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[i]2014.04.05 09:19:28 Rens <Daniel Wiese> Kill: Alex Pier (Republic Fleet Firetail)
[i]2014.04.05 09:19:49 +21s Rens <Daniel Wiese> anyone 1v1 battlecruiser frig or battleship for fun im bored
[i]2014.04.05 09:20:56 +67s Rens <Daniel Wiese> sigh
[i]2014.04.05 09:21:01 +5s Rens <Daniel Wiese> will pay 20m for a duel
[i]2014.04.05 09:21:02 +1s Rens <Daniel Wiese> bored
[i]2014.04.05 09:21:13 +11s Rens <Daniel Wiese> wether i win or lose
[i]2014.04.05 09:21:18 +5s Rens <Daniel Wiese> come on ppl
[i]2014.04.05 09:21:22 +4s Rens <Daniel Wiese> grow some
[i]2014.04.05 09:21:36 +14s Rens <Daniel Wiese> Rens VI - Moon 8 - Brutor Tribe Treasury
[i]2014.04.05 09:22:06 +30s Rens <Daniel Wiese> sigh
[i]2014.04.05 09:22:08 +2s Rens <Daniel Wiese> just to get ur 20m
[i]2014.04.05 09:22:09 +1s Rens <Daniel Wiese> no
[i]2014.04.05 09:22:11 +2s Rens <Daniel Wiese> ffs
[i]2014.04.05 09:22:15 +4s Rens <Daniel Wiese> i want a fun fight
[i]2014.04.05 09:22:24 +9s Rens <Daniel Wiese> tell u what
[i]2014.04.05 09:22:29 +5s Rens <Daniel Wiese> w.e u wanna fight me in
[i]2014.04.05 09:22:31 +2s Rens <Daniel Wiese> ill replace the ship
[i]2014.04.05 09:22:34 +3s Rens <Daniel Wiese> limited time only
[i]2014.04.05 09:22:37 +3s Rens <Daniel Wiese> no rigs or mods
[i]2014.04.05 09:22:39 +2s Rens <Daniel Wiese> just hull
[i]2014.04.05 09:22:44 +5s Rens <Daniel Wiese> come tango
[i]2014.04.05 09:23:14 +30s Rens <Daniel Wiese> yes
[i]2014.04.05 09:23:33 +19s Rens <Daniel Wiese> im gassed up
[i]2014.04.05 09:23:36 +3s Rens <Daniel Wiese> haha
[i]2014.04.05 09:23:43 +7s Rens <Daniel Wiese> ill keep words clean in local
[i]2014.04.05 09:23:49 +6s Rens <Daniel Wiese> wont replace that
[i]2014.04.05 09:23:51 +2s Rens <Daniel Wiese> sorry
[i]2014.04.05 09:24:11 +20s Rens <Daniel Wiese> come fight
[i]2014.04.05 09:24:16 +5s Rens <Daniel Wiese> ppl
[i]2014.04.05 09:25:35 +79s Rens <Daniel Wiese> np
[i]2014.04.05 09:46:45 +1270s Rens <Daniel Wiese> helllo
[i]2014.04.05 09:55:13 +508s Rens <Daniel Wiese> gf
[i]2014.04.10 08:56:27 +428474s Rens <Daniel Wiese> gf
[i]2014.04.10 08:57:21 +54s Rens <Daniel Wiese> ya stabs are fast
[i]2014.04.10 08:57:23 +2s Rens <Daniel Wiese> ;D
[i]2014.04.18 08:49:32 +690729s Rens <Daniel Wiese> jimmy or anyone 1v1? no logi?
[i]2014.04.18 08:50:16 +44s Rens <Daniel Wiese> no
[i]2014.04.18 08:50:21 +5s Rens <Daniel Wiese> i want jimmy in a true 1v1
[i]2014.04.18 08:50:45 +24s Rens <Daniel Wiese> or anyone
[i]2014.04.18 08:50:48 +3s Rens <Daniel Wiese> send me duel invite
[i]2014.04.18 08:52:29 +101s Rens <Daniel Wiese> jimmy scared
[i]2014.04.18 08:54:02 +93s Rens <Daniel Wiese> invite i cant invite u
[i]2014.04.18 09:05:29 +687s Rens <Daniel Wiese> yes that was just boring
[i]2014.04.18 09:08:45 +196s Rens <Daniel Wiese> where u at babe
[i]2014.04.18 09:16:48 +483s Rens <Daniel Wiese> wow gang fail rep fit
[i]2014.04.18 09:18:23 +95s Rens <Daniel Wiese> with your max plants and boosts bumps and logi on standy dont kid yourself
[i]2014.04.18 09:19:41 +78s Rens <Daniel Wiese> hes not with us
[i]2014.04.18 09:19:52 +11s Rens <Daniel Wiese> hes a dumbass follows us around
[i]2014.04.18 09:20:09 +17s Rens <Daniel Wiese> ya bad fit everytime
[i]2014.04.18 09:22:35 +146s Rens <Daniel Wiese> ya he got kicked out

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