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[i]2013.10.07 17:01:47 EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> 3 YOU SLOWLY SPREAD THE NET!
[i]2013.10.07 17:01:52 +5s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> 4 YOU CATCH THE MAN!
[i]2013.10.07 17:02:26 +34s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> FREEZE! Shoot to kill! Or DIE!
[i]2013.10.07 17:04:59 +153s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> :)
[i]2013.10.07 17:05:26 +27s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> I only would mention it nigh every show
[i]2013.10.07 17:06:18 +52s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> well poo
[i]2013.10.07 17:10:11 +233s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> I'll see you but you won't see me :-p
[i]2013.10.07 17:10:48 +37s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> Janitor, they are giving me a mop and bucket
[i]2013.10.07 17:11:05 +17s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> literally I am on bathroom detail
[i]2013.10.07 17:17:07 +362s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> this song is EPIC!
[i]2013.10.07 17:18:00 +53s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> most of my music is provided by Metropolis-Records.com
[i]2013.10.07 17:18:17 +17s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> and Hangedman, Saucy, Elektrosniper, Auger can play most of it for ya on the ER schedule
[i]2013.10.07 17:23:10 +293s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> lol
[i]2013.10.07 17:23:59 +49s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> Blades knows all, other than why it was said "Death to Blades"
[i]2013.10.07 17:25:02 +63s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> you named your kid "Brisket" and just took them out of the oven!?!?
[i]2013.10.07 17:36:36 +694s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> o/
[i]2013.10.07 17:42:35 +359s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> this is the Smiths! RESPECT!
[i]2013.10.07 17:50:27 +472s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> Sansha are squishy
[i]2013.10.07 17:50:40 +13s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> it's the blood raiders with the neuts you need to worry about ;)
[i]2013.10.07 17:52:54 +134s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> sanka
[i]2013.10.07 17:53:01 +7s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> fly safe!
[i]2013.10.07 17:55:29 +148s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> RAWR!!!
[i]2013.10.07 17:56:06 +37s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> o.O
[i]2013.10.07 18:00:04 +238s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> lol
[i]2013.10.07 18:07:35 +451s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> Carrier to 5 is fun
[i]2013.10.07 18:08:12 +37s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> if I recall Marauder to 5 was just as fun
[i]2013.10.07 18:08:43 +31s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> good luck with that
[i]2013.10.07 18:08:50 +7s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> aye
[i]2013.10.07 18:17:28 +518s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> all my music is good for eve ;)
[i]2013.10.07 18:17:37 +9s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> that's why when I started i was suprised it wasn't already on ER
[i]2013.10.07 18:19:00 +83s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> RAWR!
[i]2013.10.07 18:22:39 +219s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> o.O
[i]2013.10.07 18:23:10 +31s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> it's not an ego, as a DJ it is nice to of brought a type of music to the masses, that wasn't at that time provided, and it introduced a lot of new people to the genre
[i]2013.10.07 18:23:31 +21s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> and since this is my final show on ER, I am allowed to reflect
[i]2013.10.07 18:25:15 +104s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> not sure Rakeris, what type of music? does Erkenfresh provide your fix?
[i]2013.10.07 18:27:22 +127s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> omg Dave, good to see you before I depart ;)
[i]2013.10.07 18:27:43 +21s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> the series finale of DJ Moz ;-p (did that make you made Robb?)
[i]2013.10.07 18:29:41 +118s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> I just rehashed old information ;)
[i]2013.10.07 18:30:08 +27s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> o/
[i]2013.10.07 18:37:32 +444s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> you can train them, unless you pay more cash Ulthur, well you can't train them while your main trains anyway
[i]2013.10.07 18:38:25 +53s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> that's what i was saying "paying for it"
[i]2013.10.07 18:44:09 +344s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> umm Black Pearl I think only works for a Tempest hull
[i]2013.10.07 18:45:55 +106s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> it's not even black!
[i]2013.10.07 18:48:22 +147s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> 12 mins
[i]2013.10.07 18:49:25 +63s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> unfortunately I have things to do
[i]2013.10.07 18:55:14 +349s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> \o/
[i]2013.10.07 18:56:46 +92s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> do me a favor guys! Don't let EVE-Radio go! EVER!
[i]2013.10.07 18:56:56 +10s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> it's been an excellent experience!
[i]2013.10.07 18:57:09 +13s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> ALLONS-Y!!!!
[i]2013.10.07 18:59:25 +136s EVE-Radio <DJ Moz> RIP DJ Moz 2004 - 2013

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