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[i]2014.04.16 18:39:18 E-UNI <Firebolt145> everyone feels resistant to it
[i]2014.04.16 18:39:50 +32s E-UNI <Firebolt145> Dade Almighty find a corp that can guide you into lowsec
[i]2014.04.16 18:39:52 +2s E-UNI <Firebolt145> and teach you pvp
[i]2014.04.16 18:39:55 +3s E-UNI <Firebolt145> it's the only way you'll do it
[i]2014.04.16 18:40:00 +5s E-UNI <Firebolt145> learning eve on your own is a nightmare
[i]2014.04.16 18:41:10 +70s E-UNI <Firebolt145> cap booster 25 or 50 or 100 i can't remember what fits into that
[i]2014.04.16 18:41:15 +5s E-UNI <Firebolt145> what ship are you using that on
[i]2014.04.16 18:41:25 +10s E-UNI <Firebolt145> meh
[i]2014.04.16 18:41:34 +9s E-UNI <Firebolt145> small cap boosters really only go on frigs
[i]2014.04.16 18:41:43 +9s E-UNI <Firebolt145> if you're in a moa you should start looking at medium capacitor boosters
[i]2014.04.16 18:41:53 +10s E-UNI <Firebolt145> link the rest of your fit?
[i]2014.04.17 16:23:44 +78111s E-UNI <Firebolt145> er
[i]2014.04.17 16:23:45 +1s E-UNI <Firebolt145> wat
[i]2014.04.17 16:23:46 +1s E-UNI <Firebolt145> who doesn't use rigs
[i]2014.04.17 16:24:10 +24s E-UNI <Firebolt145> 'some players arent using rigs any more'
[i]2014.04.17 16:24:11 +1s E-UNI <Firebolt145> wat
[i]2014.04.17 16:24:24 +13s E-UNI <Firebolt145> i understand throwaway tackle frigs
[i]2014.04.17 16:24:29 +5s E-UNI <Firebolt145> but aside from that
[i]2014.04.17 16:24:31 +2s E-UNI <Firebolt145> rig rig rig
[i]2014.04.17 16:24:32 +1s E-UNI <Firebolt145> always
[i]2014.04.17 16:24:41 +9s E-UNI <Firebolt145> and a lot of people sell to buy orders
[i]2014.04.17 16:24:56 +15s E-UNI <Firebolt145> people who manufacture with the purpose of making isk will never sell to buy orders
[i]2014.04.17 16:25:06 +10s E-UNI <Firebolt145> but people who just have the odd few they want to get rid of
[i]2014.04.17 16:25:13 +7s E-UNI <Firebolt145> or those that want to dump a lot of them
[i]2014.04.17 16:25:19 +6s E-UNI <Firebolt145> or those who are influencing the price
[i]2014.04.17 16:25:44 +25s E-UNI <Firebolt145> soaloam - they're pretty much wrong :/
[i]2014.04.17 16:25:52 +8s E-UNI <Firebolt145> not rigging is pretty much 'bad'
[i]2014.04.17 16:26:13 +21s E-UNI <Firebolt145> rofl i think you dc'd and missed most of our conversation about sell/buy orders
[i]2014.04.17 16:26:16 +3s E-UNI <Firebolt145> but oh well
[i]2014.04.17 16:26:44 +28s E-UNI <Firebolt145> and you should continue to rig everything
[i]2014.04.17 16:26:56 +12s E-UNI <Firebolt145> nah
[i]2014.04.17 16:26:57 +1s E-UNI <Firebolt145> there are people
[i]2014.04.17 16:27:03 +6s E-UNI <Firebolt145> who deliberately set low buy orders
[i]2014.04.17 16:27:12 +9s E-UNI <Firebolt145> so if someone comes along and decides to completely flood the market to drop the overall price
[i]2014.04.17 16:27:20 +8s E-UNI <Firebolt145> those orders get magically filled
[i]2014.04.17 16:27:26 +6s E-UNI <Firebolt145> you don't have to invest too much isk into it
[i]2014.04.17 16:27:29 +3s E-UNI <Firebolt145> and sometimes you get rewarded
[i]2014.04.17 16:28:21 +52s E-UNI <Firebolt145> oh right
[i]2014.04.17 16:28:32 +11s E-UNI <Firebolt145> then you just default to the number one rule of eve: 'eve players are stupid'
[i]2014.04.18 16:05:36 +85024s E-UNI <Firebolt145> does mining give me good isk/hr?
[i]2014.04.18 16:06:24 +48s E-UNI <Firebolt145> yo kelon :D
[i]2014.04.18 16:06:49 +25s E-UNI <Firebolt145> wp
[i]2014.04.18 16:06:58 +9s E-UNI <Firebolt145> also the mining question was troll bait, sorry D:
[i]2014.04.18 16:07:02 +4s E-UNI <Firebolt145> well played
[i]2014.04.18 16:07:27 +25s E-UNI <Firebolt145> can't talk in local yo
[i]2014.04.18 16:07:46 +19s E-UNI <Firebolt145> i'm looking to get a heretic soon
[i]2014.04.18 16:07:51 +5s E-UNI <Firebolt145> it's basiclaly an upgraded coercer
[i]2014.04.18 16:08:07 +16s E-UNI <Firebolt145> Heretic
[i]2014.04.18 18:09:08 +7261s E-UNI <Firebolt145> we're so proud of you
[i]2014.04.20 10:04:15 +143707s E-UNI <Firebolt145> or just do missions in a pvp ship and kill anything that goes for you!

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