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[i]2014.02.03 17:15:21 Help <Seraph Minayin> go to VFK
[i]2014.02.03 17:16:03 +42s Help <Seraph Minayin> a newbie unless you're a titan
[i]2014.02.03 17:16:14 +11s Help <Seraph Minayin> ;D
[i]2014.02.03 17:16:45 +31s Help <Seraph Minayin> unless you're in BR-
[i]2014.02.03 17:16:48 +3s Help <Seraph Minayin> then you're scared
[i]2014.02.03 17:17:15 +27s Help <Seraph Minayin> gg standard titan mistake
[i]2014.02.03 17:20:40 +205s Help <Seraph Minayin> Gold D Rodger no it uses the cap charges
[i]2014.02.03 17:21:11 +31s Help <Seraph Minayin> my gf disagres Ichi Uno
[i]2014.02.03 17:23:10 +119s Help <Seraph Minayin> Puhnu you should be okay
[i]2014.02.03 17:23:28 +18s Help <Seraph Minayin> Puhnu just be careful XD
[i]2014.02.03 17:26:40 +192s Help <Seraph Minayin> Galadriel Vasquez sadly not
[i]2014.02.03 17:27:08 +28s Help <Seraph Minayin> Ddolik that is such a broad question
[i]2014.02.03 17:36:01 +533s Help <Seraph Minayin> Sonic Reyaz yes but it's slow
[i]2014.02.03 17:39:08 +187s Help <Seraph Minayin> anything under a 100k imo
[i]2014.02.03 17:39:37 +29s Help <Seraph Minayin> it used to
[i]2014.02.03 17:39:42 +5s Help <Seraph Minayin> but mine broke
[i]2014.02.03 17:39:46 +4s Help <Seraph Minayin> fuck overwolf these days
[i]2014.02.03 17:39:52 +6s Help <Seraph Minayin> so glitchy
[i]2014.02.03 17:39:55 +3s Help <Seraph Minayin> fraps is better
[i]2014.02.03 17:40:06 +11s Help <Seraph Minayin> oops sorry
[i]2014.02.03 17:41:57 +111s Help <Seraph Minayin> Sarah Johansson record in bursts
[i]2014.02.03 17:42:00 +3s Help <Seraph Minayin> seriously
[i]2014.02.03 17:46:03 +243s Help <Seraph Minayin> Aro2220 just declare war on each other
[i]2014.02.03 17:46:39 +36s Help <Seraph Minayin> if it's mutual i think you dont have to pay
[i]2014.02.03 17:46:44 +5s Help <Seraph Minayin> or something
[i]2014.02.03 17:47:25 +41s Help <Seraph Minayin> ^
[i]2014.02.03 17:47:29 +4s Help <Seraph Minayin> woo i was right
[i]2014.02.03 17:47:31 +2s Help <Seraph Minayin> ISD OP
[i]2014.02.03 17:48:17 +46s Help <Seraph Minayin> massive
[i]2014.02.03 17:51:12 +175s Help <Seraph Minayin> not alot
[i]2014.02.03 17:51:15 +3s Help <Seraph Minayin> XD
[i]2014.02.05 20:48:19 +183424s Amarr <Seraph Minayin> Wow can you believe the luck? I was on auto pilot and got podded while I was gone... can some one spot me 8.2m so i can get started again.... i just need a little bit to get back on my feet and prophet again
[i]2014.02.05 20:48:33 +14s Amarr <Seraph Minayin> HEY LOOK, IT'S SPAMMAR
[i]2014.02.09 13:06:37 +317884s Amarr <Seraph Minayin> [Multiple Items]
[i]2014.02.09 13:46:20 +2383s Amarr <Seraph Minayin> [Multiple Items]
[i]2014.02.15 22:28:19 +549719s Amarr <Seraph Minayin> Amarr >> Penirgman (6750 m³)
[i]2014.02.18 18:12:28 +243849s Amarr <Seraph Minayin> :(
[i]2014.02.20 17:37:23 +170695s Amarr <Seraph Minayin> im only on eve because EUW Servers on League are lagging all over the place
[i]2014.02.20 17:38:33 +70s Amarr <Seraph Minayin> complex game =/= complex minds playing it
[i]2014.02.20 18:08:24 +1791s Jita <Seraph Minayin> Amarr >> Jita (5146 m³)
[i]2014.02.20 18:12:23 +239s Jita <Seraph Minayin> haha same
[i]2014.02.20 18:12:29 +6s Jita <Seraph Minayin> just blocked like 20 new people
[i]2014.02.20 18:12:50 +21s Jita <Seraph Minayin> make that 21
[i]2014.02.20 18:20:57 +487s Jita <Seraph Minayin> Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant
[i]2014.03.23 15:42:22 +2668885s Amarr <Seraph Minayin> i always feel a little smug when i come into local and i realise that conversations sound like people talking to themselves because i've already blocked the fail scammer they're talking to
[i]2014.03.23 15:42:37 +15s Amarr <Seraph Minayin> except tenla because she makes me laugh
[i]2014.03.23 15:43:22 +45s Amarr <Seraph Minayin> noooooooooo the bounty
[i]2014.03.23 15:43:23 +1s Amarr <Seraph Minayin> XD
[i]2014.03.23 15:51:11 +468s Amarr <Seraph Minayin> Phoenix Burning how much
[i]2014.03.23 16:00:23 +552s Amarr <Seraph Minayin> i love amarr local

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