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[i]2013.02.17 22:34:02 Jita <Regam Voss> PUT MILLION NOT KK
[i]2013.02.17 22:34:02 +0s Jita <Regam Voss> !!!!!!!!
[i]2013.02.18 06:45:08 +29466s Jita <Regam Voss> Sooki Sooki McSooki has had 12 bil for 3 days that ive seen
[i]2013.02.18 17:56:37 +40289s Jita <Regam Voss> why would you even move plex?
[i]2013.02.18 17:57:04 +27s Jita <Regam Voss> A PET DOLPHIN!!??!!?? OMG!!! GIVE THIS GUY ISK!!!
[i]2013.02.22 19:31:48 +351284s Amarr <Regam Voss> hmmm, wheres my war target at, i need podded
[i]2013.03.22 17:56:46 +2413498s Jita <Regam Voss> http://sv.twitch.tv/ccp/new
[i]2013.04.01 00:04:32 +799666s Jita <Regam Voss> HELP!!!!!!! IM TACKLED IN THA BELT!!!!!!
[i]2013.04.01 00:05:00 +28s Jita <Regam Voss> IDK! HELP ME THOUGH!!!
[i]2013.04.01 00:05:22 +22s Jita <Regam Voss> WAIT! THERES NO BELTS IN JITA!!!
[i]2013.04.01 01:07:00 +3698s Jita <Regam Voss> OH NOES! i ran out of fireworks!!!!!
[i]2013.04.01 01:10:59 +239s Jita <Regam Voss> DaSupahNinja Padecain stop and let the explode, i gotta go afk for abit
[i]2013.04.01 01:11:35 +36s Jita <Regam Voss> nice
[i]2013.04.01 01:12:15 +40s Jita <Regam Voss> i will rejoin you guys when i get back
[i]2013.04.01 02:06:58 +3283s Jita <Regam Voss> FREE CORAX OUTSIDE
[i]2013.04.01 02:07:28 +30s Jita <Regam Voss> Ahshalon i just jumped out of it
[i]2013.04.01 02:08:31 +63s Jita <Regam Voss> !!!FREE!!! corax outside
[i]2013.04.01 02:51:05 +2554s Jita <Regam Voss> Elle Tokila scam
[i]2013.04.01 03:36:54 +2749s Jita <Regam Voss> patheticloser101 ( 0 ) ( 0 )
[i]2013.04.01 03:54:01 +1027s Jita <Regam Voss> Thomas Tryotaphan what kinda bus you riding that costs $25?
[i]2013.04.01 03:54:26 +25s Jita <Regam Voss> woot woot
[i]2013.04.01 03:54:51 +25s Jita <Regam Voss> Chill Slice +1
[i]2013.04.01 03:55:09 +18s Jita <Regam Voss> sometimes I just send them ISK knowing i wont get it back
[i]2013.04.01 03:55:38 +29s Jita <Regam Voss> Thomas Tryotaphan sent
[i]2013.04.01 03:56:27 +49s Jita <Regam Voss> 2013.04.01 03:55:35 Player Donation -25.00 ISK 240,103,823,836.40 ISK Regam Voss deposited cash into Thomas Tryotaphan's account
[i]2013.04.01 03:56:48 +21s Jita <Regam Voss> sry bro, im broked
[i]2013.04.01 03:59:14 +146s Jita <Regam Voss> ill duel you Talcam
[i]2013.04.01 04:00:05 +51s Jita <Regam Voss> Talcam Nakrar ill duel you in my ibis of doom
[i]2013.04.01 04:01:49 +104s Jita <Regam Voss> OH NOES!!!! I GONNA DIE!!!!!
[i]2013.04.01 04:02:24 +35s Jita <Regam Voss> Kill: Regam Voss (Ibis)
[i]2013.04.01 04:04:37 +133s Jita <Regam Voss> why you docked bro
[i]2013.04.01 04:04:57 +20s Jita <Regam Voss> nah bro its ok
[i]2013.04.01 04:05:11 +14s Jita <Regam Voss> demon Issier why you docked?
[i]2013.04.01 04:07:16 +125s Jita <Regam Voss> demon Issier why you dock when i undocked new ship?
[i]2013.04.01 04:07:43 +27s Jita <Regam Voss> demon Issier so?
[i]2013.04.01 04:09:41 +118s Jita <Regam Voss> Erotica 1 i thought i blocked you already
[i]2013.04.01 04:10:19 +38s Jita <Regam Voss> Erotica 1 cause your spamming, scamming is fine but f**k the spam
[i]2013.04.01 04:10:49 +30s Jita <Regam Voss> spam scam same thing
[i]2013.04.01 04:11:09 +20s Jita <Regam Voss> there isent you isk
[i]2013.04.01 04:12:05 +56s Jita <Regam Voss> oh shit, Erotica 1 actually doubled my isk
[i]2013.04.01 04:12:10 +5s Jita <Regam Voss> WTF IS WRONG WITH JITA!!!
[i]2013.04.01 04:14:46 +156s Jita <Regam Voss> Erotica 1 just checking to make sure your legit ;=)
[i]2013.04.01 04:15:14 +28s Jita <Regam Voss> Thomas Tryotaphan you dummy, she dont double 1000 mil
[i]2013.04.01 04:17:51 +157s Jita <Regam Voss> Lady-Lucifer > don't forget to block psychobitch
[i]2013.04.01 04:17:53 +2s Jita <Regam Voss> Lady-Lucifer > don't forget to block psychobitch
[i]2013.04.01 04:32:56 +903s Jita <Regam Voss> Thomas Tryotaphan sned back 50
[i]2013.04.01 04:36:39 +223s Jita <Regam Voss> We from the friendly insurance company Pend Insurance regret the recent loss of your spacecraft. According to the agreement between Pend Insurance and SCC, we hereby grant you a brand new Ibis, fully fitted. Also included is a gratuity gift of Tritanium
[i]2013.04.01 04:41:02 +263s Jita <Regam Voss> GUYS!!!!!!!! i sent some dude 10mil and he kept it
[i]2013.10.19 15:52:51 +17406709s Jita <Regam Voss> y
[i]2013.10.19 23:43:49 +28258s Jita <Regam Voss> Chrislina Seniam if i send you 346 bil will you double it?

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