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[i]2014.04.22 12:21:49 Jita <NEONOVUS> You have been added as contactFrom: Ronal VarvarSent: 2014.04.22 12:21Ronal Varvar has added you as contact with Terrible Standingне, ну ты охуел
[i]2014.04.22 12:26:47 +298s Jita <NEONOVUS> I got a Russian angry at me without using politics for once
[i]2014.04.22 12:26:55 +8s Jita <NEONOVUS> Celebrations!
[i]2014.04.22 12:28:08 +73s Jita <NEONOVUS> Scout1111 yeahStalin Best Lenin or Worst Putin?
[i]2014.04.22 12:28:56 +48s Jita <NEONOVUS> though given i am hounded by Russians for being Ukranian IRLIt is funny
[i]2014.04.22 12:29:17 +21s Jita <NEONOVUS> So Im not alone with that urge
[i]2014.04.22 12:29:38 +21s Jita <NEONOVUS> Crimea is Russo clay
[i]2014.04.22 12:29:53 +15s Jita <NEONOVUS> no those are 12gauge 00 buck rounds
[i]2014.04.22 12:30:07 +14s Jita <NEONOVUS> I carry the reloads in my mouth for that reaon
[i]2014.04.22 12:31:16 +69s Jita <NEONOVUS> om nom nomLead poisoning
[i]2014.04.22 12:31:48 +32s Jita <NEONOVUS> shotguns are fun, especially if you make hot slugs
[i]2014.04.22 12:32:18 +30s Jita <NEONOVUS> and proceed to make the birm warty like Gorbachev's face
[i]2014.04.22 12:33:40 +82s Jita <NEONOVUS> if god hates sex so much, why did he make it?
[i]2014.04.22 12:34:10 +30s Jita <NEONOVUS> we're done here
[i]2014.04.22 12:36:17 +127s Jita <NEONOVUS> why no one kill vindi?
[i]2014.04.22 12:38:04 +107s Jita <NEONOVUS> Professor Agony https:///lh3.ggpht.com/-69E5e2CsPOc/UrpuS02WsFI/AAAAAAAAAPw/GuxOr6dBRsc/s1600/dogecoin_moons.jpg
[i]2014.04.22 12:39:22 +78s Jita <NEONOVUS> Professor Agony the same as ebola
[i]2014.04.22 12:39:24 +2s Jita <NEONOVUS> http://www.infowars.com/report-ebola-suspected-in-europe-broken-through-all-containment-efforts/
[i]2014.04.22 12:39:34 +10s Jita <NEONOVUS> or greater than lock range
[i]2014.04.22 12:40:01 +27s Jita <NEONOVUS> past
[i]2014.04.22 12:42:24 +143s Jita <NEONOVUS> Professor Agony the Chinese have an 18 mile laser capable of shooting down an f4 phantom and is semitrailer sized sans the tracking radars
[i]2014.04.22 12:43:56 +92s Jita <NEONOVUS> Scout1111 oh youre right, I am completely wrong, let us change the subject to something else
[i]2014.04.22 12:44:08 +12s Jita <NEONOVUS> Professor Agony yes you are correct
[i]2014.04.22 12:45:57 +109s Jita <NEONOVUS> so anyways the Germans have an antiair laser
[i]2014.04.22 12:46:41 +44s Jita <NEONOVUS> Sicarii Kanai its fun
[i]2014.04.22 12:47:01 +20s Jita <NEONOVUS> they didnt like the notion of me making one from old microwaves while bored though
[i]2014.04.22 12:47:12 +11s Jita <NEONOVUS> Sicarii Kanai WRONG
[i]2014.04.22 12:47:48 +36s Jita <NEONOVUS> the scanner program was successful when we got everyone to voluntaryly wear the tacking device
[i]2014.04.22 12:50:43 +175s Jita <NEONOVUS> ah the PHASR
[i]2014.04.22 14:18:59 +5296s Jita <NEONOVUS> http://i.4cdn.org/vg/1398176210246.jpg
[i]2014.04.22 14:36:17 +1038s Jita <NEONOVUS> So how in the Conservatie mindset are muslims violent enough to go on a rampage for seeing a bomb turban mohamad, but having the mockery of the scilence of islam is insufficient for Benghazi?
[i]2014.04.22 16:06:32 +5415s Jita <NEONOVUS> http://i.4cdn.org/pol/1398177331518.jpg
[i]2014.04.22 20:01:23 +14091s Jita <NEONOVUS> http://www7.pic-upload.de/22.04.14/h9lt2lc5xj.jpg
[i]2014.04.22 20:01:37 +14s Jita <NEONOVUS> behold proof of ethnic russians in the Ukraine
[i]2014.04.22 20:01:55 +18s Jita <NEONOVUS> also he looks like santa from rise of the guardians
[i]2014.04.22 20:51:11 +2956s Jita <NEONOVUS> da fuq happened to Damage Control II Gargantuan sell and the price crashedDid some one mess up the zeroes?
[i]2014.04.23 01:54:45 +18214s Jita <NEONOVUS> http://gizmodo.com/5918335/scientists-have-found-a-possible-cure-for-ebolacure for ebola in monkies successful!
[i]2014.04.23 01:55:05 +20s Jita <NEONOVUS> suspected that now that the west is infected it finally got off its ass to cure the thing
[i]2014.04.23 01:55:35 +30s Jita <NEONOVUS> Maximillan Lancaster Sam
[i]2014.04.23 01:55:50 +15s Jita <NEONOVUS> no Sam Bernakey
[i]2014.04.23 01:56:15 +25s Jita <NEONOVUS> also I do not appreciate the inusation that I have a female gendered parent
[i]2014.04.23 01:56:33 +18s Jita <NEONOVUS> Stalker ofeveryone hello dead meat
[i]2014.04.23 01:56:53 +20s Jita <NEONOVUS> Stalker ofeveryone well better than the spot behind the toilet
[i]2014.04.23 01:56:55 +2s Jita <NEONOVUS> seat
[i]2014.04.23 02:40:23 +2608s Jita <NEONOVUS> For reference the US just did http://www.businessinsider.com.au/r-iran-slams-us-justice-verdict-on-manhattan-skyscraper-2014-19Basically says lolnope and seizes a bunch of property supposedly used by Iran for terrorism when the stuff was to say no
[i]2014.04.23 02:41:34 +71s Jita <NEONOVUS> BlasterMcPewPew Virpio the hexcode for eve
[i]2014.04.23 02:42:37 +63s Jita <NEONOVUS> Machariel mach means 700 miles
[i]2014.04.23 02:43:29 +52s Jita <NEONOVUS> Kronos as long as time itself
[i]2014.04.24 12:43:42 +122413s Jita <NEONOVUS> @CNNBRK: Russian troops crossed the border of Ukraine at Slavyansk, Donetsk region, Mariupol.
[i]2014.04.24 12:44:50 +68s Jita <NEONOVUS> Hoyeknowkec yeah sure, but it wont stop the alpha on me from 7.62x39

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