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[i]2012.07.23 21:34:26 Help <Katalci> why would you do something less efficient?
[i]2012.07.23 21:34:47 +21s Help <Katalci> link the fit
[i]2012.07.23 21:35:29 +42s Help <Katalci> link the fit of your battleship
[i]2012.07.23 21:36:15 +46s Help <Katalci> don't ask; just probe them down and salvage
[i]2012.07.23 21:36:31 +16s Help <Katalci> no
[i]2012.07.23 21:36:36 +5s Help <Katalci> do not ask; it is not theirs
[i]2012.07.23 21:36:42 +6s Help <Katalci> Motsu is a good hub for this
[i]2012.07.23 21:36:47 +5s Help <Katalci> lots of missioners
[i]2012.07.23 21:36:55 +8s Help <Katalci> fit it in EFT
[i]2012.07.23 21:36:59 +4s Help <Katalci> the help channel is not EFT
[i]2012.07.23 21:37:28 +29s Help <Katalci> dat fit
[i]2012.07.23 21:37:28 +0s Help <Katalci> TERRIBLE
[i]2012.07.23 21:37:51 +23s Help <Katalci> there is only one way to learn -- trying
[i]2012.07.23 21:38:25 +34s Help <Katalci> battleclinic is terrible 99% of the time
[i]2012.07.23 21:41:46 +201s Help <Katalci> uhh
[i]2012.07.23 21:42:01 +15s Help <Katalci> fitting something in EFT costs exactly 0 ISK
[i]2012.07.23 21:42:52 +51s Help <Katalci> you don't need to lose it to see if it works; just look at the numbers and see if it's up to the specifications required
[i]2012.07.23 21:42:53 +1s Help <Katalci> fast
[i]2012.08.02 01:03:55 +789662s Amarr <Katalci> :P
[i]2012.08.02 01:03:55 +0s Amarr <Katalci> I have a retriever in Venal, WTS
[i]2012.08.02 20:40:50 +70615s Help <Katalci> Can you cloak while in triage?
[i]2012.08.07 06:28:21 +380851s Help <Katalci> Can orcas be doomsdayed?
[i]2012.08.07 06:29:11 +50s Help <Katalci> phantom, you have just proved that you have not logged in in like a year
[i]2012.08.07 06:30:17 +66s Help <Katalci> you can fit an autotargeter II for 3 more targets
[i]2012.08.15 22:40:28 +749411s Jita <Katalci> it's the millenium ares
[i]2012.08.15 22:40:29 +1s Jita <Katalci> nuh uh
[i]2012.09.03 03:39:26 +1573137s Help <Katalci> is there a way to see if a system is cyno-jammed without either seeing the jammer or trying to light?
[i]2012.09.03 03:39:59 +33s Help <Katalci> [03:39:26] Katalci > without seeing the jammer
[i]2012.09.03 03:41:07 +68s Help <Katalci> they follow the same curve
[i]2012.09.03 03:41:37 +30s Help <Katalci> lol security ships
[i]2012.09.03 03:42:35 +58s Help <Katalci> mining is bad
[i]2012.09.03 19:36:42 +57247s Help <Katalci> skilling yoursel
[i]2012.09.03 19:36:46 +4s Help <Katalci> yourself*
[i]2012.09.03 19:37:24 +38s Help <Katalci> you should be lobotomized
[i]2012.09.03 19:38:08 +44s Help <Katalci> are you retarded
[i]2012.09.03 19:39:30 +82s Help <Katalci> that's not the defensive system
[i]2012.09.03 19:39:34 +4s Help <Katalci> help chat is not EFT
[i]2012.09.03 19:39:39 +5s Help <Katalci> LP
[i]2012.09.03 19:39:40 +1s Help <Katalci> rat bounties
[i]2013.12.20 09:56:58 +40832238s Jita <Katalci> heaven
[i]2013.12.20 11:51:37 +6879s Jita <Katalci> aww damn.
[i]2013.12.20 11:51:42 +5s Jita <Katalci> that one scams on the first hit
[i]2013.12.20 11:52:05 +23s Jita <Katalci> usually I like to "fall" for the scam with a small amount then pull out with a profit
[i]2013.12.20 11:52:15 +10s Jita <Katalci> but dylanstar12 just straight up takes it
[i]2014.01.24 22:07:44 +3060929s Amarr <Katalci> anything you have fun doing is not a waste of time
[i]2014.01.24 22:08:47 +63s Amarr <Katalci> "sex is for procreation not recreation"
[i]2014.01.24 22:09:17 +30s Amarr <Katalci> ;3
[i]2014.01.24 22:09:52 +35s Amarr <Katalci> what's the point of learning if you're not learning how to bettter have fun?
[i]2014.01.24 22:10:48 +56s Amarr <Katalci> smoke weed erreday
[i]2014.01.24 22:11:23 +35s Amarr <Katalci> maybe in your LAME-O philosophy

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