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[i]2014.04.23 12:16:59 E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> it is a good overview of stuff out there
[i]2014.04.23 12:22:49 +350s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> all the rookie ships are a tiny bit different :D
[i]2014.04.23 12:23:09 +20s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> think each new app tops the old but never tried to apply to two corps
[i]2014.04.23 13:35:56 +4367s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> eve uni has standing fleets I believe
[i]2014.04.23 13:36:03 +7s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> that people are expected to be in
[i]2014.04.23 16:30:59 +10496s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> hi there Rumdrum Tenragan
[i]2014.04.23 16:33:55 +176s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> Zatara Charante nope
[i]2014.04.23 16:34:00 +5s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> I've ready the first 4 books
[i]2014.04.23 16:34:05 +5s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> :)
[i]2014.04.23 16:34:33 +28s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> thank you :)
[i]2014.04.23 18:20:12 +6339s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> I don't know?
[i]2014.04.23 18:20:13 +1s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> maybe?
[i]2014.04.23 18:20:28 +15s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> is that bad or?
[i]2014.04.23 19:04:01 +2613s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> well he has teeth he says
[i]2014.04.23 19:10:11 +370s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> high five Demonfist
[i]2014.04.23 19:10:14 +3s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> city of heros was great
[i]2014.04.23 19:13:12 +178s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> hi Eric :)
[i]2014.04.23 19:36:47 +1415s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> happens
[i]2014.04.23 19:36:48 +1s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> its a pain
[i]2014.04.23 20:27:21 +3033s E-UNI * Sugar Kyle perks up
[i]2014.04.23 20:27:30 +9s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> oh mission
[i]2014.04.23 20:27:41 +11s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> uhh I guess I mission in my home system when/i DO
[i]2014.04.23 20:27:47 +6s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> I ran a mission last year during the summer I think
[i]2014.04.23 22:29:05 +7278s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> I better not let Daisho know how many accounts I have logged in atm doing things
[i]2014.04.23 22:30:19 +74s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> We'll know on the 3rd Lelira
[i]2014.04.23 22:33:08 +169s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> I don't dual box in PvP if I can avoid it
[i]2014.04.23 22:34:15 +67s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> they want your main
[i]2014.04.23 22:36:52 +157s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> I currently have a market account updating orders, Sugar to chat, my carrier alt ready to move and another market alt doing buy orders
[i]2014.04.23 22:36:54 +2s E-UNI * Sugar Kyle rubs her eyes
[i]2014.04.24 00:08:49 +5515s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> Sketchy :D
[i]2014.04.24 00:48:39 +2390s E-UNI * Sugar Kyle blinks
[i]2014.04.24 01:14:40 +1561s E-UNI * Sugar Kyle blinks
[i]2014.04.24 01:14:46 +6s E-UNI * Sugar Kyle debates scrolling upo and debates not
[i]2014.04.24 01:16:06 +80s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> yes Imnuktam
[i]2014.04.24 01:16:20 +14s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> this is also a help chat and well we've mutated it into a social chatroom when no help questions are avil over the years
[i]2014.04.24 02:08:04 +3104s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> giver of hugs?
[i]2014.04.24 02:08:06 +2s E-UNI * Sugar Kyle eyes Kelon
[i]2014.04.24 02:18:52 +646s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> eh?
[i]2014.04.24 02:19:05 +13s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> oh my
[i]2014.04.24 02:19:09 +4s E-UNI * Sugar Kyle goes back to making a waffle
[i]2014.04.24 17:36:30 +55041s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> yah
[i]2014.04.24 17:43:59 +449s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> yes
[i]2014.04.24 17:44:04 +5s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> you have two little arrows <<
[i]2014.04.24 17:44:12 +8s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> you need to click those and it should pop back out
[i]2014.04.24 17:44:25 +13s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> the arrows are right under the HP bar on the left and right sides
[i]2014.04.24 17:44:36 +11s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> :)
[i]2014.04.24 17:45:13 +37s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> I use my buttons from my HUD cuz I'm bad at shortcut keys so I have to remember it
[i]2014.04.24 18:28:34 +2601s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> they have not anounced the recon change yet
[i]2014.04.24 18:28:40 +6s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> they did pirate cruisers and battleships
[i]2014.04.24 18:28:47 +7s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> also barges are getting another pass

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