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[i]2012.05.14 02:06:06 Jita <Maven Arji> What does it matter?
[i]2012.05.14 02:06:26 +20s Jita <Maven Arji> We all gotta do what we gotta do
[i]2012.05.14 02:07:07 +41s Jita <Maven Arji> I know
[i]2012.05.14 02:07:20 +13s Jita <Maven Arji> I just enjoy annoying annoying people
[i]2012.05.14 02:07:48 +28s Jita <Maven Arji> I'm too poor to take your bogus contract
[i]2012.05.14 02:07:52 +4s Jita <Maven Arji> I don't even deny it
[i]2012.05.14 02:08:23 +31s Jita <Maven Arji> I know
[i]2012.05.14 02:08:31 +8s Jita <Maven Arji> I actually kinda like you :)
[i]2012.05.14 02:08:38 +7s Jita <Maven Arji> I feel bad I'm being an ass now
[i]2012.05.14 02:08:41 +3s Jita <Maven Arji> I'm really just bored
[i]2012.05.14 02:08:59 +18s Jita <Maven Arji> hahaha
[i]2012.05.14 02:12:11 +192s Jita <Maven Arji> Yes Jeronica!
[i]2012.05.14 02:12:17 +6s Jita <Maven Arji> that's what I'm talking about
[i]2012.05.14 02:12:30 +13s Jita <Maven Arji> yesssss
[i]2012.05.14 02:21:36 +546s Jita <Maven Arji> Oh is that what those are
[i]2012.05.14 02:21:38 +2s Jita <Maven Arji> ;)
[i]2012.05.14 02:27:45 +367s Jita <Maven Arji> Aside from random chatter does anyone market anything useful in here?
[i]2012.05.14 02:28:44 +59s Jita <Maven Arji> I'm naughty. I have a weenie but I wish I had a vajayjay
[i]2012.05.14 02:30:48 +124s Jita <Maven Arji> Bye folks, it's been fun!
[i]2012.05.14 02:30:57 +9s Jita <Maven Arji> Never a dull trip to Jita
[i]2012.05.24 00:52:44 +858107s Jita <Maven Arji> Anyone interested in buying 2x Reactive Armor Hardener ? I can make a contract for 40 mil if anyone's interested
[i]2012.05.24 00:53:37 +53s Jita <Maven Arji> Are group contract prices typically less than or higher than the market prices for the group of items?
[i]2012.05.24 00:54:06 +29s Jita <Maven Arji> group mining groups of items
[i]2012.05.24 00:54:34 +28s Jita <Maven Arji> Reverend doesn't seem to have a scam going
[i]2012.05.24 00:55:42 +68s Jita <Maven Arji> Ah damn
[i]2012.05.24 00:55:43 +1s Jita <Maven Arji> I see
[i]2012.05.24 00:56:04 +21s Jita <Maven Arji> Most people stay away from contracts then? You're better off just selling items through the market?
[i]2012.05.24 00:58:22 +138s Jita <Maven Arji> almost 5600
[i]2012.05.24 01:01:41 +199s Jita <Maven Arji> Only been around for 8 years
[i]2012.05.24 01:02:52 +71s Jita <Maven Arji> surprising
[i]2012.05.27 23:41:53 +340741s Jita <Maven Arji> I'd love isk or plex
[i]2012.05.27 23:41:58 +5s Jita <Maven Arji> ships are so expensive!
[i]2012.06.13 18:36:00 +1450442s Jita <Maven Arji> How many people have taken your scam sincere ohh?
[i]2012.06.13 18:39:35 +215s Jita <Maven Arji> Schlock looks legit
[i]2012.06.13 18:39:49 +14s Jita <Maven Arji> expensive but legit
[i]2012.06.13 18:40:48 +59s Jita <Maven Arji> Eisheth you don't mind if I make a contract with you do you? Send you 100mil ask for 200mil back?
[i]2012.06.13 18:42:49 +121s Jita <Maven Arji> Cool the scammers are working together to trick the noobs into getting scammed
[i]2012.06.17 03:42:08 +291559s Jita <Maven Arji> Is scamming all you do milk?
[i]2012.06.17 03:42:32 +24s Jita <Maven Arji> Why not go do some mining or run some missions?
[i]2012.06.17 03:42:56 +24s Jita <Maven Arji> but is it really?
[i]2012.06.17 03:43:25 +29s Jita <Maven Arji> I know ;)
[i]2012.06.17 03:43:56 +31s Jita <Maven Arji> But Lis you made your contract wrong! You're asking for the isk back!
[i]2012.06.17 03:44:05 +9s Jita <Maven Arji> err the plex back
[i]2012.06.17 03:44:10 +5s Jita <Maven Arji> I'm sure some rubes do
[i]2012.06.17 03:44:52 +42s Jita <Maven Arji> I like that Frappuccino Fury's scam has two "r"s to let us know how real it is
[i]2012.06.17 03:45:25 +33s Jita <Maven Arji> hahaha
[i]2012.06.17 03:46:40 +75s Jita <Maven Arji> I think you made your contract wrong elana
[i]2012.07.05 06:57:33 +1566653s Jita <Maven Arji> FLIMFLAMMER!!!
[i]2012.08.06 00:11:01 +2740408s Jita <Maven Arji> hahahaha
[i]2012.08.06 00:11:01 +0s Jita <Maven Arji> podded his ass

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