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[i]2013.10.23 07:45:29 Help <Freight TOG> thats eve
[i]2013.10.23 07:45:49 +20s Help <Freight TOG> it's worked for 10years
[i]2013.10.23 07:46:54 +65s Help <Freight TOG> 2008 character asking a newb question
[i]2013.10.23 07:48:40 +106s Help <Freight TOG> saughta get a feel for scammers/trolls.
[i]2013.10.23 08:03:03 +863s Help <Freight TOG> theres a rig that cuts the cap used by lasers
[i]2013.10.23 08:04:56 +113s Help <Freight TOG> ok.
[i]2013.10.23 08:05:11 +15s Help <Freight TOG> i've only done a few million missions in a nightmare
[i]2013.11.13 02:50:10 +1795499s Help <Freight TOG> cost
[i]2013.11.13 02:54:33 +263s Help <Freight TOG> even with full skills / implants / comand ship.. you will still mine slowly
[i]2013.11.13 02:55:05 +32s Help <Freight TOG> orca
[i]2013.11.13 02:55:30 +25s Help <Freight TOG> it's a mining command ship
[i]2013.11.13 02:57:53 +143s Help <Freight TOG> yawn
[i]2013.11.24 00:08:26 +940233s Help <Freight TOG> 1
[i]2013.11.24 00:09:15 +49s Help <Freight TOG> you keyboard is busted
[i]2013.11.29 16:20:48 +490293s Help <Freight TOG> ,
[i]2013.12.03 23:04:53 +369845s Help <Freight TOG> -
[i]2013.12.28 02:12:19 +2084846s Help <Freight TOG> too many juice boxes me thinks
[i]2013.12.28 02:13:08 +49s Help <Freight TOG> D'uce true.. blow em up won';t get you concorded just flagged for pvp
[i]2013.12.28 02:13:46 +38s Help <Freight TOG> your a kid.. and thats ok. just take it elsewhere
[i]2014.01.08 04:10:26 +957400s Help <Freight TOG> byebye
[i]2014.01.08 05:13:26 +3780s Help <Freight TOG> Kyanite Sentak / 1 thing you will learn about help people.. we don't like to be abused.
[i]2014.02.02 00:16:16 +2142170s Help <Freight TOG> Prosta Vanya drink much.. maybe smoke cigarettes.. ?
[i]2014.02.02 00:16:53 +37s Help <Freight TOG> anybody here met an alchololic.. ?
[i]2014.02.02 00:17:36 +43s Help <Freight TOG> lets ruin peoples lives for smoking marijuana.. oh hang on thats why we don't let them.. gona ruin there lives..
[i]2014.02.02 00:18:12 +36s Help <Freight TOG> EzrickTraldon mate.. i smoked for 20 years.. i can't smoke anymore.. cause i have lung problems..
[i]2014.02.02 00:18:56 +44s Help <Freight TOG> if i die. you'll never know
[i]2014.02.02 00:19:50 +54s Help <Freight TOG> creates plenty of tax. the whole prohibition thing is unsupportable by common sense . so they have to use other arguments
[i]2014.02.02 00:20:21 +31s Help <Freight TOG> history tells
[i]2014.02.02 00:20:55 +34s Help <Freight TOG> so does marijuana
[i]2014.02.02 00:21:02 +7s Help <Freight TOG> but i guess you've never had cancer
[i]2014.02.02 00:21:46 +44s Help <Freight TOG> mate.. you and your folk rule.. so what can i say..
[i]2014.02.02 00:21:59 +13s Help <Freight TOG> you know better than i
[i]2014.02.02 00:22:40 +41s Help <Freight TOG> i know.. lets lock people up for smoking marijuana.. that'll help them..
[i]2014.02.02 00:23:28 +48s Help <Freight TOG> leaves are nice on pizza
[i]2014.02.02 00:24:56 +88s Help <Freight TOG> inotep.. don't smoke it.
[i]2014.02.02 00:25:01 +5s Help <Freight TOG> it'll fuck your lungs
[i]2014.02.02 00:28:51 +230s Help <Freight TOG> EzrickTraldon figures
[i]2014.02.02 00:29:41 +50s Help <Freight TOG> you have soooo much to experience .. both good and bad
[i]2014.02.02 00:30:17 +36s Help <Freight TOG> ok.. i'm logging now .. so feel free to talk about me. .:).
[i]2014.02.10 02:18:25 +697688s Help <Freight TOG> adding a book to a library and reading it
[i]2014.02.14 05:40:47 +357742s Help <Freight TOG> amarr imperial
[i]2014.02.14 05:42:44 +117s Help <Freight TOG> drones will die to sleepers
[i]2014.02.20 03:36:54 +510850s Help <Freight TOG> Goldennuggets pvp will get your hearth thumping
[i]2014.02.20 03:37:51 +57s Help <Freight TOG> Maifai Turmanth you can reset career agents in esc / reset
[i]2014.02.20 03:38:58 +67s Help <Freight TOG> Maifai Turmanth yep
[i]2014.03.08 04:50:02 +1386664s Help <Freight TOG> same as spinning your ship in station
[i]2014.04.05 01:38:46 +2407724s Help <Freight TOG> Divine Entervention and done.. i bet you won't even last 3 months in eve.. have a nice day.
[i]2014.04.13 08:13:21 +714875s Help <Freight TOG> just cracked lvl 4 with cal navy and i get a damn gallent mission.
[i]2014.04.13 08:13:34 +13s Help <Freight TOG> ccp . you are insane
[i]2014.04.14 05:26:56 +76402s Help <Freight TOG> Khal-dari Deathlord your a strange little man .

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