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[i]2014.04.19 00:12:27 Jita <NEONOVUS> knowican dont make a pricvate tract
[i]2014.04.19 00:12:32 +5s Jita <NEONOVUS> make a public
[i]2014.04.19 00:14:29 +117s Jita <NEONOVUS> palying vg themes
[i]2014.04.19 00:14:35 +6s Jita <NEONOVUS> what is your music?
[i]2014.04.19 00:14:49 +14s Jita <NEONOVUS> I blocked myself once
[i]2014.04.19 00:14:56 +7s Jita <NEONOVUS> couldnt think after
[i]2014.04.19 00:16:29 +93s Jita <NEONOVUS> I advertize with an 8 foot halberd
[i]2014.04.19 00:16:37 +8s Jita <NEONOVUS> get all da botches
[i]2014.04.19 00:20:49 +252s Jita <NEONOVUS> so why do many Republicans think if gay marriage then beastiality?
[i]2014.04.19 00:22:05 +76s Jita <NEONOVUS> K Kuha done
[i]2014.04.19 00:26:26 +261s Jita <NEONOVUS> K Kuha creepy
[i]2014.04.19 00:36:26 +600s Jita <NEONOVUS> Mars McCutinny Im writing one a dissertation on starting an account
[i]2014.04.19 00:38:17 +111s Jita <NEONOVUS> why is the immortal a yellow liver?
[i]2014.04.19 00:50:00 +703s Jita <NEONOVUS> so I learned people dont like it when I post without my meds in the live events channel
[i]2014.04.19 00:50:09 +9s Jita <NEONOVUS> I also learned i need meds
[i]2014.04.19 00:52:34 +145s Jita <NEONOVUS> Khadhir Hashul yeah you dont get freebies like Republicans say
[i]2014.04.19 00:52:42 +8s Jita <NEONOVUS> well except zipties
[i]2014.04.19 00:52:57 +15s Jita <NEONOVUS> Ratchet Cardan they have to keep shooting you
[i]2014.04.19 00:53:03 +6s Jita <NEONOVUS> ammo is an expense
[i]2014.04.19 00:53:31 +28s Jita <NEONOVUS> Bob Biac for the ones who arent quite as big of dicks!
[i]2014.04.19 01:04:04 +633s Jita <NEONOVUS> Ratchet Cardan son death is only the begenning
[i]2014.04.19 01:04:21 +17s Jita <NEONOVUS> be reborn in the embrace of the metal live for the grandeur of the universe
[i]2014.04.19 01:04:40 +19s Jita <NEONOVUS> take my hand and rule the future together
[i]2014.04.19 01:06:01 +81s Jita <NEONOVUS> Ratchet Cardan then we shall crush them with my deathbots and deny them the metal
[i]2014.04.19 01:07:00 +59s Jita <NEONOVUS> Ratchet Cardan Blingdicator
[i]2014.04.19 01:07:28 +28s Jita <NEONOVUS> Khadhir Hashul which one?
[i]2014.04.19 01:07:56 +28s Jita <NEONOVUS> Machursion
[i]2014.04.19 01:08:49 +53s Jita <NEONOVUS> Scorpion Navy Issue
[i]2014.04.19 01:09:25 +36s Jita <NEONOVUS> Phoenix Larson sure join corp
[i]2014.04.19 01:10:36 +71s Jita <NEONOVUS> Nestor
[i]2014.04.19 01:10:53 +17s Jita <NEONOVUS> Raven Navy Issue
[i]2014.04.19 01:11:25 +32s Jita <NEONOVUS> Bhaalgorn
[i]2014.04.19 01:11:39 +14s Jita <NEONOVUS> Raven Navy Issue fit
[i]2014.04.19 01:12:09 +30s Jita <NEONOVUS> Eureaka Sexy
[i]2014.04.19 01:12:23 +14s Jita <NEONOVUS> Ragnar Badasaz no check monitor cable
[i]2014.04.19 01:12:53 +30s Jita <NEONOVUS> AayJay Crendraven its ok I intend to purify them in combat
[i]2014.04.19 01:13:39 +46s Jita <NEONOVUS> Rattlesnake last one
[i]2014.04.19 01:19:03 +324s Jita <NEONOVUS> when shaving pubes do you shave the left then the right side or the top then bottom?
[i]2014.04.19 01:21:05 +122s Jita <NEONOVUS> Ratchet Cardan because now you will associate EVE with me shaving my pubes
[i]2014.04.19 01:21:19 +14s Jita <NEONOVUS> I have now taken joy from you forever
[i]2014.04.19 01:22:15 +56s Jita <NEONOVUS> Ratchet Cardan yes but first I need to shave my pits
[i]2014.04.19 01:22:21 +6s Jita <NEONOVUS> and my backhair
[i]2014.04.19 01:22:48 +27s Jita <NEONOVUS> the leg hair stays so when I rub against you the flames of pashion shall spark
[i]2014.04.19 01:23:16 +28s Jita <NEONOVUS> also painful
[i]2014.04.19 01:23:21 +5s Jita <NEONOVUS> last person got blisters
[i]2014.04.19 01:23:42 +21s Jita <NEONOVUS> soon as Ratchet Cardan rubs agaiisnt my legs Naught Important
[i]2014.04.19 01:24:15 +33s Jita <NEONOVUS> Small Moist Container dont worry we are cousins so its in the family
[i]2014.04.19 01:24:46 +31s Jita <NEONOVUS> Parmesan Stick they said small not echo chamber size
[i]2014.04.19 01:25:29 +43s Jita <NEONOVUS> now imagine the poor sap that has to log this convo
[i]2014.04.19 01:25:50 +21s Jita <NEONOVUS> and that they have seen this so much they are immune and suicidal

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