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[i]2012.03.25 00:41:40 E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> anyone want some loot off a lvl 3 mission Chaven VI - Moon 2
[i]2012.03.25 00:41:48 +8s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> come get it
[i]2012.03.25 20:28:57 +71229s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> 24 hrs and up tp two weeks for a interview.
[i]2012.03.26 00:57:00 +16083s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> Michael Tarvanos havent seen any people be called at all.
[i]2012.03.26 00:57:40 +40s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> there ya go then
[i]2012.03.26 00:58:15 +35s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> yep known issue
[i]2012.03.26 01:35:39 +2244s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> dark star was good
[i]2012.03.27 00:58:36 +84177s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> dont know if its ever happened but I would love GS to go up against Rooks and Kings.
[i]2012.03.27 01:53:53 +3317s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> you said it
[i]2012.03.27 01:56:45 +172s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> 40 here
[i]2012.03.29 00:48:50 +168725s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> did he get removed as csm?
[i]2012.03.29 00:49:20 +30s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> do you think that was the right thing to do?
[i]2012.03.29 00:50:06 +46s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> I think it all got blown out of context
[i]2012.03.29 00:51:37 +91s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> he was just drunk and stupid. We all have done it one or twice in our lives
[i]2012.03.29 00:51:58 +21s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> once
[i]2012.03.29 00:52:23 +25s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> I think your right
[i]2012.03.29 00:53:08 +45s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> yep
[i]2012.03.29 01:12:46 +1178s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> battleship
[i]2012.03.29 01:18:58 +372s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> Amity Lane use a cloak and go on
[i]2012.03.29 01:21:02 +124s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> Amity Lane I can give you a noob ship if you need one
[i]2012.03.29 01:24:40 +218s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> slow day lol
[i]2012.03.29 01:52:36 +1676s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> how long has it been?
[i]2012.03.29 02:05:16 +760s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> gmt
[i]2012.03.29 02:06:22 +66s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> Hey
[i]2012.04.01 01:44:01 +257859s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> I think mine has been about a month.
[i]2012.04.01 01:48:20 +259s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> no rush.. You guys are busy
[i]2012.04.01 01:52:36 +256s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> cant stand that show lol
[i]2012.04.01 02:14:52 +1336s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> no rush ..
[i]2012.04.01 02:18:57 +245s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> chaven lol yep expensive
[i]2012.04.01 02:29:56 +659s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> anything good is worth waiting for!
[i]2012.04.01 02:31:27 +91s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> que up only when asked to do so by a PO
[i]2012.04.01 02:44:40 +793s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> Kev Szaszari Like your Bio LOL
[i]2012.04.01 02:49:58 +318s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> they are not using the que anymore quys
[i]2012.04.01 02:50:35 +37s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> yep
[i]2012.04.01 03:17:33 +1618s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> i THINK its 5.0
[i]2012.04.01 03:17:57 +24s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> -5.0 that is
[i]2012.04.01 03:46:58 +1741s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> grats
[i]2012.04.01 04:02:50 +952s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> TY for the effort
[i]2012.04.01 04:12:38 +588s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> never seen it LOl
[i]2012.04.01 04:14:07 +89s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> Delois Lunar like it so far?
[i]2012.04.01 04:15:08 +61s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> TY
[i]2012.04.01 04:25:49 +641s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> grats
[i]2012.04.01 04:33:06 +437s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> Komeqayn Chene TY
[i]2012.04.01 05:01:13 +1687s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> and to you as well
[i]2012.04.01 05:19:14 +1081s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> grats
[i]2012.04.01 12:56:38 +27444s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> How far behind are they in the app proccess? I applied around the 4th of last month and I have not heard anything. Do I need to re-app ?
[i]2012.04.01 12:58:12 +94s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> Tolomea TY
[i]2012.04.01 12:59:25 +73s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> morning
[i]2012.04.01 12:59:37 +12s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> right
[i]2012.04.01 23:19:39 +37202s E-UNI <Nuukpana Zamayid> hi guys

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