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[i]2012.05.27 23:41:57 EVE-Radio <Elemia Malfica> you can change that easily enough phoenix
[i]2012.12.12 12:07:27 +17151930s Amarr <Elemia Malfica> 600mil? how the hell you had it fit?
[i]2012.12.12 12:07:42 +15s Amarr <Elemia Malfica> rf point i guess, but what else
[i]2012.12.19 16:04:09 +618987s EVE-Radio <Elemia Malfica> hmm seems they broke something to do with agro today
[i]2012.12.19 16:04:37 +28s EVE-Radio <Elemia Malfica> npcs aren't agroing me in a lot of misisons
[i]2012.12.19 16:05:58 +81s EVE-Radio <Elemia Malfica> i run lvl 4s in 0.0. much more fun
[i]2012.12.19 16:06:24 +26s EVE-Radio <Elemia Malfica> oh it is. seeing a load of neuts come in your system gets the adrenaline going
[i]2012.12.19 16:06:51 +27s EVE-Radio <Elemia Malfica> plus they pay shit loads more than hisec
[i]2012.12.19 16:07:10 +19s EVE-Radio <Elemia Malfica> 14k lp
[i]2012.12.19 16:07:12 +2s EVE-Radio <Elemia Malfica> for 1 mission
[i]2012.12.19 16:08:05 +53s EVE-Radio <Elemia Malfica> if you're smart you'll never lose a mission ship
[i]2012.12.19 16:08:18 +13s EVE-Radio <Elemia Malfica> when you got company in local you jsut keep checking dscan for probes
[i]2012.12.19 16:13:42 +324s EVE-Radio <Elemia Malfica> this is just my carebearing alt. my main lives here in venal with me
[i]2012.12.20 12:42:32 +73730s EVE-Radio <Elemia Malfica> i got imicus on this acc and a heron on clith
[i]2012.12.20 12:43:00 +28s EVE-Radio <Elemia Malfica> nabs you just need to consult your Magic Crystal Ball
[i]2012.12.20 12:43:32 +32s EVE-Radio <Elemia Malfica> genolution prices are gonna tank now :/
[i]2012.12.20 12:46:11 +159s EVE-Radio <Elemia Malfica> don't push it nabs
[i]2012.12.20 12:56:01 +590s EVE-Radio <Elemia Malfica> lol npc agro is still broken ^^
[i]2012.12.20 13:07:01 +660s EVE-Radio <Elemia Malfica> well what was the type of wormhole you found?
[i]2012.12.20 13:07:12 +11s EVE-Radio <Elemia Malfica> if it was a k162, it means they found it from the other side
[i]2012.12.20 13:07:26 +14s EVE-Radio <Elemia Malfica> warp to the wormhole
[i]2012.12.20 13:07:36 +10s EVE-Radio <Elemia Malfica> then the other side wont be camped
[i]2012.12.20 13:07:47 +11s EVE-Radio <Elemia Malfica> or is less likely to be camped
[i]2012.12.20 13:08:20 +33s EVE-Radio <Elemia Malfica> no, they can camp the other side of the wormhole
[i]2013.07.02 12:34:40 +16759580s Jita <Elemia Malfica> hodor
[i]2013.07.04 21:20:22 +204342s Amarr <Elemia Malfica> hodor
[i]2013.07.06 09:31:38 +130276s Jita <Elemia Malfica> hodor
[i]2013.07.07 13:04:35 +99177s Amarr <Elemia Malfica> hodor
[i]2013.07.09 14:50:55 +179180s Amarr <Elemia Malfica> hodor
[i]2013.07.09 15:01:23 +628s Jita <Elemia Malfica> hodor
[i]2013.09.15 10:55:34 +5860451s Amarr <Elemia Malfica> Dexter kills Debra, then commits suicide

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