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[i]2014.03.16 15:46:33 EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> Wow. You can submit bug reports and play at the same time now. No more locking up the client.
[i]2014.03.16 17:45:25 +7132s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> You know... just because it has those weapon bonuses doesn't mean that it's a good idea to use a split-weapon system in your high slots.
[i]2014.03.19 01:07:02 +199297s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> I don't.
[i]2014.03.19 01:07:14 +12s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> Shoot ships. -> Print ISK.
[i]2014.03.19 01:08:00 +46s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> I play 'Make the Red Crosses Disappear as Fast as You Can!'.
[i]2014.03.19 01:17:29 +569s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> I was just going to look up a certain Bionicle set that released years ago.
[i]2014.03.19 01:17:49 +20s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> We need some EVE Lego sets.
[i]2014.03.19 01:20:07 +138s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> Brad314 - Oh right. I remember that. The Tachikoma didn't make it, either. :(
[i]2014.03.22 15:19:07 +309540s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> Eskimos are native to Alaska.
[i]2014.03.22 15:19:34 +27s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> Or northern regions in general.
[i]2014.03.22 15:20:01 +27s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> Since Alaska was connected to the Eurasian continent.
[i]2014.03.22 15:20:31 +30s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> But mainly today, it seems that eskimos are typically associated with Alaska.
[i]2014.03.22 15:21:04 +33s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> The Inuit are one of many.
[i]2014.03.22 15:22:17 +73s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> Which rifle?
[i]2014.03.22 15:23:14 +57s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> Pretty.
[i]2014.03.22 15:24:21 +67s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> I purchased a Glock G26 last year. My first firearm. It's quite nice.
[i]2014.03.22 16:32:59 +4118s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> Raiden Omega - Hopefully, when EVE: Valkyrie inevitably ends up with a multiplayer feature, your wish will be granted.
[i]2014.03.22 16:39:40 +401s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> What's "normal" talk?
[i]2014.03.22 16:39:53 +13s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> Also, ketchup is gross!
[i]2014.03.22 16:41:24 +91s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> Ships seem a little glossier since a more recent patch.
[i]2014.03.22 16:41:47 +23s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> Post 1.3 I mean.
[i]2014.03.22 16:42:06 +19s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> Might have something to do with the fact that linear lighting is also on turrets now.
[i]2014.03.22 16:42:58 +52s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> Just a few moles?
[i]2014.03.22 16:43:19 +21s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> Not a few million/billion?
[i]2014.03.22 16:43:21 +2s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> :P
[i]2014.03.22 16:44:09 +48s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> Well, that's for gas calculations. You would use Avogadro's number then.
[i]2014.03.22 16:44:40 +31s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> Definitely the latter.
[i]2014.03.22 16:45:28 +48s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> A "shit"ton is just "shit"+ton. So take whatever unit "shit" stands for and add that to a ton.
[i]2014.03.22 16:46:23 +55s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> Indeed. Take Nibbler from Futurama for example.
[i]2014.03.22 16:46:41 +18s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> A "shit"ton from him is certainly more than a "shit"ton from Thead Enco.
[i]2014.03.22 16:47:38 +57s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> Or maybe your bowels are just very good at comrpession.
[i]2014.03.22 16:48:22 +44s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> Thead Enco - Let us hold a Yulai Conference to announce this standard across all of New Eden.
[i]2014.03.22 16:49:44 +82s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> Yoiul Conference*
[i]2014.03.22 16:50:09 +25s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> I tend to confuse those two.
[i]2014.03.22 16:53:19 +190s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> There is, perhaps, not enough demand to justify an application.
[i]2014.03.22 17:20:35 +1636s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> Lux Aeterna is, in my experience, one of the most overused songs in amateur film.
[i]2014.03.22 17:20:52 +17s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> No doubt an effect from the popularity of Requiem for a Dream.
[i]2014.03.22 17:36:55 +963s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> It would be cool to impose some unique commodity between the EVE and Dust economies. Something like spice...?
[i]2014.03.22 17:37:27 +32s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> They could do it in some creative way that I have immediately glossed over for the sake of time.
[i]2014.03.22 17:37:58 +31s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> They could even incorporate Valkyrie into it in some way.
[i]2014.03.22 17:40:18 +140s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> Ogre Battle and Final Fantasy Tactics were made by the same team.
[i]2014.03.22 17:41:14 +56s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> Parasite Eve 1 and 2 are pretty good.
[i]2014.03.22 17:41:20 +6s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> Vagrant Story is god-tier.
[i]2014.03.22 17:41:57 +37s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> Hell yeah. So much detailed customization.
[i]2014.03.22 17:42:03 +6s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> It still looks great, too.
[i]2014.03.22 17:42:23 +20s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> Did you know it takes place in the same world as FFT?
[i]2014.03.22 17:42:45 +22s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> Ivalice
[i]2014.03.22 17:46:54 +249s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> That meme is so overplayed.
[i]2014.03.22 17:48:24 +90s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> Just so long as you aren't claiming to be a genius.
[i]2014.03.22 17:59:07 +643s EVE-Radio <Oberine Noriepa> Behead the tyrant!

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