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[i]2012.11.11 10:39:08 Recruitment <oblivion183> anyone want to join a mission runners corp
[i]2012.11.11 10:39:36 +28s Recruitment <oblivion183> mission runners mission runners
[i]2012.11.11 10:40:07 +31s Recruitment <oblivion183> join now
[i]2012.11.11 10:42:34 +147s Recruitment <oblivion183> all isk gois towards helping out members of corp plexing and mission running here
[i]2012.11.11 10:43:15 +41s Recruitment <oblivion183> join now always doing missions lvl 4's
[i]2012.11.11 10:43:19 +4s Recruitment <oblivion183> join now running missions all day isk to corp mates for better ships mission support standings support join now
[i]2012.11.11 10:43:22 +3s Recruitment <oblivion183> join now to run missions
[i]2012.11.11 10:43:27 +5s Recruitment <oblivion183> mission corp
[i]2012.11.11 10:43:32 +5s Recruitment <oblivion183> raise standings
[i]2012.11.11 10:44:42 +70s Recruitment <oblivion183> i need mission runners
[i]2012.11.11 10:45:42 +60s Recruitment <oblivion183> run missions bust em out as fast as possibe
[i]2012.11.11 10:46:37 +55s Recruitment <oblivion183> mission runners join now run em fast and hard
[i]2012.11.11 10:47:52 +75s Recruitment <oblivion183> come on all join the mission corp doing missions all day join now
[i]2012.11.11 10:48:56 +64s Recruitment <oblivion183> well then tell her to join
[i]2012.11.11 10:48:58 +2s Recruitment <oblivion183> lol
[i]2012.11.11 10:49:14 +16s Recruitment <oblivion183> sure we can get her to solo eventually
[i]2012.11.11 10:50:53 +99s Recruitment <oblivion183> missions missions get standings up join now
[i]2012.11.11 10:52:01 +68s Recruitment <oblivion183> come on all join now mission corp
[i]2012.11.11 10:52:14 +13s Recruitment <oblivion183> running them fast
[i]2012.11.11 10:52:21 +7s Recruitment <oblivion183> getting standings up
[i]2012.11.11 10:53:26 +65s Recruitment <oblivion183> yes we will use lp points to buy you implants
[i]2012.11.11 10:53:58 +32s Recruitment <oblivion183> help you buy ships for missions
[i]2012.11.11 10:54:09 +11s Recruitment <oblivion183> lets go everyone join now
[i]2012.11.11 10:55:11 +62s Recruitment <oblivion183> join now mission running corp
[i]2012.11.11 10:55:20 +9s Recruitment <oblivion183> all new players acceptes
[i]2012.11.11 10:55:58 +38s Recruitment <oblivion183> get your standings up in no time at all join now
[i]2012.11.11 10:57:59 +121s Recruitment <oblivion183> help in missions getting standings up buying mission ships join now we bust them out quick
[i]2012.11.11 10:58:10 +11s Recruitment <oblivion183> come on all new pleayers welcome
[i]2012.11.11 10:58:14 +4s Recruitment <oblivion183> join now
[i]2012.11.11 10:59:32 +78s Recruitment <oblivion183> join mission running corp now
[i]2012.11.11 10:59:44 +12s Recruitment <oblivion183> all are welcome
[i]2012.11.11 11:45:48 +2764s Recruitment <oblivion183> join now and run some missions
[i]2012.11.11 11:46:30 +42s Recruitment <oblivion183> missions runners join now
[i]2012.11.11 11:47:18 +48s Recruitment <oblivion183> ready to run missions get standings up join now
[i]2012.11.11 11:49:06 +108s Recruitment <oblivion183> mission runners join now
[i]2012.11.11 11:53:24 +258s Recruitment <oblivion183> mission runners blowing throught them join now and make the time go faster help in standing help buy your ships for better mission time
[i]2012.11.11 11:53:28 +4s Recruitment <oblivion183> join now
[i]2012.11.11 11:58:11 +283s Recruitment <oblivion183> join now missions runners
[i]2013.05.31 21:58:26 +17402415s Jita <oblivion183> wts check bio
[i]2013.05.31 21:59:17 +51s Jita <oblivion183> wts check bio
[i]2013.05.31 21:59:48 +31s Jita <oblivion183> wts check bio
[i]2013.05.31 22:01:06 +78s Jita <oblivion183> wts check bio
[i]2013.05.31 22:02:04 +58s Jita <oblivion183> wts check bio convo me
[i]2013.05.31 22:06:03 +239s Jita <oblivion183> wts check bio
[i]2013.05.31 22:06:30 +27s Jita <oblivion183> wts check bio
[i]2013.06.04 14:36:04 +318574s Jita <oblivion183> lol
[i]2013.06.04 14:47:04 +660s Jita <oblivion183> espeacially warping
[i]2013.06.12 12:46:10 +683946s Help <oblivion183> i lost a ship due to the socket being closed while in a mission can ccp reimburse me?
[i]2013.08.11 12:44:44 +5183914s Help <oblivion183> how do you see loyalty point transactions
[i]2013.08.11 12:45:04 +20s Help <oblivion183> it seems when i logged on i was 200,000 short

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