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[i]2014.04.13 19:16:12 Mining <Ikshuki> technically speaking, if you require a certain amount of money to be given to become a membership, you're technically a bisiness in the tax code laws, imagine the tax inductions
[i]2014.04.13 19:16:47 +35s Mining <Ikshuki> no really
[i]2014.04.13 19:17:13 +26s Mining <Ikshuki> look at the definition of what a bisiness is under current US law
[i]2014.04.13 19:18:36 +83s Mining <Ikshuki> christians better hope i never become president, i'll have then taxed to death from tax code violation
[i]2014.04.13 19:20:03 +87s Mining <Ikshuki> yeah but they can make them show proof of a religious establishment, and require their money to be used for speciffic things
[i]2014.04.13 19:20:39 +36s Mining <Ikshuki> therefore not a religious establishment
[i]2014.04.13 19:21:13 +34s Mining <Ikshuki> they're even sneaking in religious groups as governors and senators to pass their religious legislation
[i]2014.04.13 19:22:35 +82s Mining <Ikshuki> i kinda think money being donated to churches should only be used for non-profit organization, then have every church audited every month
[i]2014.04.13 19:24:35 +120s Mining <Ikshuki> ppl also underestimate how much lobbying money they throw at our government too
[i]2014.04.13 19:29:39 +304s Mining <Ikshuki> i would end up being a bisiness, always had this vision where all religions would worship under one roof, then teach an independent philosophy of tollerence of other religions by teaching them about all religions of the world
[i]2014.04.13 19:33:52 +253s Mining <Ikshuki> nah incursions
[i]2014.04.13 19:34:48 +56s Mining <Ikshuki> you only need a T1 pvp ship to do WHs
[i]2014.04.13 19:35:12 +24s Mining <Ikshuki> no bullshit
[i]2014.04.13 19:35:21 +9s Mining <Ikshuki> C1-C3
[i]2014.04.13 19:35:41 +20s Mining <Ikshuki> any ship with pvp bonuses
[i]2014.04.13 19:36:21 +40s Mining <Ikshuki> or you're just a noob that's bad at pvp
[i]2014.04.13 19:37:10 +49s Mining <Ikshuki> the new scanning combat ships is pretty badass
[i]2014.04.13 19:37:42 +32s Mining <Ikshuki> what's the new SoE cruisers called again?
[i]2014.04.13 19:38:40 +58s Mining <Ikshuki> Stratios
[i]2014.04.13 19:38:59 +19s Mining <Ikshuki> yeah
[i]2014.04.13 19:39:14 +15s Mining <Ikshuki> but it is drone boat
[i]2014.04.13 19:40:09 +55s Mining <Ikshuki> lol it was just 2 years ago 90% of pvpers used lasers, now they're the least used
[i]2014.04.13 19:40:40 +31s Mining <Ikshuki> too nerfed
[i]2014.04.13 19:41:06 +26s Mining <Ikshuki> they nerfed lasers to get peeps to use missiles and hybrids more
[i]2014.04.13 19:41:36 +30s Mining <Ikshuki> at one time missiles was the least used
[i]2014.04.13 19:41:42 +6s Mining <Ikshuki> nope
[i]2014.04.13 19:41:50 +8s Mining <Ikshuki> massive cap usage
[i]2014.04.13 19:43:14 +84s Mining <Ikshuki> well been playing eve for 6 years now, and ccp never takes an action that doesn't improve the gameplay
[i]2014.04.13 19:44:36 +82s Mining <Ikshuki> i love my sniper mining venture, put a T2 cloak on it, go WH mining, and you can make a lot of isk
[i]2014.04.13 19:44:56 +20s Mining <Ikshuki> zips in and zips out
[i]2014.04.13 19:45:45 +49s Mining <Ikshuki> no idea
[i]2014.04.13 19:47:20 +95s Mining <Ikshuki> mining
[i]2014.04.19 12:14:01 +491201s Mining <Ikshuki> i hate the bible
[i]2014.04.19 12:16:37 +156s Mining <Ikshuki> hey look just saw a new feed, world of warcraft is going free to play next expansion
[i]2014.04.19 12:38:40 +1323s Mining <Ikshuki> hallo
[i]2014.04.19 12:38:49 +9s Mining <Ikshuki> ohoyo giziamas
[i]2014.04.19 12:38:52 +3s Mining <Ikshuki> ni hou
[i]2014.04.19 12:40:11 +79s Mining <Ikshuki> so how's the watch keep at alaska?
[i]2014.04.19 12:41:26 +75s Mining <Ikshuki> yes
[i]2014.04.19 12:41:36 +10s Mining <Ikshuki> then you get it back if you lose
[i]2014.04.19 12:42:12 +36s Mining <Ikshuki> 5,000,000isk per tutorial help
[i]2014.04.19 12:42:20 +8s Mining <Ikshuki> pay up :D
[i]2014.04.19 12:42:42 +22s Mining <Ikshuki> should
[i]2014.04.22 23:19:44 +297422s Mining <Ikshuki> sushi
[i]2014.04.22 23:20:40 +56s Mining <Ikshuki> any news on the upcoming expansion?
[i]2014.04.22 23:23:50 +190s Mining <Ikshuki> i'm normally seeing ads of the future of eve kind of thing, not a single word this time around
[i]2014.04.22 23:25:34 +104s Mining <Ikshuki> hello?
[i]2014.04.22 23:29:08 +214s Mining <Ikshuki> mining = building shit to sell
[i]2014.04.22 23:29:23 +15s Mining <Ikshuki> none
[i]2014.04.22 23:29:40 +17s Mining <Ikshuki> WH only

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