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[i]2012.11.06 09:40:54 EVE-Radio <rodyas> the king is proud
[i]2012.11.06 09:42:01 +67s EVE-Radio <rodyas> I smoke at pc
[i]2012.11.06 09:42:10 +9s EVE-Radio <rodyas> my comp will get cancer and die with me
[i]2012.11.06 09:42:22 +12s EVE-Radio <rodyas> we will be eternal
[i]2012.11.06 09:42:49 +27s EVE-Radio <rodyas> you had the good monks
[i]2012.11.06 09:43:00 +11s EVE-Radio <rodyas> I knew some monks that would be pissed at me smoking probably
[i]2012.11.06 09:43:25 +25s EVE-Radio <rodyas> the dali lama ever visit?
[i]2012.11.06 09:43:38 +13s EVE-Radio <rodyas> he ever make bang cock jokes while there with his enlightenment
[i]2012.11.06 09:45:28 +110s EVE-Radio <rodyas> he probably just lowered the earth
[i]2012.11.06 09:45:54 +26s EVE-Radio <rodyas> I can jump off couches too
[i]2012.11.06 09:46:19 +25s EVE-Radio <rodyas> nope
[i]2012.11.06 09:46:28 +9s EVE-Radio <rodyas> always hit it :(
[i]2012.11.06 09:46:51 +23s EVE-Radio <rodyas> was it a monk on an anime?
[i]2012.11.06 09:47:45 +54s EVE-Radio <rodyas> good point,
[i]2012.11.06 09:47:53 +8s EVE-Radio <rodyas> you make a great taoist monk
[i]2012.11.06 09:48:44 +51s EVE-Radio <rodyas> ^ your the two party system incarnate
[i]2012.11.06 09:49:04 +20s EVE-Radio <rodyas> philosophy is just something to think about
[i]2012.11.06 09:49:07 +3s EVE-Radio <rodyas> but not really to live to
[i]2012.11.06 09:49:09 +2s EVE-Radio <rodyas> my guess
[i]2012.11.06 09:49:13 +4s EVE-Radio <rodyas> 5 hours
[i]2012.11.06 09:49:21 +8s EVE-Radio <rodyas> go do pvp
[i]2012.11.06 09:53:00 +219s EVE-Radio <rodyas> I liked buddhism, with all ya need for enlightenment is the first buddha and studying his life
[i]2012.11.06 09:53:02 +2s EVE-Radio <rodyas> simplified things
[i]2012.11.06 09:53:21 +19s EVE-Radio <rodyas> so with drugs, is that the yin or is that the yang?
[i]2012.11.06 09:53:54 +33s EVE-Radio <rodyas> depends if the shit is good shit or bad shit?
[i]2012.11.06 09:54:23 +29s EVE-Radio <rodyas> I always thought it was best to balance it with beer
[i]2012.11.06 09:55:02 +39s EVE-Radio <rodyas> night, will fit nanos and reach it by morn
[i]2012.11.06 09:55:41 +39s EVE-Radio <rodyas> strange I heard it is AFK cloaking in some low sec system
[i]2012.11.06 09:56:19 +38s EVE-Radio <rodyas> well the orgasm part to enlightenment is the strange part
[i]2012.11.06 09:56:24 +5s EVE-Radio <rodyas> with different levels and stuff
[i]2012.11.06 09:57:15 +51s EVE-Radio <rodyas> well for buddhism
[i]2012.11.06 09:57:21 +6s EVE-Radio <rodyas> how you breathe affects you
[i]2012.11.06 09:57:28 +7s EVE-Radio <rodyas> so if you breathe too fast you feel stressed
[i]2012.11.06 09:57:35 +7s EVE-Radio <rodyas> if you breathe too short you get weak and tired
[i]2012.11.06 09:57:48 +13s EVE-Radio <rodyas> so you got to breathe right to feel well and discovering how to breathe right
[i]2012.11.06 09:57:50 +2s EVE-Radio <rodyas> or what works best
[i]2012.11.06 09:58:53 +63s EVE-Radio <rodyas> you make taoism sound like, you enjoy the short breathing, enjoy the fast breathing
[i]2012.11.06 09:58:56 +3s EVE-Radio <rodyas> or something
[i]2012.11.06 10:00:13 +77s EVE-Radio <rodyas> orgams is in liguid spills all over you from being so drunk
[i]2012.11.06 10:00:22 +9s EVE-Radio <rodyas> or orgasm as in it feels really great
[i]2012.11.06 10:00:30 +8s EVE-Radio <rodyas> or orgasm as in you can only do it once, since you stay drunk all day
[i]2012.11.06 10:01:35 +65s EVE-Radio <rodyas> reminds me of getting stoned listening to trippy anti government music
[i]2012.11.07 01:50:21 +56926s EVE-Radio <rodyas> fun times
[i]2012.11.15 05:43:12 +705171s EVE-Radio <rodyas> can it be more like raisinets?
[i]2012.11.15 05:43:27 +15s EVE-Radio <rodyas> I will raise the tortanic
[i]2012.11.24 08:43:20 +788393s EVE-Radio <rodyas> smartbomb
[i]2012.11.29 00:16:03 +401563s EVE-Radio <rodyas> better then south park teaching them
[i]2012.11.29 00:41:16 +1513s EVE-Radio <rodyas> ageism
[i]2012.12.05 09:02:12 +548456s EVE-Radio <rodyas> so resume doing stuff?
[i]2012.12.05 09:04:28 +136s EVE-Radio <rodyas> someone put a bounty on it

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