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[i]2012.03.28 14:51:09 Jita <Xavia Skye> rebecca, send me 2 and ill get you in
[i]2012.03.30 22:05:31 +198862s Jita <Xavia Skye> Core X-Type Armor EM Hardener convo me
[i]2012.03.30 22:08:27 +176s Jita <Xavia Skye> Core X-Type Armor EM Hardener convo me
[i]2012.03.30 22:09:52 +85s Jita <Xavia Skye> Core X-Type Armor EM Hardener wts
[i]2012.03.30 22:10:28 +36s Jita <Xavia Skye> Core X-Type Armor EM Hardener wts
[i]2012.03.30 22:12:39 +131s Jita <Xavia Skye> Core X-Type Armor EM Hardener wts convo me
[i]2012.03.30 22:14:41 +122s Jita <Xavia Skye> Core X-Type Armor EM Hardener wts convo me
[i]2012.03.30 22:25:03 +622s Jita <Xavia Skye> Core X-Type Armor EM Hardener wts convo
[i]2012.04.01 23:59:42 +178479s Jita <Xavia Skye> ^^ what he said about what that guy said
[i]2012.04.02 10:10:52 +36670s Jita <Xavia Skye> what the fek! sabre are 65m :O
[i]2012.04.15 23:39:31 +1171719s Jita <Xavia Skye> The Wis o/
[i]2012.04.16 00:53:07 +4416s Jita <Xavia Skye> looking for genuine tengu
[i]2012.05.31 21:04:04 +3960657s Jita <Xavia Skye> wts charon convo me
[i]2012.05.31 21:04:47 +43s Jita <Xavia Skye> wts charon convo me
[i]2012.05.31 21:08:29 +222s Jita <Xavia Skye> wts charon convo me
[i]2012.05.31 21:55:09 +2800s Jita <Xavia Skye> wts charon convo me
[i]2012.06.12 16:02:07 +1015618s Jita <Xavia Skye> NEONOVUS its not
[i]2012.06.12 16:02:12 +5s Jita <Xavia Skye> its better for PI stuff
[i]2012.06.12 16:02:58 +46s Jita <Xavia Skye> Primae
[i]2012.06.12 16:03:02 +4s Jita <Xavia Skye> it has 3k for PI stuff
[i]2012.06.12 16:03:07 +5s Jita <Xavia Skye> with only a 100m3 cargo
[i]2012.07.21 17:40:43 +3375456s Jita <Xavia Skye> RaffleEngineer so you make 5m>?
[i]2013.03.18 21:57:11 +20751388s Jita <Xavia Skye> what ship chain?
[i]2013.03.18 21:57:35 +24s Jita <Xavia Skye> Chaingrah Hilemen what ship?
[i]2013.03.20 01:36:40 +99545s Jita <Xavia Skye> fuck i wish i was a girl :(
[i]2013.03.20 14:36:29 +46789s Jita <Xavia Skye> x
[i]2013.03.20 19:03:34 +16025s Jita <Xavia Skye> Miichellle Antus Papatii leaving after 4 days? :(
[i]2013.03.20 19:03:36 +2s Jita <Xavia Skye> why so soon
[i]2013.03.20 19:06:21 +165s Jita <Xavia Skye> Showtek Arsten sell it on market for 75m then undercut everyome
[i]2013.03.20 19:06:32 +11s Jita <Xavia Skye> why?
[i]2013.03.20 19:07:11 +39s Jita <Xavia Skye> ill give you 50m for it
[i]2013.03.20 19:07:28 +17s Jita <Xavia Skye> 60
[i]2013.12.26 03:35:23 +24222475s Jita <Xavia Skye> Rukki Kurvora scam :P
[i]2014.01.20 00:42:03 +2149600s Jita <Xavia Skye> what is the incursion channel?
[i]2014.01.20 00:44:30 +147s Help <Xavia Skye> what are the incursion channels anyone?
[i]2014.01.20 00:45:07 +37s Help <Xavia Skye> i dont know, just interested in running some, and wanting to get in the channels to see whats needed etc
[i]2014.01.20 20:50:25 +72318s Help <Xavia Skye> ganked :/
[i]2014.01.20 20:50:59 +34s Help <Xavia Skye> :(
[i]2014.01.20 20:51:20 +21s Help <Xavia Skye> Kill: Xavia Skye (Tayra)
[i]2014.01.20 20:52:09 +49s Help <Xavia Skye> he survived for ages too
[i]2014.01.20 20:52:50 +41s Help <Xavia Skye> yeah, fucking sucks, thats everything i had :P
[i]2014.01.20 20:53:32 +42s Help <Xavia Skye> most of my items yeah, i was selling up
[i]2014.01.20 20:54:01 +29s Help <Xavia Skye> not to you :P
[i]2014.01.20 20:54:33 +32s Help <Xavia Skye> i wasnt on ap,
[i]2014.01.20 20:56:35 +122s Help <Xavia Skye> thank you, i think he shot my wrekck too
[i]2014.01.20 20:57:39 +64s Help <Xavia Skye> i got ganked :(
[i]2014.01.20 20:58:18 +39s Help <Xavia Skye> Kill: Xavia Skye (Tayra)
[i]2014.01.20 20:59:49 +91s Help <Xavia Skye> Cloud seeker not to you, :P
[i]2014.01.24 22:42:58 +351789s Help <Xavia Skye> an investment that will see no return...
[i]2014.02.07 00:30:00 +1129622s Jita <Xavia Skye> ^^^^ whgat he said

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