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[i]2013.09.17 03:33:24 EVE-Radio <Destroyer140> Some even used to have frigs that were already ther on arrival
[i]2013.09.17 03:34:11 +47s EVE-Radio <Destroyer140> But nothing more than a couple of frigs usually, the toughest one in guri space had 3 ship group with 1 battle ship in each group and some frigs and cruiser
[i]2013.09.17 03:35:06 +55s EVE-Radio <Destroyer140> True on that
[i]2013.09.17 03:35:15 +9s EVE-Radio <Destroyer140> Even probing got EZ mode
[i]2013.09.17 03:35:37 +22s EVE-Radio <Destroyer140> I remember the days when you had to deploy and position every single probe one by one
[i]2013.09.17 03:36:43 +66s EVE-Radio <Destroyer140> Those were the golden days when competition were a rare sight, these days you might encounter situations like this http://i.imgur.com/eRQSeIh.jpg
[i]2013.09.17 03:37:33 +50s EVE-Radio <Destroyer140> This here was a 10 min of "staring at eachother and waiting for the other to finish off the last rat so you can activate the gate faster than the other guy" contest
[i]2013.09.17 03:39:06 +93s EVE-Radio <Destroyer140> Funny thing was that nothing but a 8th Tier Overseer's Personal Effects was all that droped in the 2nd pocket
[i]2013.09.17 03:40:11 +65s EVE-Radio <Destroyer140> Btw Atrides Menelaus if you still behind with skills you can also try running anoms
[i]2013.09.17 03:40:31 +20s EVE-Radio <Destroyer140> Sometime they spawn faction frigates and even more rarely they might actually escalate
[i]2013.09.17 03:41:40 +69s EVE-Radio <Destroyer140> As impossible as it sounds one day I had a "Dread Guristas Saboteur" spawning from a Guristas Hideaway (the one which have a telescope and ships spawn next to it) that droped a Dread Guristas Adaptive Invulnerability Field
[i]2013.09.17 03:42:02 +22s EVE-Radio <Destroyer140> I didn't had a better laugh because of eve eversince
[i]2013.09.17 03:42:39 +37s EVE-Radio <Destroyer140> Good thing is that you actually don't even have to scan anoms
[i]2013.09.17 03:42:52 +13s EVE-Radio <Destroyer140> They are always 100% visible in every system
[i]2013.09.17 03:43:45 +53s EVE-Radio <Destroyer140> But getting Low-Grade Crystal implants from faction guri rats are not that rare
[i]2013.09.17 03:44:38 +53s EVE-Radio <Destroyer140> I remember a day when I found 2 Low-grade Crystal Beta and a Low-grade Crystal Epsilon lonely from the anoms I did one day
[i]2013.09.17 03:45:32 +54s EVE-Radio <Destroyer140> I even made a Log-grade Slave clone for myself out of the things I found my self which have all the implant but the Omega one
[i]2013.09.17 03:45:41 +9s EVE-Radio <Destroyer140> Low*
[i]2013.09.17 03:47:32 +111s EVE-Radio <Destroyer140> In any case that's 5:46AM here so I think I'm leaving for today. Cya guys, fly safe and thanks for the show DJ Erroch o7
[i]2013.09.17 03:49:39 +127s Jita <Destroyer140> http://cdn.memegenerator.net/instances/250x250/37277444.jpg
[i]2013.09.25 19:57:12 +749253s Jita <Destroyer140> Send me that 150 and I send back nothing
[i]2013.10.04 22:55:40 +788308s EVE-Radio <Destroyer140> o/
[i]2013.10.04 23:27:57 +1937s EVE-Radio <Destroyer140> I requested it, it will get better :)
[i]2013.10.04 23:32:02 +245s EVE-Radio <Destroyer140> It was Lost Woods Dubstep Remix from Ephixa if you asked the song Grim
[i]2013.10.04 23:52:57 +1255s EVE-Radio <Destroyer140> o/
[i]2013.10.05 00:45:15 +3138s EVE-Radio <Destroyer140> Do you accept 'Copasetic' Particle Field Acceleration as the 25Million signup? Currently worth 26 at Jita
[i]2013.10.05 00:50:28 +313s EVE-Radio <Destroyer140> Omw, Tekaima right?
[i]2013.10.05 03:39:05 +10117s EVE-Radio <Destroyer140> Keep up the good songs and may the Veldspar be with you!
[i]2013.10.12 00:25:03 +593158s EVE-Radio <Destroyer140> But I hope you are still in fighting shape Elijah Ghost
[i]2013.10.12 02:23:59 +7136s EVE-Radio <Destroyer140> Gotta love half min stream lag
[i]2014.02.18 15:13:37 +11191778s Jita <Destroyer140> Because he wanna advertise that he's selling it 50M cheaper to quickly sell it...
[i]2014.02.24 17:08:57 +525320s Jita <Destroyer140> Ikr. It's like a minigame in Jita
[i]2014.02.24 17:09:03 +6s Jita <Destroyer140> "Block the scamer"
[i]2014.02.24 18:14:40 +3937s Jita <Destroyer140> gf
[i]2014.03.05 04:23:23 +727723s Jita <Destroyer140> Indeed, but it's not your lucky day it seems Tvashnar Crendraven
[i]2014.03.07 04:13:40 +172217s Jita <Destroyer140> https:///www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyiEaSzpdMk&hd=1
[i]2014.03.09 12:47:23 +203623s EVE-Radio <Destroyer140> Bucefalus Black is it illegal/not possible to make drugs in HS if you put up a drug lab or only from the point of view that you can get caught on gates?
[i]2014.03.09 12:48:00 +37s EVE-Radio <Destroyer140> I see, thanks
[i]2014.03.09 12:49:44 +104s EVE-Radio <Destroyer140> Piss off the alliance leader enough
[i]2014.03.09 12:51:19 +95s EVE-Radio <Destroyer140> I'd only want a Drug Lab
[i]2014.03.09 12:51:50 +31s EVE-Radio <Destroyer140> True but could buy that on market
[i]2014.03.09 12:53:05 +75s EVE-Radio <Destroyer140> Well, I'd produce them for "buy low in materials, sell high in end product" way, not for own use
[i]2014.03.09 12:55:51 +166s EVE-Radio <Destroyer140> The usual Standard Blue Pill Booster Blueprint is 50 run. If I making it from materials I bought for current market price I'm making 400K isk/run. Thats a total of 20mill profit for 20 hour
[i]2014.03.09 12:56:32 +41s EVE-Radio <Destroyer140> It sure not gonna buy you shiny ships but it's a little extra while you do further exploration/missions etc...
[i]2014.03.09 12:58:05 +93s EVE-Radio <Destroyer140> Large tower is about 500m to fuel for a month. You can cover that from 25 bpc mentioned above or by also making something more serious
[i]2014.03.12 21:01:14 +288189s Jita <Destroyer140> It's not nonsense. L2read patchlogs...
[i]2014.03.16 18:45:17 +337443s EVE-Radio <Destroyer140> Yo
[i]2014.03.16 21:29:20 +9843s EVE-Radio <Destroyer140> Rusty Rokh
[i]2014.03.18 06:24:30 +118510s Amarr <Destroyer140> If you have an 8 year old char, and you can't make more than a bill in a week with it then you deserve to expire
[i]2014.03.18 06:25:47 +77s Amarr <Destroyer140> Run missions, do exploration, go to Providence and run Anoms. The possibilities are endless

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