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[i]2012.03.23 19:05:50 E-UNI <Selene Massani> Any low level miners near Arnon (SoE) who wants a gravimetric anom?
[i]2012.03.23 19:06:29 +39s E-UNI <Selene Massani> I dont have the patience or the ship to mine out onyx and obsidian
[i]2012.03.23 20:28:10 +4901s E-UNI <Selene Massani> Hey +1 rep for Heo Hyungie for helping me take down Dagan :-) x
[i]2012.03.23 20:35:05 +415s E-UNI <Selene Massani> his many alts ;-)
[i]2012.03.23 21:10:43 +2138s E-UNI <Selene Massani> Sooo... I've finished the SoE arc, where should I rebase to? :-)
[i]2012.03.23 21:11:52 +69s E-UNI <Selene Massani> Malisient Gravi thats a great idea, thanks
[i]2012.03.23 22:09:37 +3465s E-UNI <Selene Massani> yeah it looks good!
[i]2012.03.23 22:09:38 +1s E-UNI <Selene Massani> looks like a better version of pandorum
[i]2012.03.23 22:12:11 +153s E-UNI <Selene Massani> lol
[i]2012.03.23 22:20:50 +519s E-UNI <Selene Massani> MMXMMX yeah i set up my own corp to avoid tax too
[i]2012.03.23 22:39:52 +1142s E-UNI <Selene Massani> Ya, 3 weeks
[i]2012.03.23 22:45:01 +309s E-UNI <Selene Massani> What IS a nub? Hear it quite a bit
[i]2012.03.24 20:31:07 +78366s E-UNI <Selene Massani> Hi all. I personally loved FFVIII the most :-P
[i]2012.03.25 00:56:06 +15899s E-UNI <Selene Massani> Your initial app submission is remembered
[i]2012.03.25 00:58:48 +162s E-UNI <Selene Massani> Depends what number you are
[i]2012.03.25 01:27:07 +1699s E-UNI <Selene Massani> I want an interview :-)
[i]2012.03.25 01:28:42 +95s E-UNI <Selene Massani> Vicious howd you get scammed?
[i]2012.03.25 01:29:36 +54s E-UNI <Selene Massani> bad times
[i]2012.03.25 01:32:16 +160s E-UNI <Selene Massani> all part of the sandbox experience ;-)
[i]2012.03.25 01:35:33 +197s E-UNI <Selene Massani> Lets face it if there was no conning, theiving looting and general piracy eve would not be as interesting to travel through
[i]2012.03.25 01:42:18 +405s E-UNI <Selene Massani> It can be worth it. I havnt died scanning lowsec yet and i use a destroyer :-P
[i]2012.03.25 01:43:45 +87s E-UNI <Selene Massani> Arlecchina en Cedoulain just stay aligned to the sun for a quick warp escape. Sometimes people come out of nowhere for you :-S
[i]2012.03.25 01:54:03 +618s E-UNI <Selene Massani> How long does it take until your cash flow scales up to making/moving 50mil a go? A couple of months?
[i]2012.03.25 01:56:29 +146s E-UNI <Selene Massani> oh ok. I'm two weeks in and my profits are about 1mil a day
[i]2012.03.25 01:56:52 +23s E-UNI <Selene Massani> Only on the side
[i]2012.03.25 01:58:20 +88s E-UNI <Selene Massani> Never heard of it?
[i]2012.03.25 01:59:46 +86s E-UNI <Selene Massani> ok thanks will take a look
[i]2012.03.25 02:02:15 +149s E-UNI <Selene Massani> ok how do i tell which location is a trade hub on eve central?
[i]2012.03.25 02:03:21 +66s E-UNI <Selene Massani> Or am i meant to be looking for lucrative buy orders?
[i]2012.03.25 13:45:54 +42153s E-UNI <Selene Massani> Hi all. Is anyone near Enden (3 jumps from aldrat) and fancies clearing some rogue drone hive anomolies with me? I'm in a salvager and cant handle it on my own :-)
[i]2012.03.25 14:26:43 +2449s E-UNI <Selene Massani> The members ARE the standing navy :-P
[i]2012.03.25 17:51:49 +12306s E-UNI <Selene Massani> Alexzi Klan Disco :-)
[i]2012.03.25 18:39:58 +2889s E-UNI <Selene Massani> I have discovered the joy of making and selling rigs for profit :-P Can you make serious money this way?
[i]2012.03.25 18:40:04 +6s E-UNI <Selene Massani> shame im only making the small stuff at the moment then :-)
[i]2012.03.25 18:41:52 +108s E-UNI <Selene Massani> hmm i've only just started exploring lowsec, think im too small for nullsec at the mo
[i]2012.03.25 18:55:56 +844s E-UNI <Selene Massani> flipped= stolen
[i]2012.03.25 19:14:12 +1096s E-UNI <Selene Massani> Nadia you could make you own, thats what i did
[i]2012.03.25 19:15:52 +100s E-UNI <Selene Massani> I guess just try and find a friendly professional corp
[i]2012.03.25 19:17:49 +117s E-UNI <Selene Massani> Its called epic for a reason ;-)
[i]2012.03.25 19:18:57 +68s E-UNI <Selene Massani> I did the entire Soe arc in a destroyer except for Dagan
[i]2012.03.25 19:34:20 +923s E-UNI <Selene Massani> Ive been roughly number 2 for about 3 days. It will happen eventually
[i]2012.03.25 19:34:53 +33s E-UNI <Selene Massani> lol
[i]2012.03.25 20:29:01 +3248s E-UNI <Selene Massani> 3 weeks
[i]2012.03.25 20:39:37 +636s E-UNI <Selene Massani> #4
[i]2012.03.25 20:39:43 +6s E-UNI <Selene Massani> I've certainly seen the most varied discussions ever in the last couple of weeks :-P
[i]2012.03.25 21:20:10 +2427s E-UNI <Selene Massani> 11
[i]2012.03.25 21:32:34 +744s E-UNI <Selene Massani> I'll make do with my 17" laptop screen :-P
[i]2012.03.25 21:48:37 +963s E-UNI <Selene Massani> o/
[i]2012.03.27 10:41:54 +132797s E-UNI <Selene Massani> Hey all, just thought i'd pop back to say that to those waiting in the que there is hope! recruitment does (slowly) happen.
[i]2012.03.27 10:43:38 +104s E-UNI <Selene Massani> 11.45am :-)

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