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[i]2012.06.10 06:53:21 scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> this guy doesnt even have a freighter
[i]2012.06.10 06:53:34 +13s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> he said hes going to fly them like 15 jumps to jita one by one
[i]2012.06.10 06:55:02 +88s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> yeah we didnt even get that far in the discussion
[i]2012.06.10 06:55:31 +29s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> that was just for hull
[i]2012.06.10 06:56:01 +30s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> o well 100M for an hour of talking
[i]2012.06.10 06:56:17 +16s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> cant complain
[i]2012.06.10 06:56:21 +4s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> he'll probably sober up and decide to sell to me tomorrow
[i]2012.06.10 07:01:40 +319s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> 12 am and im sweating
[i]2012.06.10 07:02:02 +22s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> and im near the beach
[i]2012.06.10 07:02:15 +13s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> people inland must be sticking their head in the freezer
[i]2012.06.10 07:13:32 +677s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> jita buy prices are so retarded
[i]2012.06.10 07:15:36 +124s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> whats the point of sitting there 1 isking every 5 minutes to make 1-5% on an item
[i]2012.06.10 07:19:02 +206s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> are you talking about low volume stuff
[i]2012.06.10 07:20:02 +60s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> i dont see how you can buy and sell in jita without 1 isking unless youre ok with just letting an item sit there for a week waiting for some price waves to take it out
[i]2012.06.10 07:20:16 +14s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> plus the margins in jita suck balls
[i]2012.06.10 07:27:23 +427s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> http://imgur.com/a/ZnrOO#0
[i]2012.06.10 07:27:35 +12s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> this is what i wanted to buy from that guy
[i]2012.06.10 07:30:13 +158s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> T3 ships make you lose Sp if they get blown up?
[i]2012.06.10 07:30:25 +12s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> how much
[i]2012.06.10 07:31:27 +62s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> thats pretty lame
[i]2012.06.10 07:31:34 +7s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> i was considering buying a tengu
[i]2012.06.10 07:31:38 +4s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> but fuck that now
[i]2012.06.10 07:38:27 +409s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> i dont even want to fly ships anymore
[i]2012.06.10 07:38:27 +0s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> i just want to buy stuff and sell stuff
[i]2012.06.10 07:39:08 +41s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> it makes me sad when i dont get to buy stuff cheap
[i]2012.06.10 07:39:23 +15s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> what have i become?
[i]2012.06.10 07:40:25 +62s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> i wonder if this is what really rich people in real life feel like
[i]2012.06.10 07:40:30 +5s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> i now know why billionaires dont just retire early
[i]2012.06.10 07:41:44 +74s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> .....
[i]2012.06.10 07:41:48 +4s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> no shit
[i]2012.06.10 07:44:01 +133s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> you missed my point entirely
[i]2012.06.10 23:51:53 +58072s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> is there anyway to clear the autofill names in contracts
[i]2012.06.10 23:53:13 +80s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> ty Kailean that worked
[i]2012.06.11 01:14:06 +4853s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> http://i.imgur.com/q378y.jpg
[i]2012.06.11 04:27:05 +11579s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=13613772
[i]2012.06.11 06:18:10 +6665s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> i dont want to go to work tomorrow :(
[i]2012.06.11 06:36:17 +1087s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> sunday evenings are the worst
[i]2012.06.11 06:44:37 +500s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> I do too, I meant in terms of lack of things to do and the general mood
[i]2012.06.11 06:46:28 +111s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> first world problem I guess, my super comfortable life weekend is ending and i dont want to go to work and get paid an hourly wage that's higher than most other jobs in the world
[i]2012.06.11 06:50:04 +216s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> I almost want to take a day off but monday is the most important day of my job
[i]2012.06.11 06:50:25 +21s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> i envy people who love what they do for a living
[i]2012.06.11 06:52:16 +111s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> analyst for a tech company, in other words a lot of spreadsheets and reports for 8 hours a day
[i]2012.06.11 06:52:48 +32s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> and some even less interesting stuff like fact checking
[i]2012.06.11 06:54:42 +114s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> well if youre getting paid decently its not slavery, if the quality of your live is high enough
[i]2012.06.11 06:55:44 +62s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> what do you guys do
[i]2012.06.11 06:56:46 +62s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> yes thats true
[i]2012.06.11 06:57:48 +62s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> thats why i envy those who love what they do and make good money doing it
[i]2012.06.11 06:58:13 +25s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> its not slavery if you enjoy getting up every morning and look forward to working on something
[i]2012.06.11 06:59:29 +76s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> but i think a lot of people in the world cant even get decent paying jobs, a lot cant put food on their table, a lot are dying from cancer at a young age, a lot live in unsafe environments....and here i am unhappy when i always have food, shelter
[i]2012.06.11 06:59:45 +16s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> and health, and i think "what have i done to deserve all this"

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