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[i]2014.04.19 15:50:23 E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> because thre is a noticable change
[i]2014.04.19 15:50:25 +2s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> okay PV
[i]2014.04.19 17:32:21 +6116s E-UNI * Sugar Kyle hugs Kian
[i]2014.04.20 03:59:00 +37599s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> wow I forgot that it existed
[i]2014.04.20 03:59:03 +3s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> I closed it out so early
[i]2014.04.20 04:32:24 +2001s E-UNI * Sugar Kyle stares at neo
[i]2014.04.20 04:32:29 +5s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> the things one flips to a channel and says
[i]2014.04.20 04:32:40 +11s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> or sees
[i]2014.04.20 04:32:45 +5s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> sleeping typing will be the end of me
[i]2014.04.20 04:33:12 +27s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> prob I didn't see it? :D
[i]2014.04.20 04:33:27 +15s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> eve uni chat scrolls by super fast so its easy to miss ones name :)
[i]2014.04.20 04:33:30 +3s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> hullo Kelon :P
[i]2014.04.20 04:33:45 +15s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> with your corecer kelon?
[i]2014.04.20 04:33:51 +6s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> only takes one..
[i]2014.04.20 04:34:06 +15s E-UNI * Sugar Kyle sooths Kelon
[i]2014.04.20 04:34:28 +22s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> naw each sentence is a bit different
[i]2014.04.20 14:20:31 +35163s E-UNI * Sugar Kyle squints
[i]2014.04.20 14:22:45 +134s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> hey Kian :)
[i]2014.04.20 15:42:23 +4778s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> considering you have said something is threatening someone else the concepts of allowing kinda goes out the door
[i]2014.04.20 15:42:43 +20s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> get up and go. climb out a window, walk out the door
[i]2014.04.20 15:42:49 +6s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> but 'allow' does not mean cannot
[i]2014.04.20 16:16:38 +2029s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> both
[i]2014.04.20 16:16:46 +8s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> rupture is a versitle boat doing both armor and shield well
[i]2014.04.20 16:16:54 +8s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> stabber is a fast kiting shield focused boat for the most part
[i]2014.04.20 16:16:55 +1s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> good stuff
[i]2014.04.20 19:54:32 +13057s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> Zatara Charante you are not a criminal thou, just wanted by someone
[i]2014.04.20 19:55:21 +49s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> aye
[i]2014.04.20 19:55:24 +3s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> :P
[i]2014.04.20 20:02:05 +401s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> I use three monitors but they have more than eve going on
[i]2014.04.20 20:02:49 +44s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> it would be odd if you stretched your screen accross all three I guess
[i]2014.04.20 20:19:08 +979s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> yes
[i]2014.04.20 20:19:36 +28s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> ment hybrid turrets Arya
[i]2014.04.20 20:19:41 +5s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> I havent been paying attention to announcements
[i]2014.04.20 20:20:22 +41s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> need to for guns and lots of t2 things :)
[i]2014.04.20 20:32:31 +729s E-UNI * Sugar Kyle eyes Firebolt and Liquid
[i]2014.04.20 20:32:57 +26s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> Really, I doubt its the place to discuss how often and badly you powned Eve Uni during war decs in their help chat to new players
[i]2014.04.20 20:33:07 +10s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> Did you just notice Firebolt? It's been almost a year
[i]2014.04.20 20:33:35 +28s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> I'd think you'd debate the enviorment first
[i]2014.04.20 20:33:44 +9s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> And the tendency for such things to cascade
[i]2014.04.20 20:34:11 +27s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> they are in a POS
[i]2014.04.20 20:34:16 +5s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> floating in space. We call it pos trash
[i]2014.04.20 20:42:53 +517s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> what does s do?
[i]2014.04.20 20:59:02 +969s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> fun for some but not all. If it is your thing thou it is good that there are places for it
[i]2014.04.20 20:59:51 +49s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> they do have public channels
[i]2014.04.20 21:00:16 +25s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> Brave Newbies
[i]2014.04.20 21:00:19 +3s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> that is their public channel
[i]2014.04.20 21:00:25 +6s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> Niles, is it a leopard?
[i]2014.04.20 21:00:36 +11s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> thats why
[i]2014.04.20 21:01:45 +69s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> they are also special edition from last christmas
[i]2014.04.20 21:01:53 +8s E-UNI <Sugar Kyle> so a set amount enter the game and that is that (for the most part)

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