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[i]2014.03.28 16:28:32 scc-lounge <Avensys> and I can say "I wasn't offended at all at being called gay these tears you saw were just role-play"
[i]2014.03.28 16:28:36 +4s scc-lounge <Avensys> and then what is CCP to do?
[i]2014.03.28 16:29:17 +41s scc-lounge <Avensys> you got banneed as lols?
[i]2014.03.28 16:29:18 +1s scc-lounge <Avensys> :D
[i]2014.03.28 16:31:27 +129s scc-lounge <Avensys> I think the public reaction was enough, nobody wants to look like that kind of victim in public
[i]2014.03.28 16:31:41 +14s scc-lounge <Avensys> better to pretend you were in on the joke all along to save some face
[i]2014.03.28 16:32:33 +52s scc-lounge <Avensys> oh noes, think about all the training time you might lose
[i]2014.03.28 16:32:36 +3s scc-lounge <Avensys> while in jail
[i]2014.03.28 16:33:31 +55s scc-lounge <Avensys> anyways, in recent years there has been such a cyberbullying hysteria that most jurisdictions should have laws against it by now
[i]2014.03.28 16:33:42 +11s scc-lounge <Avensys> and imho that's the right recourse in cases like the bonus room
[i]2014.03.28 16:33:56 +14s scc-lounge <Avensys> it's a case for the legal system, not for ccp
[i]2014.03.28 16:38:49 +293s scc-lounge <Avensys> these bonus rounds have been going on for a really long time
[i]2014.03.28 16:38:57 +8s scc-lounge <Avensys> this wasn't the first of these recordings
[i]2014.03.28 16:39:16 +19s scc-lounge <Avensys> he'd go to an extraordinary amount of trouble to get almost no publicity for years
[i]2014.03.28 16:39:23 +7s scc-lounge <Avensys> until the recent breathrough
[i]2014.03.28 16:41:22 +119s scc-lounge <Avensys> and Erotica is doing exactly what we want
[i]2014.03.28 16:41:33 +11s scc-lounge <Avensys> everybody profits
[i]2014.03.28 16:41:44 +11s scc-lounge <Avensys> Erotica gets attention, we get forum drama, everybody wins
[i]2014.03.28 16:43:20 +96s scc-lounge <Avensys> CCP should just split plex up
[i]2014.03.28 16:43:34 +14s scc-lounge <Avensys> one PLEX = 7 days of game time
[i]2014.03.28 16:43:53 +19s scc-lounge <Avensys> they did it before and it made prices look nicer
[i]2014.03.28 16:44:16 +23s scc-lounge <Avensys> nobody noticed as we went from 1 90 day GTC for 3200m to one 30 day GTC for 300m
[i]2014.03.28 16:47:29 +193s scc-lounge <Avensys> maybe people in china earn a little less dollars per month?
[i]2014.03.28 16:48:50 +81s scc-lounge <Avensys> ojnly people who can afford to buy a titan with cash should be allowed to play EVE
[i]2014.03.28 16:49:24 +34s scc-lounge <Avensys> submit your income statement at account registration
[i]2014.03.28 16:50:07 +43s scc-lounge <Avensys> some people try to spin it so but I doubt it
[i]2014.03.28 16:50:19 +12s scc-lounge <Avensys> the reason that plex is so cheap is how insanely easy it is to earn isk
[i]2014.03.28 16:50:39 +20s scc-lounge <Avensys> and isk also became easier to earn for RMTers
[i]2014.03.28 16:52:08 +89s scc-lounge <Avensys> I think you have to approach it from a "I'd like to spend $20 to save myself x hours of effort" point of view
[i]2014.03.28 16:52:26 +18s scc-lounge <Avensys> how many million isk is irrelevant, how long it would take to earn that isk is what matters
[i]2014.03.28 16:52:55 +29s scc-lounge <Avensys> 500m seems unfair now because it ah become very easy to earn > 100m/h
[i]2014.03.28 16:52:59 +4s scc-lounge <Avensys> for mainstream players
[i]2014.03.28 16:53:33 +34s scc-lounge <Avensys> so plex prices goes up to compensate for the increased earning potential
[i]2014.03.28 16:53:50 +17s scc-lounge <Avensys> to make "hours of effort saved" roughly stable
[i]2014.03.28 16:54:32 +42s scc-lounge <Avensys> it's the invisible hand that masturbates the market
[i]2014.03.29 20:15:55 +98483s scc-lounge <Avensys> thank ccp for delivering us from the evil
[i]2014.03.30 12:53:29 +59854s scc-lounge <Avensys> o/
[i]2014.03.30 12:55:28 +119s scc-lounge <Avensys> especially when they move around over night^^
[i]2014.03.30 13:11:23 +955s scc-lounge <Avensys> it's so strange... I can pull an all-nighter when a term paper is due and I don't even notice being tired
[i]2014.03.30 13:11:43 +20s scc-lounge <Avensys> but when I tried to stay awake for Diablo 3 midnight release
[i]2014.03.30 13:11:51 +8s scc-lounge <Avensys> I looked at the clokc at 11pm and was like fuck this
[i]2014.03.30 13:11:59 +8s scc-lounge <Avensys> I'm going to sleep
[i]2014.03.30 13:12:48 +49s scc-lounge <Avensys> fair point
[i]2014.03.30 13:20:06 +438s scc-lounge <Avensys> I enjoyed Diablo 3 before the expansion and I still like it
[i]2014.03.30 13:21:30 +84s scc-lounge <Avensys> I keep to the same sleep schedule now in the holidays as I did during the term
[i]2014.03.30 13:21:43 +13s scc-lounge <Avensys> yet during the term I was constantly tired and needed an alarm to wake me up
[i]2014.03.30 13:21:53 +10s scc-lounge <Avensys> now I don't even botehr setting an alarm
[i]2014.04.16 15:33:00 +1476667s scc-lounge <Avensys> never was and never will be
[i]2014.04.16 15:33:38 +38s scc-lounge <Avensys> no jita burning while our csaas are being set ablaze
[i]2014.04.16 15:34:54 +76s scc-lounge <Avensys> flush it away and get a new one

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