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[i]2014.01.02 12:18:10 EVE-Radio <Cpt JeanLucPicard> We can hope, but I also hope that EVE survives if SC turns out as good as they claim it will lol
[i]2014.01.02 12:19:01 +51s EVE-Radio <Cpt JeanLucPicard> Really? I've only seen videos and considored donating to their crowd sourcing...
[i]2014.01.02 12:19:04 +3s EVE-Radio <Cpt JeanLucPicard> 2015ish
[i]2014.01.02 12:20:03 +59s EVE-Radio <Cpt JeanLucPicard> Our only hope would be that miners/freighter pilots like slow, easy times and flying manually in SC may put them off since it's so much more work lol
[i]2014.01.02 12:20:34 +31s EVE-Radio <Cpt JeanLucPicard> yeh
[i]2014.01.02 12:21:14 +40s EVE-Radio <Cpt JeanLucPicard> I wonder what CCP have in store for 2014's 2 expansions... Rubicon promised to mix stuff up very drastically so I hope they appreciate the possible threat SC poses and buffer EVE with goodness and love in time for its release :p
[i]2014.01.02 12:21:50 +36s EVE-Radio <Cpt JeanLucPicard> Me too
[i]2014.01.02 12:23:47 +117s EVE-Radio <Cpt JeanLucPicard> Yeh I totally agree
[i]2014.01.02 12:24:34 +47s EVE-Radio <Cpt JeanLucPicard> And i've done my fair share of piracy/theft and griefing, but it doesn't feel as exciting and risky as it should because everybody does it, there's no "should I shouldn't I?" situation with any real deterrent
[i]2014.01.02 12:24:55 +21s EVE-Radio * Cpt JeanLucPicard nods
[i]2014.01.02 13:13:19 +2904s EVE-Radio <Cpt JeanLucPicard> Is the jukebox having an 80's day or something? geeez
[i]2014.01.02 13:13:37 +18s EVE-Radio <Cpt JeanLucPicard> Anyone know if you can still place requests on the jukebox? the link i had is long lost lol
[i]2014.01.02 13:18:25 +288s EVE-Radio <Cpt JeanLucPicard> Forever Slow lol
[i]2014.01.02 13:23:11 +286s EVE-Radio <Cpt JeanLucPicard> Oh jukebox you give music, a badname!
[i]2014.01.02 13:40:59 +1068s EVE-Radio <Cpt JeanLucPicard> http://sharetv.com/images/guide/589961.jpg
[i]2014.01.02 13:41:44 +45s EVE-Radio <Cpt JeanLucPicard> You know it! :D
[i]2014.01.02 16:11:50 +9006s EVE-Radio <Cpt JeanLucPicard> call in sick or quit
[i]2014.01.02 16:11:59 +9s EVE-Radio <Cpt JeanLucPicard> \o/ Nothing ER can't solve!
[i]2014.01.02 16:12:17 +18s EVE-Radio <Cpt JeanLucPicard> :x tyvm lol
[i]2014.01.02 16:38:01 +1544s Rens <Cpt JeanLucPicard> lol poor provi
[i]2014.01.02 16:45:58 +477s Rens <Cpt JeanLucPicard> lol?
[i]2014.01.02 16:46:08 +10s Rens <Cpt JeanLucPicard> That was random :D
[i]2014.01.02 16:48:56 +168s Rens <Cpt JeanLucPicard> FIARRR
[i]2014.01.02 16:50:05 +69s Rens <Cpt JeanLucPicard> Abaddon
[i]2014.01.02 16:51:09 +64s Rens <Cpt JeanLucPicard> We're under siege!
[i]2014.01.02 16:52:13 +64s Rens <Cpt JeanLucPicard> I ran out of fireworks :(
[i]2014.01.02 16:54:17 +124s Rens <Cpt JeanLucPicard> meeto I dedicate my very last firework to you, my friend.
[i]2014.01.02 16:56:31 +134s Rens <Cpt JeanLucPicard> meeto space hugs, my friend *gets naked*
[i]2014.01.03 16:00:01 +83010s EVE-Radio <Cpt JeanLucPicard> Right click the little white square box in the top left of the drone window
[i]2014.01.03 16:00:18 +17s EVE-Radio <Cpt JeanLucPicard> np
[i]2014.01.03 16:00:52 +34s EVE-Radio <Cpt JeanLucPicard> haha /o\
[i]2014.01.03 16:01:11 +19s EVE-Radio <Cpt JeanLucPicard> dat cost...
[i]2014.01.03 16:03:25 +134s EVE-Radio <Cpt JeanLucPicard> :O
[i]2014.01.03 16:03:27 +2s EVE-Radio <Cpt JeanLucPicard> Bounty placed on youFrom: CONCORDSent: 2014.01.03 16:03dorris figg placed 100,000,000 ISK in bounty on your head.
[i]2014.01.03 16:03:34 +7s EVE-Radio <Cpt JeanLucPicard> dat cost /o\ lol
[i]2014.01.03 16:03:42 +8s EVE-Radio <Cpt JeanLucPicard> ty though, appreciate it :D
[i]2014.01.03 16:04:22 +40s EVE-Radio <Cpt JeanLucPicard> It's all good lol
[i]2014.01.04 10:02:34 +64692s EVE-Radio <Cpt JeanLucPicard> I'm scared of swans.
[i]2014.01.04 10:03:28 +54s EVE-Radio <Cpt JeanLucPicard> Are they heck.. They charge at me lol
[i]2014.01.04 17:31:40 +26892s Rens <Cpt JeanLucPicard> Aliastra Catalyst is what he's trading for 40mil, called "Quafe Catalyst" lol
[i]2014.01.05 12:53:12 +69692s Recruitment <Cpt JeanLucPicard> Dust Gal/Min Orbital Strikes channel
[i]2014.01.05 12:53:15 +3s Recruitment <Cpt JeanLucPicard> Dust Gal/Min Orbital Strikes channel
[i]2014.01.05 12:53:34 +19s Blueprints <Cpt JeanLucPicard> Dust Gal/Min Orbital Strikes channel
[i]2014.01.05 12:53:38 +4s Ships <Cpt JeanLucPicard> Dust Gal/Min Orbital Strikes channel
[i]2014.01.05 12:55:06 +88s Help <Cpt JeanLucPicard> Dust Gal/Min Orbital Strikes channel
[i]2014.01.05 12:55:13 +7s E-UNI <Cpt JeanLucPicard> Dust Gal/Min Orbital Strikes channel
[i]2014.01.05 12:55:59 +46s EVE-Radio <Cpt JeanLucPicard> Dust Gal/Min Orbital Strikes channel
[i]2014.01.05 12:56:36 +37s Mining <Cpt JeanLucPicard> Dust Gal/Min Orbital Strikes channel
[i]2014.01.05 12:57:04 +28s Minerals and Manufacturing <Cpt JeanLucPicard> Dust Gal/Min Orbital Strikes channel
[i]2014.01.05 12:57:09 +5s Modules and Munitions <Cpt JeanLucPicard> Dust Gal/Min Orbital Strikes channel

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