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[i]2012.05.27 23:51:44 neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> or "Gimme That"
[i]2012.05.27 23:55:19 +215s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> you mean HEKbillies?
[i]2012.05.27 23:57:52 +153s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> made him/her mine oon the broken comp for a couple hours in lowsec
[i]2012.05.27 23:59:46 +114s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> who was the comedian who had the bit on corporal punishment?
[i]2012.05.28 00:02:23 +157s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> lol so true
[i]2012.05.28 00:02:46 +23s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> that's why you mine while talking to people in channels like this
[i]2012.05.28 00:15:18 +752s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> kewl
[i]2012.05.28 00:15:18 +0s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> internet high fives
[i]2012.05.28 00:15:18 +0s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> OH YEAH!!!!
[i]2012.05.28 00:21:36 +378s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO
[i]2012.05.28 00:32:38 +662s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> not very original, but epic
[i]2012.05.28 00:33:20 +42s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> the minny hauler in DUST is probs gonna be a sandcrawler or something
[i]2012.05.28 00:45:28 +728s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> LOL this song
[i]2012.05.28 00:48:04 +156s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> just have to get them some tiberium
[i]2012.05.28 00:48:48 +44s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> ahh what's the GDI gonna do about it? send their Ion Cannon Sattelite after you?
[i]2012.05.28 00:48:54 +6s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> *us
[i]2012.05.28 00:49:35 +41s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> also, without the player, NOD would own the everloving shit out of the GDI
[i]2012.05.28 00:52:27 +172s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> LOL Havoc
[i]2012.05.28 00:53:26 +59s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> I love how he can take MANY TIMES AS MUCH gunfire than the prof in that one level wearing almost nothing bulletproof, while the prof has that fucking suit
[i]2012.05.28 00:54:23 +57s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> "conflict of interest...? no. I have an interest in conflict."
[i]2012.05.28 00:55:42 +79s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> the GDI DOES have the handheld laser I guess.
[i]2012.05.28 00:55:51 +9s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> well.
[i]2012.05.28 00:56:06 +15s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> thing that shoots beams of polarized particles
[i]2012.05.28 00:56:21 +15s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> oh yeah, that thing. yeah, NOD wins in that respect
[i]2012.05.28 00:56:42 +21s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> only real laser in the entire damn series
[i]2012.05.28 00:57:19 +37s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> ooh glitch mob's 7 nation army remix
[i]2012.05.28 00:58:23 +64s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> NOD has nukes. that is all.
[i]2012.05.28 00:59:21 +58s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> I never understood how the Ion Cannon knocked in FOUR FLOORS OF BUILDING, 3 OF WHICH WERE UNDERGROUND
[i]2012.05.28 01:00:10 +49s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> falling. it would lose a LOT of power from that far away
[i]2012.05.28 01:01:29 +79s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> he was like 20 fucking stories down
[i]2012.05.28 01:01:30 +1s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> and when does it tell you that?
[i]2012.05.28 01:04:11 +161s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> *cough* because player input...
[i]2012.05.28 01:04:37 +26s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> anyways, Generals/Red Alert were better series than the central series
[i]2012.09.23 23:32:47 +10276090s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> this channel is rather empty
[i]2012.09.25 03:00:43 +98876s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> impressive, killed an industrial with only 14 people
[i]2012.09.25 03:02:44 +121s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> why WOULDN'T I have done the same?
[i]2012.09.25 03:03:08 +24s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> flying around with literally nothing fit in what could be a loot pinata...
[i]2012.09.25 03:07:44 +276s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> ok, that IS something to brag about
[i]2012.09.25 03:08:22 +38s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> the tears, man... the tears
[i]2012.09.30 04:37:59 +437377s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> wow
[i]2012.10.05 01:57:24 +422365s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> COME ON, FEEL THE NOISE
[i]2012.10.05 01:57:52 +28s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> ERRYBODY ROCK YA VOICE
[i]2012.10.05 02:00:11 +139s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> wie gehts
[i]2012.10.05 02:26:55 +1604s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> 2m a ticket, reason "lotto"?
[i]2012.10.05 02:30:16 +201s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> how much is a ticket for today?
[i]2012.10.05 03:17:52 +2856s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> *is in the furry guild in GW2
[i]2012.10.08 03:56:54 +261542s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> maybe it's a RAM issue?
[i]2012.10.08 04:00:22 +208s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> open up your task manager, check you aren't maxing your memory
[i]2012.11.18 07:39:28 +3555546s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> *grounds stan*
[i]2012.11.18 07:41:04 +96s neweden-radio <Mister Erquilenne> grounding, as in the connection of an electrically charged object to the earth, draining all power

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