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[i]2014.04.22 18:21:20 E-UNI <Firebolt145> really simple
[i]2014.04.22 18:21:22 +2s E-UNI <Firebolt145> if you know the triggers
[i]2014.04.22 18:49:30 +1688s E-UNI <Firebolt145> er
[i]2014.04.22 18:49:37 +7s E-UNI <Firebolt145> you jump 10-15 gates
[i]2014.04.22 18:49:47 +10s E-UNI <Firebolt145> unless you're in low/null and have a bridging titan
[i]2014.04.22 18:49:49 +2s E-UNI <Firebolt145> and a cyno
[i]2014.04.22 18:50:09 +20s E-UNI <Firebolt145> or you're in nullsec and have a jumpbridge netowrk
[i]2014.04.22 18:51:40 +91s E-UNI <Firebolt145> you could go in and spam collapsing exits until you get it to wher eyou wanna go
[i]2014.04.22 18:52:01 +21s E-UNI <Firebolt145> i think you take me a little too seriously
[i]2014.04.22 18:52:49 +48s E-UNI <Firebolt145> yeah we're all in euni
[i]2014.04.22 18:52:58 +9s E-UNI <Firebolt145> they just reject my application every time i apply
[i]2014.04.22 18:53:04 +6s E-UNI <Firebolt145> not sure why that would be
[i]2014.04.22 19:09:21 +977s E-UNI <Firebolt145> wai9t euni has campuses?!
[i]2014.04.22 19:09:37 +16s E-UNI <Firebolt145> wtf
[i]2014.04.22 19:09:38 +1s E-UNI <Firebolt145> okay
[i]2014.04.22 19:09:44 +6s E-UNI <Firebolt145> where's their pvp campus
[i]2014.04.22 19:10:47 +63s E-UNI <Firebolt145> what's worng with black frog
[i]2014.04.22 19:13:49 +182s E-UNI <Firebolt145> griffin
[i]2014.04.22 19:13:50 +1s E-UNI <Firebolt145> blackbird
[i]2014.04.22 19:32:52 +1142s E-UNI <Firebolt145> no
[i]2014.04.22 19:33:14 +22s E-UNI <Firebolt145> oh whoops
[i]2014.04.22 19:33:16 +2s E-UNI <Firebolt145> i spoke too soon
[i]2014.04.22 19:33:17 +1s E-UNI <Firebolt145> yes they are
[i]2014.04.22 19:33:23 +6s E-UNI <Firebolt145> corpii and centii aren't always the same though
[i]2014.04.22 19:37:45 +262s E-UNI <Firebolt145> er
[i]2014.04.22 19:37:48 +3s E-UNI <Firebolt145> there's no real such thing
[i]2014.04.22 19:37:54 +6s E-UNI <Firebolt145> you can hire a merc corp to hunt them down
[i]2014.04.22 19:37:57 +3s E-UNI <Firebolt145> but it's not very easy
[i]2014.04.22 19:37:59 +2s E-UNI <Firebolt145> to hunt awoxers
[i]2014.04.22 19:38:02 +3s E-UNI <Firebolt145> as individuals
[i]2014.04.22 19:38:09 +7s E-UNI <Firebolt145> the bounty system isn't the best
[i]2014.04.22 19:42:43 +274s E-UNI <Firebolt145> amarr frig III and gal frig III shouldn't take long at all
[i]2014.04.22 19:42:45 +2s E-UNI <Firebolt145> maybe half a day
[i]2014.04.22 20:20:00 +2235s E-UNI <Firebolt145> evenmon is always nice
[i]2014.04.22 20:20:05 +5s E-UNI <Firebolt145> for helping plan attribute remaps
[i]2014.04.22 20:20:11 +6s E-UNI <Firebolt145> and making sure you don't forget to train something in the future
[i]2014.04.22 20:20:37 +26s E-UNI <Firebolt145> meh
[i]2014.04.22 20:20:39 +2s E-UNI <Firebolt145> i have 62m SP
[i]2014.04.22 20:20:43 +4s E-UNI <Firebolt145> still have things to plan out
[i]2014.04.22 20:20:57 +14s E-UNI <Firebolt145> yes
[i]2014.04.22 20:23:39 +162s E-UNI <Firebolt145> that should never happen
[i]2014.04.23 13:32:52 +61753s E-UNI <Firebolt145> sarge - no
[i]2014.04.23 13:32:55 +3s E-UNI <Firebolt145> damaged ammo is damaged
[i]2014.04.23 14:13:09 +2414s E-UNI <Firebolt145> missions used to be good
[i]2014.04.23 14:13:12 +3s E-UNI <Firebolt145> i don't knwo about any more
[i]2014.04.23 14:13:23 +11s E-UNI <Firebolt145> but ~200m/hr was doable
[i]2014.04.23 15:54:43 +6080s E-UNI <Firebolt145> drakes can't solo sleepers
[i]2014.04.23 15:54:46 +3s E-UNI <Firebolt145> in this day and age
[i]2014.04.23 15:57:20 +154s E-UNI <Firebolt145> a lot of things do
[i]2014.04.23 16:41:43 +2663s E-UNI <Firebolt145> lalala

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