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[i]2012.04.17 22:55:19 DUST514 <Oberine Noriepa> If it does get redesigned, the original look should be retained to some extent.
[i]2012.04.17 22:55:24 +5s DUST514 <Bulveye Morkai> yer kidding right
[i]2012.04.17 22:55:37 +13s DUST514 <Bulveye Morkai> i think i made something similiar in legos when i was younger
[i]2012.04.17 22:56:48 +71s DUST514 <Lordtater> I do like the basic look, but I think it could be made a bit more fearsome spaceship and less green blob
[i]2012.04.17 22:56:55 +7s DUST514 <Oberine Noriepa> Yeah, for sure.
[i]2012.04.17 22:56:59 +4s DUST514 <Bulveye Morkai> definitely
[i]2012.04.17 22:57:13 +14s DUST514 <Bulveye Morkai> maybe a few antennas...
[i]2012.04.17 22:57:16 +3s DUST514 <Ferria> it needs tessilation
[i]2012.04.17 22:57:18 +2s DUST514 <Bulveye Morkai> couple solar sails
[i]2012.04.17 22:57:26 +8s DUST514 <Bulveye Morkai> few more antennas
[i]2012.04.17 22:57:28 +2s DUST514 <Oberine Noriepa> Everything in this game needs tessellation, I think.
[i]2012.04.17 22:58:10 +42s DUST514 <Lordtater> yes
[i]2012.04.17 22:59:23 +73s DUST514 <Oberine Noriepa> I think, once the DX11 implementation rolls out for EVE, I'll replace my GTX275.
[i]2012.04.17 22:59:36 +13s DUST514 <Bulveye Morkai> i need to replace my damn video card anyways
[i]2012.04.17 22:59:47 +11s DUST514 <Ferria> I had to as mine melted
[i]2012.04.17 22:59:51 +4s DUST514 <Oberine Noriepa> I've been looking at DX11 cards for awhile, but have no real need for one right now.
[i]2012.04.17 23:00:03 +12s DUST514 <Bulveye Morkai> melted huh
[i]2012.04.17 23:00:05 +2s DUST514 <Mathieu Patrouette> o/
[i]2012.04.17 23:00:21 +16s DUST514 <Ferria> after 20 min off I came home and it was sitting at 110c
[i]2012.04.17 23:00:37 +16s DUST514 <Bulveye Morkai> oh thats always fun to come home to
[i]2012.04.17 23:00:53 +16s DUST514 <Bulveye Morkai> came home to a dead HDD the other month, that was fun
[i]2012.04.17 23:20:51 +1198s DUST514 <Ferria> http://lego.cuusoo.com/ideas/view/11619
[i]2012.04.17 23:21:19 +28s DUST514 <Ferria> SUPPORT IT
[i]2012.04.17 23:21:37 +18s DUST514 <Lordtater> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
[i]2012.04.17 23:21:56 +19s DUST514 <Oberine Noriepa> Speaking of terrible looking ships, the Tempest looks awful.
[i]2012.04.17 23:22:14 +18s DUST514 <Ferria> whats wrong with the tempest?
[i]2012.04.17 23:23:20 +66s DUST514 <Lordtater> It looks like it was bolted together from scrap
[i]2012.04.17 23:23:31 +11s DUST514 <Ferria> that's the point
[i]2012.04.17 23:32:34 +543s DUST514 <Bulveye Morkai> yeah thats most minny ships...
[i]2012.04.17 23:32:41 +7s DUST514 <Bulveye Morkai> but yeah tempest is awful
[i]2012.04.18 00:09:21 +2200s DUST514 <Bulveye Morkai> ah yes the one thing i didnt miss about eve: the autopilot journeys and forgetting to hit autopilot
[i]2012.04.18 00:09:24 +3s DUST514 <Ferria> hahahahaha
[i]2012.04.18 00:09:24 +0s DUST514 <Ferria> jello
[i]2012.04.18 00:09:24 +0s DUST514 <AGE Aideron> hello
[i]2012.04.18 00:09:24 +0s DUST514 <Bulveye Morkai> o/
[i]2012.04.18 00:23:29 +845s DUST514 <Bulveye Morkai> i cant remember if trial accounts have limitations on ship selection
[i]2012.04.18 00:23:51 +22s DUST514 <Lordtater> They have limits on skills
[i]2012.04.18 00:24:00 +9s DUST514 <Bulveye Morkai> ah right
[i]2012.04.18 00:55:14 +1874s DUST514 <AGE Aideron> when is dust comeing out
[i]2012.04.18 00:55:30 +16s DUST514 <Bulveye Morkai> eventually
[i]2012.04.18 00:55:38 +8s DUST514 <Ferria> summer
[i]2012.04.18 00:55:49 +11s DUST514 <AGE Aideron> that doesn help june or july
[i]2012.04.18 00:55:59 +10s DUST514 <Ferria> unknown
[i]2012.04.18 00:56:00 +1s DUST514 <Bulveye Morkai> theres no set date
[i]2012.04.18 00:56:08 +8s DUST514 <Bulveye Morkai> its projected to come out third quarter of 2012
[i]2012.04.18 00:56:12 +4s DUST514 <Ferria> summer also includes august
[i]2012.04.18 00:56:13 +1s DUST514 <AGE Aideron> now how bout the beta
[i]2012.04.18 00:56:18 +5s DUST514 <Ferria> soon
[i]2012.04.18 00:56:21 +3s DUST514 <Bulveye Morkai> aprilish
[i]2012.04.18 00:56:31 +10s DUST514 <AGE Aideron> how can get apart of the beta
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