scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> I have a feeling it will be held back by the fact that it is on a ps3....
[i]2012.06.01 12:57:50 +3576s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> :D
[i]2012.06.05 16:32:55 +358505s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> do not worry, our insane asylum orderlies will take care of that
[i]2012.06.05 17:30:14 +3439s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> in rens trit price is still at 5.95.... nearly an isk difference
[i]2012.06.06 19:57:46 +95252s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> and everyone become like the humans in wall-e
[i]2012.06.06 19:59:05 +79s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> :D, yup people consider me skinny at close to 70 kg and a height of 178 cm
[i]2012.06.06 19:59:35 +30s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> BMI disagrees
[i]2012.06.06 20:01:06 +91s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> nah i am not muscly at all, rather weak actually, would guess that i am a bit below average although not entierly weak
[i]2012.06.06 20:02:56 +110s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> doesn't diet refer to what you eat, not you know trying to get thin?
[i]2012.06.06 20:03:54 +58s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> My diet is terrible as well, only a few years and i'll be fat if I continue like that, also it was something about everyone becoming fat
[i]2012.06.06 20:04:58 +64s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> I would say that we have bad metabolism, because we can't digest stuff properly enough, and thus eat more, for the same amount digested
[i]2012.06.06 20:05:31 +33s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> should ever a zombie acoplyase happen, the once with a very efficent (easily fatteing) metaoblism would probably survive ebtter
[i]2012.06.06 20:05:38 +7s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> I am a fidgety person
[i]2012.06.06 20:07:50 +132s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> I saw a video about a girl, who is basically starving all the time, because her body uses everything up, and she can't eat a lot at once... maybe something similar
[i]2012.06.07 21:22:20 +90870s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> pyschonauts is awesome
[i]2012.06.07 21:22:20 +0s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> get it
[i]2012.06.07 21:22:40 +20s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> bastion as well, worth the minimum payment thing
[i]2012.06.07 21:22:54 +14s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> the music is awesome, the narration, the voice i can still remeber it
[i]2012.06.07 21:23:21 +27s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> got it when it first came it, such an awesome game
[i]2012.06.07 22:22:01 +3520s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> yup, and the banned quite a few botters
[i]2012.06.07 22:22:14 +13s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> and the new inventory system is messing with some of the unbanned once
[i]2012.06.07 22:22:52 +38s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> the semi perma hulkageddon thanks to goons
[i]2012.06.07 22:23:26 +34s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> yes
[i]2012.06.07 22:23:28 +2s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> i know
[i]2012.06.07 22:23:36 +8s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> you and thom or something similar are goons
[i]2012.06.07 22:24:51 +75s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> those unsavory kind made me not join dreddit and the cfc
[i]2012.06.07 22:25:43 +52s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> The one i am in is still growing, could become something big, probably won't
[i]2012.06.07 22:26:06 +23s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> and really i do have a chance of moving into a nullsec holding corp, and not renting
[i]2012.06.07 22:26:29 +23s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> you aren't renting
[i]2012.06.07 22:27:30 +61s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> nah that is only a wish and not a priorty to get into null, we are bears bears through and through, just with slightly sharp claws
[i]2012.06.07 22:29:03 +93s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> meh i like to call ourselves bears, because somehow we can hold our own against a wardec corp, got a protheus kill even, and most of us are in bc's
[i]2012.06.07 22:29:55 +52s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> ROC Academy
[i]2012.06.07 22:30:06 +11s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> Kill: Airric (Proteus)
[i]2012.06.07 22:31:01 +55s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> that is the only odds we engage at, really our only chance against them
[i]2012.06.07 22:31:54 +53s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> doesn't the tut teach you about that?
[i]2012.06.07 22:32:03 +9s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> you lose your ship twice, on purpose
[i]2012.06.07 22:32:54 +51s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> when was the last time you guys did them?
[i]2012.06.07 22:33:31 +37s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> well it did taught me enough to make me sub after previous tries of getting in
[i]2012.06.07 22:37:04 +213s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> minimatar engineers are best engineers, they recycle like 100%
[i]2012.06.07 22:37:11 +7s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> true, my image at first: everyone superserious, business like etc. Image now: pvp-addicted idiots
[i]2012.06.07 22:40:45 +214s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> community made
[i]2012.06.07 22:40:45 +0s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> around 100 pages are ads for eveon
[i]2012.06.07 22:40:53 +8s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> I liked the skill recommendations in the isk guide, helps me alot for the support skills
[i]2012.06.07 22:42:03 +70s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> I read a lot... a ton probably something like 1000 pages because of that
[i]2012.06.07 22:46:56 +293s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> You could before the patch?
[i]2012.06.07 22:47:03 +7s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> the expansion?
[i]2012.06.07 22:49:48 +165s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> remove some of the items....
[i]2012.06.07 22:49:52 +4s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> respawn with items
[i]2012.06.07 22:50:21 +29s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> some are saying it is losing a lot of subs
[i]2012.06.07 22:50:59 +38s scc-lounge <Avald Aldard> yup people resub because there is nothing like that

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