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[i]2014.04.08 03:34:13 neweden-radio <Xercodo> \o)
[i]2014.04.08 03:55:07 +1254s neweden-radio <Xercodo> Well then
[i]2014.04.08 03:55:15 +8s neweden-radio <Xercodo> This chat turned over fast
[i]2014.04.08 03:56:24 +69s neweden-radio <Xercodo> hahaha
[i]2014.04.08 03:56:53 +29s neweden-radio <Xercodo> Now as the only guy talking here I wonder what's gonna happen to me, haha
[i]2014.04.08 03:57:35 +42s neweden-radio <Xercodo> probably nothing tho....hah
[i]2014.04.08 03:58:29 +54s neweden-radio <Xercodo> I bet half fo them dont care anwyay
[i]2014.04.08 03:58:37 +8s neweden-radio <Xercodo> seeing as how nan is a regular...
[i]2014.04.08 04:00:13 +96s neweden-radio <Xercodo> But now who were they REALY intended for? :P
[i]2014.04.08 04:00:56 +43s neweden-radio <Xercodo> Well CLEARLY
[i]2014.04.08 04:16:26 +930s neweden-radio <Xercodo> I guess stan got caugth up on recent events
[i]2014.04.08 04:31:35 +909s neweden-radio <Xercodo> ahahah http://i.imgur.com/4LYJJMb.gif
[i]2014.04.08 06:22:04 +6629s Dodixie <Xercodo> MEOW
[i]2014.04.09 22:39:28 +145044s neweden-radio <Xercodo> Now I wanna see a Providence draw in a squished up Chibi form such that the proporations make itno into close to a cube, and thus a "provi block"
[i]2014.04.09 22:40:30 +62s neweden-radio <Xercodo> with a little >:3 rawr face
[i]2014.04.09 22:43:38 +188s neweden-radio * Xercodo also needs his provi
[i]2014.04.09 22:49:22 +344s neweden-radio <Xercodo> Is "xerc's provi" now a double entendre? :P
[i]2014.04.09 22:50:31 +69s neweden-radio <Xercodo> Besides, my provi, the Spirit Exotica, is a party destination cruise ship :P
[i]2014.04.09 22:53:39 +188s neweden-radio <Xercodo> I need more people partying on it tho :3
[i]2014.04.09 22:53:54 +15s neweden-radio <Xercodo> Well you could help make into that!
[i]2014.04.09 22:56:46 +172s neweden-radio <Xercodo> Spirit Exotica .
[i]2014.04.09 22:57:44 +58s neweden-radio <Xercodo> hah
[i]2014.04.09 22:57:56 +12s neweden-radio <Xercodo> I told you Spirit Exotica was a crusie ship didnt I?
[i]2014.04.09 22:58:09 +13s neweden-radio <Xercodo> :P
[i]2014.04.10 00:44:04 +6355s neweden-radio <Xercodo> Kyra Lee I jsut realzied, you have a quote from a former corpie in your bio
[i]2014.04.10 00:45:35 +91s neweden-radio <Xercodo> Kyra Lee Shift :P
[i]2014.04.11 02:18:16 +91961s neweden-radio <Xercodo> Boop.
[i]2014.04.12 01:47:46 +84570s neweden-radio <Xercodo> http://i.imgur.com/padrhiD.jpg
[i]2014.04.12 01:48:12 +26s neweden-radio <Xercodo> And this one is for totes http://i.imgur.com/padrhiD.jpg
[i]2014.04.12 01:48:17 +5s neweden-radio <Xercodo> god dammit
[i]2014.04.12 01:48:26 +9s neweden-radio <Xercodo> THIS one http://i.imgur.com/rPZzQdO.gif
[i]2014.04.12 02:30:39 +2533s neweden-radio <Xercodo> http://i.imgur.com/nh02VHl.gif
[i]2014.04.12 02:39:37 +538s neweden-radio <Xercodo> http://imgur.com/gallery/XOHyl
[i]2014.04.12 02:39:50 +13s neweden-radio <Xercodo> HNNNNNG
[i]2014.04.12 02:40:54 +64s neweden-radio * Xercodo cant wait for remastered
[i]2014.04.12 02:41:14 +20s neweden-radio <Xercodo> and I even went and played through both HW1 and 2 as live streams on twitch :D
[i]2014.04.12 02:53:48 +754s neweden-radio <Xercodo> pffft
[i]2014.04.12 02:53:52 +4s neweden-radio <Xercodo> scanning sint that redious
[i]2014.04.12 02:53:56 +4s neweden-radio <Xercodo> tedius*
[i]2014.04.12 02:54:02 +6s neweden-radio <Xercodo> tedious** lol
[i]2014.04.14 23:58:42 +248680s Amarr <Xercodo> Depends on the blood line I think
[i]2014.04.15 06:03:43 +21901s neweden-radio <Xercodo> yup
[i]2014.04.16 03:32:04 +77301s neweden-radio <Xercodo> Macks aren't the defact ice ships they used to be
[i]2014.04.16 03:32:12 +8s neweden-radio <Xercodo> defacto*
[i]2014.04.17 03:47:11 +87299s Amarr <Xercodo> MEOW
[i]2014.04.17 23:14:39 +70048s neweden-radio <Xercodo> OH this gotta be good
[i]2014.04.17 23:14:43 +4s neweden-radio <Xercodo> how many?
[i]2014.04.17 23:16:54 +131s neweden-radio <Xercodo> the resident dust bunny in another channel syays the last major update ruined everything lol
[i]2014.04.17 23:17:02 +8s neweden-radio <Xercodo> yeah that's CCP for ya
[i]2014.04.17 23:17:14 +12s neweden-radio <Xercodo> some capsuleers joke that EVE is still in beta 11 years later

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